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Stalker Re-Animation Project 2

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  03:49:05  1 September 2015
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Stalker Re-Animation Project 2

Stalker Re-Animation Project 2

Full Release

Animations, model edits, sounds, particles and textures - KingFriday

Table of contents

1. About the mod

2. Compatability

3. Installation

4. Modding

5. Legal

1. About the Mod

Stalker Re-Animation Project 2 is a replacement mod that replaces all the first person animations in the game. All weapons and devices now have new animations provided by yours truly. Also I have fixed up may of the models and added new sounds and new particles. I have worked on this mod sporadically or the last 3 years or so. I am proud to finnally release it to you all to play with and include in your mods as well.
This mod I build to run on both Stalker: Clear Sky and Call of Prypiat. There are included configs for each game and some mods I have decided to support. This mod will NOT run with Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl.

2. Compatability

This mod should work with any other mod as long as it does not add extra weapons. Or they have not changed the weapon config files. Note that many mods for CS will change the config files some. But it is usually just editing the aiming positions of the weapons. Also any mods that change the particles.xr will be an issue. I have included compatability for AtmosFear 3 for this reason.
Check down below in the modding section on how you can make the mod compatable with other mods.

3. Installation

- Install any other mods you wish to use first

- Open the "Base" folder and drag and drop it into your main stalker folder.

- Open the "Game and Options folder"

- Open the Folder of the game you are adding the mod to.

- Select from the options

-Clear sky
- SRP stands for Sky Reclamation Project

I Higly reccomend playing Clear Sky with SRP because it is a unofficial patch that fixes most of the issues in game without adding a bunch of extras like the Complete mod. SRP does come with some extras. I have included compatability for SRP with or without "Advanced ballistics"


-Call of Prypiat
- Special edtion mod

Call of Prypiat was relatively bug free. Special Edtion mod re-adds some cut content and fixes some bugs. It also add some new content too. But it does not overly change too much.

Special edtion mod:

- AtmosFear 3

I have included a particles.xr that will allow you to use atmosfear 3 with the mod.

4. Modding

In each of the .ltx, I have included a way for you to see what I changed.




Basicly everything in that section is part of the mod. All you need to do is select everything in that reagon and paste it over the HUD section in the ltx you want to mod. If you look closely, you will see that everything I changed is in there. sounds, particles, animation calls are all there.

Its a bit hard to explain. You can watch the video on how to do it here if you wish:

5. Legal

Not to much to it here. DO NOT USE THIS MOD FOR PROFIT IN ANY WAY. You may use this mod in any other mods for clear sky or call of prypiat. Just be sure to give due credit for animations, model tweaks, and particles.

Big thanks to the testers!!!

Captain Stalker

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me.
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