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Sound Attribute Viewer and Tweaker

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  13:14:05  18 August 2011
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has abondened XRay and uses Unity3D now


On forum: 05/02/2007
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Sound Attribute Viewer and Tweaker

quote to NatVac from ShoC section of this forum:

Sound Attribute Viewer and Tweaker (SAVandT)

SAVandT is a small piece of software that can make a STALKER sound modder's life much easier. You can easily see and adjust the game sound type which affects how sounds are treated by NPCs, as well as the base volume, the sound range for the player and the maximum sound perception distance for NPCs.

• Easy viewing and editing of STALKER .ogg sound file "comments"
• Changes will automatically have an adjusted CRC-32 checksum added
• Automatic conversion of standard Ogg Vorbis sounds to STALKER sounds
• Should work with sounds for all current STALKER games

With this program and a good sound editor like Audacity 1.3.13 (as of this post) which can import and export Ogg Vorbis files, there is:

No more need to use the SDK to generate STALKER-compatible sound files.

No more hex-editing followed by a separate program to adjust checksums.

No more "Invalid ogg-comment version" errors.

No more time spent converting .wav to .ogg in the SDK just to change a single value.


Primary author:
NatVac (Metacognix)
Public domain CRC-32 implementation:
Ross N. Williams
Reference material sources:
nihilant (comment structure) (Ogg Vorbis specs)

The software is available from the download page at Metacognix near the bottom (at the time of this post):

The end of this thread is likely to contain the most recent information on this utility and others like it. Normal forum members cannot edit posts after a couple of days, so the info above may be out of date at the time you read this.

(Please, no direct linking to the file as updates will likely make such links useless.)

About a week ago, I saw the thread titled "Questions on sound editing"*, with folks wishing for a tool like this. I was going to link to an old thread where I asked for info about the data structure used by the sounds (to enable me to create such a program), but I started searching first. I was stunned to find an old thread on a German forum where nihilant (of fixoggcs fame) had posted info on the comment structure of STALKER sound files in May 2007 -- before I had even started considering modding. And I had seen the thread before! I just didn't know it for what it was at the time.

So I followed some leads: led me to Ross Williams; together they gave me the understanding of Ogg data streams and Vorbis sound structures, with checksumming for file transport reliability. With the STALKER sound attribute structure and constants provided, I had a program in beta-test three part-time days later. The rest of the time was spent on refining the interface a bit based on feedback. (It still stinks but it works well enough.)

No one complained about the basic functionality, but I don't have the SDK installed to know about the validity of the structures. I do know that it took me less than five minutes to load ghost_pda.ogg into Audacity, trim Ghost's redundant grinching about Vasiliev, export to .ogg, copy/paste the original comment parameters with SAVandT, and then test it out.

Yes, the five minutes included running STALKER, loading a save made before searching Ghost, and listening to the shortened PDA recording.

*"Questions on sound editing"

*original thread on ShoC Section of this forum:
  17:16:11  18 August 2011
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On forum: 04/05/2007

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08/18/2011 22:20:24
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This is going to make life so much easier. Thank you

Been playing with it and it works PERFECTLY.

I've also been finding errors with some sounds I was using which I would've never known!

This tool should be part of every modder's tool chest.
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