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Grenade Launcher Iron Sight Fix for Call of Pripyat Complete

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  05:11:37  24 April 2011
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On forum: 04/15/2011
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Grenade Launcher Iron Sight Fix for Call of Pripyat Complete

Grenade Launcher Iron Sight Fix for Call of Prypiat Complete ver 1.0.1

- Base game: Stalker Call of Pripyat version 1.6.02
- Mod used: Call of Pryipat Complete version 1.0.1
- 4:3 aspect ratio monitor (This is to say this mod will not work for 16:9, sorry, read methodology in this readme.)

Copy the gamedata directory within this download, over the existing gamedata directory in your COP installation, orverwriting existing files.

What this mod does:
1.) Fixes the Iron sights for attachable grenade launchers, ( M203 and GP-25.) for the following wepons:
- AK74
- AN94 Abakan
- LR300 ML
- SIG 550
- G36

2.) Allows mounting of grenade launcher on the H&K G36. Since you could in clear sky, i didnt understand why not in Call of Pripyat.

3.) Grenade launch range on the FN2000 and RG6 Grenande launcher brought up to match the M203 and GP-25.

What this mod does not do:

- Does not address 16:9 aspect ratio for Grenade launcher Iron sight fix.

Known Issues:
If aiming a distant object that is beyond the range of your grenade, it will fall short. Assuming your standing still, you will be out of the blast radius, but it is still disconcerting. The game seems to make calculations on the grenades trajectory when using iron sights, and arcs the grenade to where your aiming at. If what your aiming at is beyond range, it doesn't work so well and falls short.

The items your looking for in the weapon.ltx files are:



It is my assumption that the last two items listed with the suffix of 16X9 are dealing with monitors of that aspect ratio. Since I do not own such a monitor, all i can do is tell you how i adjusted the iron sights.


gl_hud_offset_pos = -0.056000, 0.000000, 0.000000

It is my assumption that the 3 numbers here seperated by comma's are X, Y, and Z axis's. Most likey in radians.

The first thing i did was zero out the Y axis (number in the middle), it didn't seem to be needed, though what it does is raise the gun rendering up or down on the screen.

I focused soley on the X axis, (the first number). Going up or down in value, moves the gun render left or right on your screen. The objective here is to line up the iron sight to where the grenade is actually going. Playing with this, you may find the grenade going to the left or right of where your aiming at. Adjust this number (up or down in value), until you get the iron sight rendering to line up with where the grenade going until the sight is lined up to where the grenade impacts.


gl_hud_offset_rot = -0.162500, 0.000000, 0.000000

After getting the sight to line up, you will have noticed that the grenade falls short or long to where your aiming at. Thats what this variable fixes. Again, your only concern here is with the first number. What this number does, is bring the impact forward or backward. Increase or decrease this number to bring the grenade's arc to your point of aim.

So to reiterate:
gl_hud_offset_pos = Left or right
gl_hud_offset_rot = forward or backward.

Aside from this, you'll also have to edit the grenade launchers velocity in the weapons.ltx file. I found it neccessary to increase the velocity to reduce the effects of rounds falling short when the grenade launcher is aimed at distant (and not too distant) objects. The default velocity value was 30. If you raise this number too high, you'll be launching grenades into the stratosphere. I found 50, to be the magic number. Not too short, not too far, like goldylocks and the three bears, this number was "just right".

Use this mod however you see fit. Though it was intended to work with Clear Sky Complete, im sure that you can quite literally copy and paste pertinent sections into whatever mod your using. You don't have to credit me. I'm a nobody in this community, and i'm fine with that.

This mod is provided as is. I will be doing no further revisons on this.

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