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Dynamic HUD Reworked and Extras 2.0

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  14:49:50  19 September 2016
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Dynamic HUD Reworked and Extras 2.0

Credits go to Smurth and other modders (please check the readme file), I have uploaded this superb Dynamic Hud Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat.


1- Edit "cam_dist" in gamedata/scripts/actor_effects_data if helmet disappears when running / jumping (i.e. from 1.4 to 1.5 or 1.6).

2- Don't forget that you must modify the "fsgame.ltx" file, found in game dir, in order for any changes of these files to work in-game. Once you open "fsgame.ltx", change the "$game_data$ = false| true|" statement into this one: "$game_data$ = true| true|"



1- Pripyat 2016 "Vanilla Version": Compatibility patch, so you can run this Dynamic Hud mod with Arsenal Overhaul 3.1, Atmosfear 3 and Absolute Nature 4.01 -

2- Pripyat 2016 #2 "Pripyat Reborn Version": Compatibility patch, so you can run this Dynamic Hud mod with Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 + Pripyat Reborn 1.01b and Absolute Nature 4.01 -

3- No HUD patch (disables the HUD but keeps the bleeding effects and hunger notifications, and it works with/out the patches listed above) -

HUD Reworked and Extras 2.0
Smurth, 2012

This mod is a remake of the original "DynamicHUD" by Rulix.
It also contains a modified version of "DynamicHelmets" by
Mechanic, Shoker, and Antnigm.
Except the hit_effect() and shoot_effect() functions which
contains only minor modifications, everything has been
written from scratch.
The textures used for the helmets/gasmask are based on the
work of FlyingDebris.
Since some people had crashes when trying to merge this
mod with Atmosfear3, I've decided to release it as well.

The mod has been developped and tested on 16/9 screen only,
and the 4/3 version of some files are just copies of the
16/9 ones.
Feel free to adapt their 16/9 counterpart for 4/3 screen and
contact me to see your name added to the credit list

- no more intrusive HUD; only ammunition type is shown
(see "optional" folder for variants)
- breathing sounds: you will hear the actor breathing in
different kind of situations; when he wears a gasmask,
when he's running, when he's getting hit hard, and, of
course, at low stamina levels. I've tried to make the
breathing as natural as possible, including variation
of its speed/volume.
- bleeding screen edge indicators.
- radiation sound indicators and little visual effects
on high radiation levels.
- automaticaly hide weapon and/or remove gasmask on some
item usage, plus other special effects (see below)
- basic medkit usage incapacitates the actor for about 10s.
This is to show you how you can play with item using
effects, but don't abuse of effects to avoid overlapping
when using several item at the same time.
- Weapon's recoil effects.

Notes for modders/scripters:
The actor_effects_data.script file contains three tables:
- "options" which let you tweak the helmet/breath part.
- "wpn_fx" containing data used by the recoil effects.
- "item_fx" containing sequences of action "played" on
item usage.

The "wpn_fx" table is still a work in progress but you
should be aware that the total recoil amount depends on:
- the ratio (installed cam_dispersion upgrades) / (weapon
Note: the upgrade must have the "prop_recoil" property
and define the "cam_dispersion" value.
- the "impair" ammo coef.
- the player aiming or not. See "k_aim" at the begining of
the wpn_fx table.

THE CALL TO "ammo_check()" IN THE "update()" FUNCTION
(LINE 34) OF "scripts\actor_effects.script".

I highly recommend to use actor_effects.use_weapon(0) and
actor_effects.use_weapon(1) instead of
and, respectively.

Cromm Cruac
Mechanic, Shoker, Antnigm

Thanks to jketiynu, trojanuch and MacBradley for their
feedback, to Xavier De La Obra for his Voron Mod and
special thanks to Alundaio who gave me some bright advices
about the scripting thing.


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