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El.Em.En.Ts. Dynamic Combat Music Mod

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  02:28:12  1 September 2015
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Khimicheskiy Ali
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On forum: 01/10/2015

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Khimicheskiy Ali
09/01/2015 6:02:24
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El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (by Khimicheskaya Ali)


This is El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5, a Dynamic Combat Music Mod for the FPS-RPG game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. The intent behind this mod is to help retain the game's unique atmosphere, even during the most intense of fire fights.

All tracks are original works produced by myself. These tracks are inspired by the 70s and 80s horror/sci-fi movie soundtracks (such as the early work of John Carpenter and the original Alien movie). These of course are not like normal music tracks. They are played during combat with human enemies and are repetitive by design.

In v1.5, all sounds have been properly ogg commented. Volume of dynamic combat music lowered by twenty percent and raised by forty-five percent for the main menu theme. Also added a slightly menacing tone that plays upon the protagonist's death. There's a new track in the "soundtrack" folder that is not used yet due to the low sound level that I'll try to fix some time soon.

Previous additions include:

1) Main menu music that has a "tuned in" effect at the beginning and end. The track also features Russian language radio chatter and static throughout. All the additions are sampled from the UVB-76 and 8S1Shch shortwave radio stations (which are thought to originate from Russia and the Ukraine respectively).

2) The music that is played over the credits no longer gets cut off awkwardly. The music itself has also been swapped with the original combat theme #1 which is a much better fit. Ambient sounds have also been added to match the background scene.

All the other extra added fluff from the previous versions has been removed since there are already complete sound overhauls that handle in-game sounds and there's no point in making them incompatible. Of course, v1.4 is already incorporated in the Special Edition mod, and v1.5 will be incorporated in its next update.


Unzip the file. This should produce the main folder titled S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COP Dynamic Music Mod (El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5). Inside this folder, there is a El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 readme txt file, a El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (Soundtrack) folder, and a El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (Mod) folder. Open the El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (Mod) folder and you will see the gamedata folder. Simply drag and drop this folder over S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat's existing gamedata folder in your PC's harddrive. Also remember to enable dynamic music via the in-game options menu (dynamic music is off by default).


As a bonus, so it is possible to enjoy these tracks outside of the game itself, I have included full versions of each track in the MP3 format. You will find these in the El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (Soundtrack) folder.

El.Em.En.Ts. v1.5 (by Khimicheskaya Ali) Track listing:

Track 1. Thorium (1:48)
Track 2. Fermium (2:26)
Track 3. Caesium (3:01)
Track 4. Strontium (2.41)
Track 5. Protactinium (2:42)
Track 6. Radium (3:43) (unused)


Some sound samples from musicradar, 99sounds, danix111, and, of course, GSC Game Worlds. And thanks to MTGunslinger from GSC Forums for his much appreciated feedback.


This mod may be freely modified and / or integrated within other projects, but please provide this mod and I some credit. It would also be great (but optional on your part) if you could make me aware of this use by contacting me (see below). This way I can update this readme file and give you and your mod a shout out.


Leave me a message at YouTube:


Leave me a message on this mod's GSC Forums discussion page:

  02:45:58  6 February 2015
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The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Screenshot Artist


On forum: 10/27/2013
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Cool to see it done Mate. I've been waiting. I might incorparate this into a project I am working on. Cheers
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