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"American Conquest: Fight Back"

GSC Game World presents a historical RTS "American Conquest: Fight Back" as a sequel to the events which followed European discovery of the American continent. "American Conquest: Fight Back" is an add-on to the popular "American Conquest" title. The expansion pack spans through the period of the New World exploration up to formation of the US and their struggle against the British rule. American Conquest: Fight Back features 17 nations, including 5 new ones: Spain, USA, Britain, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Maya, Delaware, Iroquois, Inca, Huron, Aztec, Pueblo, Sioux and Haida. Each nation is represented with unique architecture, set of units and particularities of economic and technological development intrinsic to them in reality.

To ensure a captivating and enjoyable single player game, there will be 25 missions in 8 campaigns, 10 single missions, random map game and a brand new "Battlefield" mode delivering 20 more battles in the add-on. Almost all the campaigns and missions deal with remarkable historical events to have taken place on the American Continent. Hence, the players will participate in dangerous search of Eldorado, colonization of Alaska and conquest of Yucatan, witness Pontiacís rebellion and numerous bloody colonial wars including the War of Independence of the USA. Almost all the missions and campaigns feature eminent persons who greatly contributed to historical events of those days. The players will find Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa people, Major Gladwin, General Bradstreet, Spanish conquerors Cortez and Alvarado, Native chief Montezuma, Russian merchant Baranov and many more. There are four difficulty levels to allow for most enjoyable and involving gaming experience.

The game supports up to 16.000 units on the map enabling the reenactment of historical battles in the true-to-life scale! Owing to huge interactive maps, the players will be able to feel the spirit of the New World exploration through five climatic zones. There are neutral Native tribes scattered around single- and multiplayer maps the players can conclude alliances with. Six types of battle formations, realistic system of morale and experience will provide vast tactical and strategic opportunities, along with unforgettable gaming experience.

A brand new "Battlefield" mode will deliver the player a fresh sense of being a true war commander, while focusing fully on control of enormous armies, as opposed to development of economy and technology. The mode will pit two opposing armies on battlefield offering the players to take advantage of different unit types, their strengths and weaknesses to prove their superiority and strategic workmanship. The new mode will be available both in singleplayer and multiplayer games.

"American Conquest: Fight Back" will deliver an improved AI based on fuzzy logic algorithms. The computer controlled adversaries will more skillfully combine different types of troops, seek ill-guarded places and approaches to the enemy base, as well as attack in these directions using tactical tricks and maneuvers, etc.

Traditionally, the multiplayer mode will deliver possibility to play over LAN and Internet (up to 7 players in a game). Global ranking system will single out 100 top players in the net, awarding them with honorable ranks and coat of arms. The Automated Championship System provides for monthly competitions among 200 top Internet players, while the "War for America" mode allows playing for oneís favorite nation pursuing to conquer the whole continent.

American Conquest: Fight Back key features:

  • Brand new "Battlefield" mode: 20 battles for single- and multiplayer
  • 40 new buildings and over 50 new units
  • 8 captivating campaigns consisting of 25 new missions in total
  • 10 new single missions
  • 17 different nations and tribes, including 5 new ones: Spain, USA, England, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Maya, Delaware, Iroquois, Inca, Huron, Aztec, Pueblo, Sioux and Haida
  • Thrilling and gripping battles with up to 16.000 units on the map
  • Game events covering the period of 1517 to 1804
  • Infantry and cavalry formations for enhanced tactics
  • Artillery with realistic crew animation
  • Unit morale depending on victories, defeats, supply and upkeep
  • Huge maps (30x20 screens, 1024x768 pixels)
  • Several multiplayer modes, up to 7 players in a game, LAN and Internet games
  • Distinctly improved AI
  • Over 1000 different landscape elements, 200 species of flora and fauna
  • Map scaling (L-mode)
  • Global rating system
  • Stand-alone version!!!

The game is published worldwide by CDV Software Entertainment AG.

Posted: 12:23:49 Tuesday, 24 June 2003

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