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Pripyat 2016 #2- PR1.01b A03.1 AN4.01 Dyn.HUD2.0 !

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  21:02:54  18 September 2016
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Pripyat 2016 #2- PR1.01b A03.1 AN4.01 Dyn.HUD2.0 !


This is a compatibility patch that makes Pripyat Reborn 1.01b, Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 and the best dynamic hud mod (CoP - HUD Reworked 2.0) run together. Beside Atmosfear 3 + Absolute Nature 4.01, and surround sound, these great mods all together provide a truly refreshed experience for all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans.
Credits go to the mods creators, i have just put the little patch together (still WIP, if you find a bug please report it back and i will try to fix it).


Install instructions

Over a clean install of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, patched to version 1.6.02:

1- Copy the content of Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 with Pripyat Reborn 1.01b (link below, Atmosfear 3 is already included) to game dir, following the install instructions of the mod.

2- Install Absolute Nature 4.01 (link below), with the options of your choice.

3- Copy only the "gamedata" folder of CoP - HUD Reworked 2.0 (link below) to game dir, overwrite files when asked.

4- Copy all the content of this patch to game dir and overwrite files when asked.

5- Start up the game, adjust all options and there should be a new sound device showing up in the sound settings menu, called "DirectSound". Select that and restart the game.


A- Don't forget that you must modify the "fsgame.ltx" file, found in game dir, in order for any changes of these files to work in-game. Once you open "fsgame.ltx", change the "$game_data$ = false| true|" statement into this one: "$game_data$ = true| true|"

B- To enjoy surround sound, make sure that you have OpenAL (link below) installed.

Download links of the required mods and OpenAL:

Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 with Pripyat Reborn 1.01b -

Absolute Nature 4.01 -

CoP - HUD Reworked 2.0 -

OpenAL -

Recommended addons (100% compatible):

NanoCell Inventory -

Clear Sky Combat Music -


No HUD patch (disables the HUD but keeps the bleeding effects and hunger notifications) -

Beard sells all weapons and outfits -

My user.ltx file, tweaked for gfx quality (DX10, 1920x1080) -

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