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Online with Sergey Grigorovich "АиФ Украина"

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  15:13:34  15 July 2011
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On forum: 10/26/2009

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07/15/2011 15:14:31
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Online with Sergey Grigorovich (Main man in GSC) "АиФ Украина"

Few dayz ago S.Grigorovich (main man in GSC) answer for a lot of answers from gamers/users about "Stalker 2", like: what about airmission in Stalker? Who be the main kharacter/peson in Stalker 2? What about locations, it's a lot of middlie size or one but real big?
Interview on russian language,
Maybe later I translated this or someone else from forum to u guyz. Right now i dont have enough free time, but maybe someone have.
  21:15:55  15 July 2011
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On forum: 04/14/2009
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oh wow it's an hour long?

i wonder if he actually answers anything or if it's mostly vague/dodged responses.
  21:37:21  15 July 2011
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On forum: 10/26/2009

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07/15/2011 21:39:47
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Yes, he answer almost for every answer from users.
Like example: who the main character in Stalker 2 (play for who)? Grigorovich Answer: Strelok

How much location in the game? G: One, big, without loding screens. Some location back from soc, cs, cop.

When we see first screen or trailer? G: Never. We only make big aggressive advertisiment company 2-3 month before game released.

What about physicks in the game? G: We completele have new physiscks and animations, absolutely new

it's just few answers....
  00:52:56  16 July 2011
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On forum: 06/06/2009
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No teasers or trailers? They'd better get moving on it then or, with the microscopic attention spans people have these days, Stalker will be gone and forgotten to large numbers by the time they put out their 'big, aggressive advertisement'.

  03:47:32  16 July 2011
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On forum: 08/10/2009
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Could someone translate every important question and answer? Really looking forward to this.
  13:09:30  17 July 2011
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On forum: 09/26/2007
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Here is the text version of the interview. Please translate it into English...
  13:35:26  17 July 2011
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On forum: 09/01/2009

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07/17/2011 13:37:47
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Text version of the online conference newspaper "Arguments and Facts Ukraine" with the head of GSC Game World, Sergei Grigorovich on July 13, 2011.

Nikita Kichigin: Greetings to you, Sergei! As the main leader and founder of the company, tell me, are you going to create a new genre of games (ie, not shooters, but such simulations, Racing)? To date, the foreign game developers a wide range of genres, I think you also should try to create something, then most gamers and people who love to play in a flash to snap up your drives. Many people remember this game as Lada Racing Club, which turned the excitement among the players (and which was of huge and noble trash zilch - approx. Editor), because these games did not exist before, after developers announced the second part of the game, but in a state of embryo project frozen. And I want to know if you want to give our local players into the hands of overseas publishers game industry?

Regards, Nikita.

Sergei Grigorovich: localization has not been canceled. Sooner or later we will all be similar. They can not afford to make games that are targeted only to the Russian.

Pasha Dog: Hi Joe. Especially a lot of questions I will not write, but ask a few questions that are interesting to me not as a fan, as well as the common man.

1. Will the game from GSC, in addition to the legendary "Cossacks" and STALKER?

2. Entrepreneur of the year - like just words. Strongly whether life has changed after you became an entrepreneur of the year?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. I hope

2. No, it has not changed.


1. Does the company plan to GSC any surprise to fans August 13? After all, as far as everyone knows, a year ago, this day was the announcement of STALKER 2.

2. When should we expect a full-fledged PR STALKER 2?

3. Is it true that the company's staff has increased considerably and people involved in the development of a new STALKER increased?

4. After the release of STALKER 2 - what are your plans for the company?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. No. We do not want to do PR for a long time. Important for us to finish the project by a certain date. It makes no sense to tell what the project. Need it just let it go.

2. Never

3. I would not say so. Over the first 101 people worked for STALKER. From first to last day there was not one employee who worked from first to last the day. Now we have 60 people, and we have enough of this. And the team eventually recruited.

4. We perceive the trouble as they become available. First, release, rest for a week and then we'll see.

Grieg: Hi Joe I am interested in the following Grigorovich.

1. What prompted you to create your own company? What were the first steps?

2. How do you feel about modding?

Thank you for your attention.

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Began to recruit and do various projects. I wanted to do something interesting.

2. Good attitude. If the motion on the draft came, and so the project also took place.

MacroN: Hello. Ask a question on multiplayer. In May this year after almost two years of development to the people out unofficial multiplayer patch 1.0008 for "Shadow of Chernobyl", which unites a lot of fixes, enhancements and new unique locations for multiplayer, accumulated over the years. Of course, we understand that at the moment, "PM" morally outdated, but it would be in future games (already on new engines and new graphics) to officially chopped favorite maps. Do not plan to draw out any idea of ​​the gameplay, and locations for the future of multiplayer in STALKER 2?

Grigorovich, Sergei: We are not thinking about multiplayer. Perhaps the next part will be strictly singlpleernaya. It is unlikely that there will be the old location, they are not suitable for new technologies.

Grigorii: I wrote earlier questions, so that the pursuit ... STALKER into a new subculture that spanned different generations. You yourself is good to know that the GSC became the "father of the hopes of millions"?

Grigorovich, Sergei: Yes, of course. I am pleased to know that this has become a cultural event. It's like a Star Wars for the Americans.

Green: Have you ever had in my childhood complexes? And now there?

Sergei Grigorovich: Of course there were. Those complexes are not. There are new

) FANG (: Hello Sergey! Are you planning to release remakes of great games like Hover Ace and Venom, only on a new engine, or make them available in HD, like other developers are doing now with the old games?

Sergei Grigorovich: None.

Rusman: Sergey, how you look at it, to create a game on the Great Patriotic War? The player's task - through the key events of the war. I think this game would have been very popular in itself, because In this setting of nothing like that, and people playing, better would know what had to pass through to our soldiers in a difficult time. I hope you will answer.

Sergei Grigorovich: On the topic of WWII - no. Many developers use this theme. I want to do something that nobody has ever done.


1. Will there be STALKER? 2 Physics, compared to the earlier parts of STALKER?

2. Will the in-game animation, as many fans were unhappy with it in the previous parts?

3. What are the goals set for a company to develop a new STALKER?

4. How much change models stalkers in the new game? For example, their costumes, masks and so forth?

5. When should we wait for STALKER Fest 2?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Yes, of course. It will not so buggy.

2. Yes, very much. Animation and physics are much better over the past three years.

3. Create multinapravlenny brand, when a book series, movie and game will be released at one time.

4. We even changed the ratio of proportions. Outwardly, it looks like STALKER, but it you will see the first screenshots.

5. Next STALKER Fest will be timed to the second part of the game.

Michael: Hi Joe! I understand that many of the questions received no response, but the answer at least a few.

Please, once and forever put an end to some issues that are no longer plagued by odingod minds of fans.

1. Why sun rises in the west and sets in the east?

2. Why all the weapons levozatvornoe? Just tell the truth!

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Just did not get his hands.

2. The bolt is on the left looks good.

AlExEi: Tell me, if the team uses the ideas that send you to the fans? How many ideas can take away? And if the idea can be implemented in the game (from a technical point of view)?

Grigorovich, Sergei: There are unique fans, and they gush with unique ideas. These come to us to work. These fans - professionals with robust ideas.

Sashoc: They say that STALKER 2 will be released on PC and consoles. But we (CIS), most players do not use consoles. Does this mean that the second STALKER will focus mainly on the Western market?

Sergei Grigorovich: Markets are the same. We're trying to please all the people - and at age 20, and 40.

Scar: Hello.

1. The official website of GSC section job candidates too much hangs on whether it affects the development of STALKER 2?

2. STALKER 2 announced as a multiplatform project, but so far spoken only of the Xbox 360. STALKER 2 output on the PS3 remains a question. Can you already say with certainty whether STALKER 2 on PS3 or not?

3. Western publisher for STALKER 2 has already been found? GSC or more in search of?

4. Do you assess the project Metro: Last Light of the studio 4A Games as a direct competitor STALKER 2?

5. What mood prevails within the team GSC? Indeed, the development of such a project difficult and responsible job, where to draw ideas for new game developers?

6. Do you think the project has already reached the STALKER world level, or even not up to it?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. They hang all that may be needed ever. For all the time we have been with the company five hundred, and we have a base on which we can call some of them again. On the one hand, we have a team now staffed.

2. The architecture of our technology allows you to do it now. The final decision will take during the year. We were not very pleased with the circulation to the PS3.

3. The publisher is not found, but no one was looking. Heroes of Annihilated Empires we issued ourselves. It is not difficult. It is difficult to do PR and marketing. We did then, but have received little circulation. Published for our company no longer needed. People used to buy games in stores, but now heavily developed digital distribution. I am sure that not only we, but many other developers in the future refuse to publishers.

4. No.

5. Ideas emerge suddenly The atmosphere is normal and working. There is no such a was in the first STALKER Now everything professionally and calmly. First STALKER wanted to do in time, but they all wanted so much to cram in there. And because it set aside time, and this affects the budget. In the movie there is none there a clear time frame.

6. He went on a world level, when the first STALKER general circulation for more than five million. Rare games can boast of such copies.

Green: I personally, as a big fan of your creativity, your life is interesting.

Do you support is still in touch with school friends or friends from childhood?
Do you feel that somehow different from their friends?
What was your favorite subject in school? Computers?
It is known that you are an athlete. At what age do sports?
Do you have any bad habits? And there were?
As met his future wife?
Do not you regret the departure of the "fathers STALKER" in the 2005th, Anton Bolshakov, your friend in the 2008th and an art director Ilya Tolmachev in 2010th?
Are you going to open an office in Russia?

Thank you!

Sergei Grigorovich:

Everyone is different.
Probably math.
Since the second grade.
I do not smoke, I drink rarely. I am very much "spire" I would like to do less.
I went to college and met. Before that was in the CPI, and there are two girls on the thread
Any people who leave are always sorry about it. Everyone brings something different. But it turns out that even the movie can not be removed by the same people. We need new people.
It is impossible to manage projects, being far away.


1. How are things going with the shooting series STALKER? How soon will the fans see the new trailer for it?

2. How many people are currently involved in development?

4. Who writes the script for STALKER 2?

5. What actors are involved in the filming of the series STALKER, whether they are known as Gosha Kutsenko?

6. What about the budget will be a film project STALKER?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. We spent a lot of video works, we took two things with a feature film and withdrew entirely a pilot series of the show. We do not knowingly have done this, we are on track. But the episode, we do not run before the movie.

2. Complex issue. The film is done in different stages of different numbers of people. And if the pro game - currently 61.

4. The same people who made the first STALKER, plus two of the writer.

5. Gosha Kutsenko starred in the pilot episode, but he will not play arrow.

6. He has about three million dollars.

Herman: Hello, Sergei Konstantinovich! I want to ask you, to the surprise of no STALKER, but the Cossacks. Will the Cossacks III? Cossacks or forgotten?

Sergei Grigorovich: Not forgotten.


1. Apparently, the book series STALKER already has a publishing house, because in the fall of Roman Kulikov novel will be published "Game of consciousness," to which the artist has painted Ivan Hivrenko art. Therefore, it is interesting that the same is still a publisher? Do you plan to do a formal declaration of a new publishing house?

2. Branding graphics for STALKER 2 will again engage Hivrenko?

3. 've Seen reviews that the official website of GSC needs to be updated - say, the engine and the site and forum is obsolete. Will there be an update?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Planned. When we do - learn.

2. Yes.

3. That is not, I guess. Obsolete, it is. The main new games do.


1. You watch for the release of new game STALKER same genre? Whether you are analyzing them and taking any new ideas and trends? Or does STALKER have their on anything not dependent system development?

2. Do not you think that the legendary atmosphere of the in "Call of Pripyat" strongly handed than the earlier games, this is for you, a secondary option? What you invite composers to create the musical component STALKER 2?

Thank you.

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. No, we're always looking at the competition. But we do not have a wild imitation, as it was before. Now look, choose.

2. It's like someone. I would say that it is a time when you laid out, to release the core product, and then the company must make money and produce add-ons. The second part will be totally different.

By the sound we come to the second part is not, as in the first. In the first part of our sound was in order for it to be. And now we will reach the atmosphere sounds presence. Man a lot more scared if it is to play terrible music. In terms of sounds, we have a dead world. Should creak windows, rustling trees.

SERGEY: Greetings! Whether from the GSC online games?

Sergei Grigorovich: Will.

Vladimir Ligun: Dear Sergei Konstantinovich, you probably will not answer my question - and it only proves your insecurity. Have you ever thought that the survivors feel the liquidators, the relatives of the dead? I am not against the game itself, I am against some of its fans. They create clouds of groups that are fighting each other in eternal warfare. They have forgotten what the Zone of Alienation, turned into a place for the shootings. People gave their lives, dying in agony, but we are just a disgrace to their memory. So the main question: Do you spit on the catastrophe? Most likely, you have answered "No", but I need a detailed answer.

Sergei Grigorovich: It takes a lot to say to explain that I do not care. I suffered a disaster is quite simple, I was little and my parents took in Donetsk.

We do not speculate on the accident, we had the liquidators of the accident itself. They are like us, "once was". Later the plot was the second release. We base their world, which is not based on Chernobyl. We have the word "Chernobyl" use only because it is the word when something spooked people. And, in general, we have created a different world.

Events that occur here and now, if you remember September 11, some operators filmed it as a show - jumping people, big plans, the fall of man on the pavement. I am against such speculations. But when it was a long time has already occurred does not cause such emotion, I think it is normal to take some sort of historical themes and to use it.

Oleg: Are there any plans in any future projects apart from STALKER, and whether the expansion of the company for bringing them to the expense of small studios the developers?

Sergei Grigorovich: None. Need to do something for the whole force of one, otherwise do not have the time or attention.

Alex: Hello Sergey. Whether developed in-game items RPG?

Sergei Grigorovich: RPG elements will be more developed than in the first part.

Buscador: Hello, Sergei Konstantinovich.

1. Will STALKER 2 for the normal tools for creating maps and mods?

2. What's up with the new engine? I hope the atmosphere will be the level of Shadow of Chernobyl, because it is important to STALKER.

3. In "Call of Pripyat" were very interesting secondary quests, but again the plot was tedious, so make sure to make you more interesting.

4. What about the clothing line? And that sweater turned out very good even, but continue to let it be more pockets.

PS Thanks for playing, and awakened interest in the Zone of Alienation.

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Some will. We will give all the source code and do whatever you like.

2. I think so. We've been experimenting with a picture that perhaps we need to save only our original Soviet-stalkersky appearance. We lose a little foreign audiences, because they love things more contrast, but preserve our environment.

4. Special clothes do not mind it, just came to girls who have suggested. During STALKER Fest has come a lot of people in suits.

Ivan Volodin: Hello, Sergei Konstantinovich. I have to ask you a question - to what group you sympathize with more - the "duty" or "Freedom", and why? The answer is interested not only in me (since I can not figure out who is correct on ideology), but many other fans of STALKER Thanks in advance. We look forward to an answer.

Grigorovich, Sergei R "Freedom." This is an internal state.

Sergio Spirit Kravtsov: I'd like to ask a few questions.

In STALKER 2 home company will be required, or as in "Call of Pripyat"?
Would there be any dynamic message requests for assistance, the order of a thing or declaration of peace or war between the factions?
Will you be able to choose your hero? Give him his nickname and the story fit the characteristics and behavior?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Home will be required.

2. Of course. Fully all that has been successful in previous chapters, will be used in the new.

3. This is, probably not.

Andrew: I would be STALKER 2 closed beta test?

Sergei Grigorovich: I think not. It makes no sense.

Artem: Hi Joe. And my question is. Writers Series of the same name (any, even the same Levitsky) will somehow help or even affect the way by STALKER 2? Thanks in advance

Grigorovich, Sergei: Yes, we are now writing the "Bible" of the world game. This is our "Tech Bible", which describes a second STALKER It describes all the events that have occurred to the Marksman and the world during the Games. After releasing the trilogy, we will expand her other books. Now books are written without our control and we are very confused, we do not work normally sign a contract with a publishing house. Now there are many books that we never would have started in the series. Those writers who wrote the main series, I'll develop it further.

Vladimir Pelehovich: Dear Sergei Konstantinovich, I would like to know the answers to a couple of some issues.

1. There are rumors that STALKER is based on two engine Crysis.Eto true?

2. Is it okay to fake video of STALKER 2 at different sites? For example, a couple of days ago I saw a video on YouTube with the title "Graphic STALKER 2" or something like that. As a result of viewing, it was found that this is a game called Chernobyl Terrorists Attack.

Thanks ...

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. That's not true.

2. Bad attitude, but this does not get rid of. We are writing to people who have uploaded to the videos removed. By the time we notice it has been seen by many people.

Denis: What do you pushed on the story of this game? The whole world is fighting against terrorists and all kinds of unseemly people, or, at worst, with the aliens, and suddenly you with mutants and anomalies? Thank you.

Sergei Grigorovich: The idea came very simple - a few people gathered. We decided that the man in this world, effeminate, there is no war, no place to show off. We decided that we needed a world in which man will sell itself in a primitive sense. There you can feel yourself to those who in life you will not.

Marat "METALLIX" Gazizov: Hello. STALKER many fans are interested in information on the new trilogy, I would like to know the answers to some questions.

1. Who will be the main character?

2. Where will the action STALKER 2?

3. In which month will be released about STALKER 2?

4. Will include some things from the first trilogy, STALKER?

Thank you in advance of the whole collective enterprise server METALLIX CRYTEK SYSTEMS.

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. Arrows.

2. In the Zone

3. Complex issue.

4. Will be similar location, new and old. At 50%, the game will consist of old things.

Aleksandr_UA: Hello. There will be new announcements of the TV series?

Sergei Grigorovich: From the TV series we have put off, we would like to start out the game with the TV project. We would like to start the movie before the TV series. A good movie to rent expensive. TV series so it is impossible to remove. The series is needed, when will the main movie. There will be a series of 10-15, will be the hero of a feature film, and in general it will be clear what our world in terms of television product.

Alex Frost: Hello. I am glad that the opportunity presents itself, and therefore several questions.

1. I would like to know whether the issue will not dress for straykbolistov? Costumes like "Dawn" and "Bulat"?

2. How many will be in STALKER 2 locations, or it will be one, but big?

3. And I would like to see in the above game, the number of weapons.

4. Will the plot somehow indirectly intertwined with the plot of "PM", "CHN" or "GP"?

Thank you for taking the time.

Sergei Grigorovich:

These suits will not be too extravagant they. We sew clothes for airsoft and tourism. Something you can already buy on the site.
There will be one seamless world. Bands are separated will not boot, only names.
I would like to create all existing analogues of weapons, the number does not even tell you.
Be. Moreover, the main character will be - Archer, whom we supposedly killed.

Michael Faizov: Dear Sergei Konstantinovich, the project will be a STALKER 2 weapons from past games in the series and STALKER will the mission with armor?

Sergei Grigorovich: Weapons will remain. With technology we are working, but still can not. Throughout the zone is unlikely to get the car to drive.

ICEberg: Hello. I heard rumors that a future game STALKER 2 is not a war groups. Please tell me: it's just a rumor or truth per se do? And I would like to find time first screenshots and video of STALKER 2 (unless, of course, you can say this).

Grigorovich, Sergei: That's just a rumor.

We're almost not going to engage in PR STALKER 2. With a short campaign, two or three months, let all the release date and everything.

NecroMancer: Dear Sergei Konstantinovich! I have accumulated a couple of questions, I hope you find time to answer these questions.

1. What is your attitude to the project STALKER Online?

2. Have you watched the short film "The sky has seen everything?" If so, what kind of impression he's called you?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. If we're talking about the project, which is made in Yekaterinburg, then we are with them sudimsya, forbid them to use the brand name that belongs to us.

2. No, not seen.

Alexander: Dear Sergei Konstantinovich! I, as administrator of the fan site for the game STALKER and just a fan of the series, interest a few questions.

1. What do you think the fan sites for STALKER?

2. How can I get a list of official fansites STALKER, by what criteria they take?

3. What is the readiness of the project STALKER 2?

Sergei Grigorovich:

1. All movements'm good.

2. Official of unofficial differs only in that the official may be linked to other websites. For this to become visible site.

3. I would say - 50%.

Bison: Tell me, please! Why were not in quest STALKER with aviation, and travel on it?

Grigorovich, Sergei: We are not planning to leave the aircraft in the game. We planned to avoid flying objects. Then come to the conclusion that this is necessary in the second STALKER There will be places and areas where the flights.
  22:01:05  17 July 2011
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Pseudogiant's gonna getcha!


On forum: 03/22/2007
Messages: 971
Whilst I'm glad they appear to be dropping multiplayer, is anyone else a tad worried that they haven't found a publisher for Stalker 2 yet? It's all very well praising the digital distribution model, but if this game is going multi-platform (doubt cast on PS3 version it seems?) they'll need a publisher.

It's very early days of course, but the talk of recyling old levels and a lack lustre PR campaign that will only kick off 2 - 3 months prior to the game's release isn't exactly great is it?
  22:24:10  17 July 2011
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On forum: 07/09/2011
Messages: 18
He also did mention self-publishing a bit, which could easily be done through Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam, and PSN if they do decide to make a PS3 version.
  02:10:19  18 July 2011
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On forum: 04/14/2009

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07/18/2011 2:21:52
Messages: 308

It's all very well praising the digital distribution model, but if this game is going multi-platform (doubt cast on PS3 version it seems?) they'll need a publisher.

they've got their own publishing arm, though. i'm pretty sure they've self-published all three games in CIS territories, and if they've made enough money off the series to do a TV series then they've probably got enough to push the game worldwide.

like Sonblade said, digital distribution is very big right now. i'm fairly sure a vast majority of the original trilogy's western sales came from Steam sales, so capitalizing on that would be a very smart move.

the talk of recyling old levels and a lack lustre PR campaign that will only kick off 2 - 3 months prior to the game's release isn't exactly great is it?

PR hype is what ruined SHOC for so many people. they went WELL THERE'S THIS AND THERE'S THIS AND THERE'S THIS and then had to go OH WAIT NO THERE'S NOT and everyone got pissed off.

saving any big information reveals until they've got all that stuff 100% down golden is also a very smart move, especially if the push is dramatic enough.

all three games have sold 5 million copies worldwide over the course of four years, and outside of the CIS that was almost entirely by word of mouth; it's very much possible for them to do the same thing with STALKER 2 if they handle it well enough.

ed also i like his response regarding what he thinks about Chernobyl. i've always been curious what the reaction to their choosing that setting has been from that part of the world, and his justifications make sense.

other things treat Chernobyl as just something kind of important that happened a long time ago and sometimes offer "alternate history" explanations for what exactly caused the disaster. GSC treats the Zone as a whole with a lot of respect.
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