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  14:25:19  8 October 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/31/2011

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10/08/2011 14:28:04
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Thanks grunt

Guess what Major dumbbot here did last night. I decided to start downloading Stalkersoup. Not a problem except I am a thicko.
So I hit the link and get a torrent. I have never used one before so I ask for options and get given one that I cant now remember the name of. I download it give it permission to load up and the next thing I know my desktop has six new icons for things like play bingo and other unwanted crap.
Sod this, I will uninstall it. So I start on the uninstall bit, One of which is taking an awfully long time to uninstall, I look at its original install date and its 2009,....WHAT... response it continued to disappear. Major Dumbbot just removed CC Distributables which seems to have been a pretty important part of Windows 7.
I switch off and reboot and get the windows cant start issues, I thought I'd caused the death of death(as you can see I ended up watching romero zombie flicks while the pc performed repairs) So I ended up with a 5 hour self repair wait while the pc reformatted and reinstalled the operating system and now I have a pc with an empty hard drive.
I lost the lot, It asked if I wanted to back up what was on it and I said yes and it said it was being put on to drive H, and then spent close to 2 hours transferring it to drive H. I wish I had paid more attention.
What is drive H?
Where is drive H?
I lost everything I had. I have an external HD which housed a bit such as my mod downloads so at least I wont have to spend hours redownloading the big mods like Dead city and NS etc. But all the put together folders and there tweaks and adjustments plus my New build which I managed to get the sgm repack merged with giving me sgm with the dark valley are all on this bloody drive H.

Where could it be, Any ideas?
  15:08:18  8 October 2011
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Maybe it's a partition in your hard drive?

As far as I know, the files in a different partition from the OS doesn't get deleted when you wipe the partition the OS is in.

For example, you made 2 partitions in the Windows 7 installer, it will create something like for example, Local Disk C: and Local Disk E:.

The OS is going to be in Local Disk C:, when reformatting, it only deletes the partition that the OS is in. (Although I have never tried this yet, have this OS in for more than 3 years now )
  17:19:49  8 October 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/31/2011
Messages: 8421
I found it , It was transfered to my external drive, The reason it did not show up at first is because after the reformat it advised me to disconnect all nonessential hardware, ie only keep keyboard, mouse and monitor connected while it reloaded win 7.

Its funny I am now almost reluctant to re add it. Its so much tidier in here and although theres lots of work to redo, This time I can file it all better. Ive already started by redownloading programs like notepad++ and winrar so I will see if I can manage without for now.
Cheers for the help though and advice especially about power units and the calculator.
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