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Cossacks patch 1.29 on-line
18:16:07 Thursday, 10 January 2002

With this patch you have:

  • AI bug on large maps fixed (malfunctioned previously).
  • AI updated for many nations (development models improved for most of the nations).
  • A string of game recording bugs fixed (crash and synchronisation errors).
  • Increased game cheating protection implemented (cheating methods were investigated to develop protection against it).
  • Clan registration system introduced (clan registration at a special site).
  • Clan membership check implemented (if a clan has been registered, only registered clan members can enter the shell).
  • Game crash-bugs addressed.
  • Restrictions on menu viewing and Alt+Tab pressing in multiplayer introduced. You can look through the menu for no longer, than 20-25 seconds. In case Alt+Tab is pressed or some other application is switched on, player must return to the game not later than in 10 seconds.
  • Chat improved: a window for personal communication appeared, entire line entered can be copied (copy, paste functions - Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V), possibility to position players (and enter private messages to them) by pointing your mouse on their names in chat message window and clicking on the name. The latter improvement allows easier spammer muting.
  • Shell traffic reduced (per 5 times) -> players do not get thrown out of room (and get thrown out only if the connection is really poor). Earlier this was one of the major Internet game problems.
  • Another clan check implemented (improved from 1.28 version).
  • Synchronisation problem when playing with computer over net fixed.
  • Automatic clan icon updating system implemented.


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