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New Information

We would like to provide you with new information on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. project:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost is set in exclusion zone of Chernobyl atomic plant and we'll try to render the atmosphere and outer looks of the inner 10-kilometer zone in full. This includes prototypes of existing structures, greenery and landscape plus a touch of decoration and a bit of fiction.
The game will feature "Red forest", the cities of Prypjat and Chernobyl, as well as Chernobyl atomic plant. Chernobyl facility forms the zone centre, to be not only reached, but also entered.

Zone Outburst
In the equal time periods (approximately two-three days of game time) there come waves of spatial destabilization and entropy through the Zone, outbursts of radioactive and anomalous kind. While such an activity rampages, the stay in the Zone is extremely hazardous: invisible waves pierce the entire territory, threatening an unequipped man death within mere seconds. Sometimes phantom creatures and newly shaped anomalous zones pop up during these outbursts.

Zone Artefacts
Artefacts serve the basic source of revenue to stalkers. When entering the Zone you will see storyline-driven artefacts scattered on the territory, as well as some random artefacts generated. After an outburst random objects (stones, nails, metal fragments) can acquire anomalous energy characteristics and become artefacts. All of the artefacts are categorised according to types of anomalies acquired. These are anomaly detectors which help stalkers to find artefacts.

Zone Anomalies
Anomalous zones present one of the dangers on stalkers' way. Entrapment into such zones nearly always results in death or severe damage, its extension depending on anomalous zone concentration. All the anomalous areas can be detected with a simplest anomaly detector, but you will require more sophisticated devices to get information on anomaly's type, force, concentration and visual attributes. Anomalous zones can be spotted with unequipped eye too: unusual haze, strange air vibration, particularly neglected areas or bones of the unlucky trapped creatures can well be testimony of an anomalous zone nearby.

Trade will be realistic, as you are given a chance to purchase, exchange or sell everything: ammunition, equipment or artefacts. You can trade with army, traders, stalkers and scientists. To give you an idea how this will look in the game: a player comes across with a veteran stalker in the Zone, they greet each other, agree to remove weapons, then come closer to each other and start trading. They exchange phrases through communication system (see below). Soviet roubles will be in circulation.

Stalkers carry a small tourist rucksack behind their backs. Its peak load is 40 kg. The number of items carried (weapons, equipment, ammunition and artefacts) is limited by weight and size.
To enable use of equipment, you need to take it in your hands. An optimal load is a medium number of guns (no more than two or three types), a huge stock of ammunition and a small amount of equipment).

Equipment and devices

Used for dangerous material and artefact storage.

Simplest anomaly detector:
A device to detect anomalous fields and disturbances. Beeps and flares red light under a positive reaction.
- May malfunction and fail to detect zones
- Does not detect some anomalies

Universal detector:
Detects all the dangerous zones and marks them red on the screenie.

Scientific detector:
Displays anomalous zones and classifies them on impact.

Life form detector:
Displays location of living forms within 10 metres on the screenie.

Anomaly visor:
A goggles-supplied device, lights up invisible anomalies.

Oxygen mask with containers:
Allows staying in non-air or poisoned area.

Geiger counter:
Detects radiation by producing generic clicks.

Basic psy-impact device. Enables psy-protection frequency adjustment. Effective within 30 metres. Does not require visual control.

Autodiagnostic medikit with injector:
Allows healing damage of various severity rate (injuries, burns, poisoning etc). Special medical cartridges are required.

Gravity shield:
An artefact-based device to create sphere-like shield (outer-directed gravity sphere). The shield repels all the physical bodies attempting to cross its border (bullets, shells, missiles, creatures).

Rubber boots:
Secure leg protection from chemical damage.

Chemwear (to be put on together with oxygen mask):
Enables whole body protection from chemical damage.

Weapons can be carried in two hands. Almost any type of weapon can be modified by adding laser sighting, muffler or barrel-attached grenade launcher. Ammunition is rather diverse and offers player a selection of various sets for smoothbore and rifled guns - regular, armour-piercing and bursting cartridges, canister, large-calibre bullet etc.

An essential part of gameplay is shaped by player's communication with NPCs. Communication will enable player to speak to some sapient mutant creatures. Stalker can cry out a ready-made phrase at any game moment. All the NPCs (sapient creatures and humans), who possess hearing, understand phrases and can react to them. Key phrases are various proposals (to trade, communicate), agreements or disagreements, as well as aggressive exclamations or calls for help.

NPC attitude and behaviour:
Attitude affects communication with NPC. For example, under a negative attitude to player trader will refuse him in trading or set an unimaginable price, while stalkers will start shooting as soon as they recognize player.

- Vast outdoor areas
- Unique types of weapons and enemy impact: gravity weapons, psychic weapons, telekinesis, telepathy, taking under control
- Weapon upgrades
- Original creatures and their abilities: group intellect, telepathy, telekinesis…
- Communication with any sapient character
- Life and behaviour simulation of creatures and game characters
- About 30 types of weapons
- Weapon, artefact and equipment trading
- Control of vehicles and robots
- Generation of events, buildings, artefacts
- Anomalous zones

New character - Dwarf
Ugly yellow-white dwarf resides in dungeons, rarely showing up on the surface. Dwarfs lay ambushes for stalkers, scientists and army. They block exits with masses of trash, fragments and girders. Dwarfs possess very powerful arms to tear their victims with, strong intellect and high reaction. They war against blind dogs. A distinctive dwarf trait is their nasty character, immeasurable rage, which forces them to act violently and unexpectedly. Their character, along with strong intelligence makes them one of the top dangerous opponents in the Zone. They have a well-developed feeling of premonition and telekinesis. Premonition helps in sensing an enemy and assume his location. Telekinesis allows manipulating quite a large objects at a distance, throw them into enemy or reconnoitre the area.


Fussily minces with his short legs while running. When 5-10 metres from an enemy shelter, dwarf would stop and try to sense the enemy.
Enemy search:
Forebodes enemy location, tries checking it out using his telekinesis abilities - throws a brick-sized object into the projected place. If the enemy has not moved, dwarf would calm down and move on.
Leaving the fire zone:
If you point a gun at a dwarf, he will sense it, look back and try to escape the fire area. When caught within a field of fire, dwarfs usually go into hysterics and act unpredictably (may fall onto enemy, jump aside or fake death). Attack:
Dwarf attacks with telekinesis abilities, throwing various objects into enemy and delivering invisible blows. Under close contact dwarf would tear opponent apart with his powerful arms.
Battlefield fleeing:
Runs away, seeking shelters to hide.
Enemy rounding:
If foreseeing an enemy, dwarf can come out to face him from the most advantageous side.
Dwarfs possess telekinesis enabling them to create a sound illusion of steps and whacks, open and shut doors at a distance. Dwarfs can lift large objects into the air (rail fragments, bricks, floorboards etc) and use that ability to reconnoitre an area and scare people. Dwarfs can throw large objects into player.
Special abilities:
Can hide behind the telekinesis analogue of a gravity shield for one second.
Weak spot:
Rage and malicious character.

Combat with dwarf leader.

Deep underground there is a cruel dwarf genius called Burer, the master of dwarfs. He lives deep in bunker never ascending to upper levels of his dungeon quarters. Burer possesses top powerful telekinetic gift and can raise very large objects into the air (rocks, metal girders etc). Dwarfs have never come down to Burer, they always received orders via telepathy. Burer is rumoured as a super-ruthless maniac genius among dwarfs. Stalker's objective is to eradicate Burer to gain support of the dogs.

The combat will take place in dirty, neglected and dark Burer's bunker, 100-square-metre large. Extensive telepathic communication and Burer's intimidations await stalker in the fight.

Posted: 12:23:49 Tuesday, 4 June 2002

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