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Anomaly Mod

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  02:57:40  24 May 2020
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Tejas Stalker
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Tejas Stalker
05/24/2020 3:20:28
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Anomaly Mod

Several of my close FB friends ( including many other people I know ) have been going on and on about how great the Anomaly Mod is. When I told them my complaints about the ridiculous economy, they said there was a way to adjust that in the menu settings. Sure enough I missed that when I originally went through all the settings because you couldn't access it until AFTER you launched your Game.

I also found a slider for larger rewards, adjustable damage, the ability to wear other Faction armors and fool them, toggle off the gas mask face and so many other minute adjustments. Then I saw another post from a friend where he was giving starter advice and mentioned the spawn menu as he did starting out to get a little more cash. I took a look at it and noticed many things.

This time I tried the Clear Sky Faction. This was because I noticed the Loners had the Mercenaries as their enemies ( unlike CoC ) and Clear Sky did not. I started out at the Clear Sky Base and as I ventured out to my surprise I found only 1 NPC at the Fishing Village, none at both the Pump Station and Marshes Church. I had a Bloodsucker come in and attack me while I was sorting through a stash chest and a medkit did not help. Apparently it caused other damage and I couldn't figure out what to use as my health dropped. I ran back to the Clear Sky Base and didn't see a specific product to use since the medkit wasn't it. There's a lack of guidance. There were too may objects to choose from with obscure details and vague symptoms of use. It might have been a psychic Bloodsucker so I'm just unfamiliar with the mutant variables in this Mod. Once again I was going to die after my first encounter with a mutant ( like my other earlier attempts ) because I couldn't afford a basic medical item.

The spawn menu revealed a complexity that I don't know how to feel about. Too many choices. 30 to 40 types of gun repair kits. Hundreds of little parts for this and that to adjust or tweak many objects. Dozens of armors with tiny differences yet the majority of them have none or 1 artifact slots at most. Many gas masks or helmets but surprisingly very dumbed down upgrade paths. Nothing as extensive as the Call of Chernobyl Mod or the retail Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat Games.

I mean if you add up all these 1,000+ tiny objects, everything from wet underwear, broken unusable radios, Ukrainian Playboy magazines, empty plastic jar, plastic sheet, over two dozen different kind of plates of 1,100+ rubles mutant meat that can make you sick, binoculars that you can upgrade ( but then flip the vision upside down ) and on and on...

It's just an overload of items, objects and equipment. This makes me feel like Call of Chernobyl is so clean and streamlined. Not overwhelming and having greater detail of upgrades for armors, weapons and helmets. Why dumb down and limit upgrades with the Anomaly Mod yet have a 1,000+ different items? Partially the answer may be ( a friend showed me this too ) where the player is the only one who can collect all these objects and craft them on a workbench to do things the Repair Tech will not.

Is that the appeal? To have so many different objects it feels like more choice or more joy finding rare and hard to find items and craft them? I guess it may take a different personality type. I definitely was never part of the Misery crowd. I thought LADC had a lot of objects but nothing like what I see here. All of this just makes me want to go back to CoC however I do admit it is rather easy to upgrade things and reach that plateau quickly. And there in must lie the reason.

There's also another aspect. The visual graphics. Call of Chernobyl is so bright ( weather permitting ) clean and uncluttered. I find Anomaly to be dark, with everything from wooden buildings, the ground, the vegetation to be dark, grainy and a color palette that makes things hard to see. Sure there are Mods for Mods to change a lot of the things I am talking about so I'm not including any of those despite most people loving to Mod their Mods.

So there's my rant. I'll probably play a little more. I did spawn myself some better armors, better helmets, better weapons and other objects just so I could study the upgrade paths so don't think I'm just talking about the early, basic starter objects and items.

  15:44:47  5 July 2020
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Emmet Otter
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Emmet Otter
07/05/2020 15:59:55
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I do agree with many points mentioned on its bloated inventory system. Too many tiered items and too many middle man steps that needs to be done to maintain and upgrade your gear. Many people have mentioned this at MODDB. This is most certainly a big distraction to its gameplay, but you dont have to play that route to upgrade. I Just simply grind side quests and kill off enemies then sell the looted items to upgrade and service my gear the old way. Its just as easy and just as enjoyable for me.

If you dont like the darker atmosphere to this, then I highly suggest trying out the "Yet Another Winter Mod" YAWM here
Its most certainly is a HQ winter add on which is simply stunning!! I hope he ports it over to DoctorX's mod COTZ.

I havent played CoC in a long time. What I didnt like was how dependent it was to addons that give it its gameplay. I know CoC was designed to be a base platform design for modders to use but.....CoC was just bare bones boring in this regard to play.

This is why Anomaly and COTZ are enjoyable for me cause they provide a main mission path that takes you through all the areas. It gave some reason to venture through all the areas. Although linear, at least its something. And im sure they will expand on what they have on future versions and patches.

In all honesty here, the idea of combining all the series maps into one massive global mod sounds great and all but, its just too damn hard to tie em' all together to make it a great enjoyable mod. Sometimes bigger is never better. When you can acquire your best gear and upgraded in the first quarter of the game, then there isnt much left to pursue anymore. We are just not there yet with main story missions and balance imo. Just too big.

Still.....nothing off the CoC platform has yet to beat the enjoyment of an expanded vanilla game like the SGM series imo
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