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About mutant bodies

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  08:26:58  9 September 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007
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About mutant bodies

Originally when the Russian version of CoP came out back in 2009, there
were many of us like myself, who could not wait for the English language
version that came out in 2010. The Russian version had two patches that
came out later being 1.6.01 & 1.6.02. These patches were incorporated
in the English language version including what you get from Steam & GoG.

One thing that I do remember from the early days were two problems in
the Game that the Patches did not address and I'm not sure if the later
English language version fixed. These were the problems with excess
mutant bodies lingering and excess crows flying above the Player. There
were some local Mods that fixed both problems but the last time I checked
( lightly not deeply ) the links for both fixes were out of date or expired.
Maybe a little snooping around might find them again if they are needed.

  20:13:34  8 September 2017
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On forum: 11/26/2016
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About mutant bodies

hi all
in order to clean my map of mutant bodies, I followed these steps:
1. go to your steam folder (like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\)
2. find in the "common" folder your folder with Stalker CoP.
3. create a folder with name "gamedata" (without "" for sure) into this root folder.
4. open it and create folder with name configs
5. into it create folder with name creatures
6. into that create a .txt file, use SAVE AS and save it as monster.ltx (write the .ltx manually)
Full pathc will be like
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat\gamedata\configs\creatures\monsters.ltx
7. into this file copy and paste words
#include "M_flesh.ltx"
#include "M_bloodsucker.ltx"
#include "M_dog.ltx"
#include "M_boar.ltx"
#include "M_pseudodog.ltx"
#include "M_giant.ltx"
#include "M_controller.ltx"
#include "m_poltergeist.ltx"
#include "m_snork.ltx"
#include "m_crow.ltx"
#include "m_tushkano.ltx"
#include "m_phantom.ltx"
#include "m_chimera.ltx"
#include "m_burer.ltx"
corpse_remove_game_time_interval = 12 ; in hours
stay_after_death_time_interval = 12 ; in hours
script_move_min_offset_from_leader = 3
script_move_max_offset_from_leader = 8
8. Save file and run game. try to play 1 - 2 ingame days. soon bodies will be off.

But my question is, if I remove the whole gamedata/configs/creatures/monsters.ltx directory, will the time it takes for mutant bodies to disappear go from 12 hours back to 65000+ or whatever the default amount was? Or do I have to set it to 65000+ in the monsters.ltx file, launch the game, exit and then remove it? Because I don't want to have it set to 12 permanently, I just wanted to clear my map once and then reset it to default. Is removing it enough? Does the game check for a custom config each time the game is launched, and then revert to the original state once you quit the game? Could such a minor change, which was later reverted to the original state, anyhow affect the game/the save game? Apologies for my complicated question.
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