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Need help with extremely weird graphical problem.

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  12:37:54  26 December 2014
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12/26/2014 12:41:49
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Need help with extremely weird graphical problem.

Hey guys,

So I have this problem in stalker cop where anything about 5 metres infront of me has white lines, it looks like polygon lines around objects/terrain etc. The texture is still there it's just the white lines. I've been playing for about a week now & this would happen rarely, when it did I would just restart the game & everything would be back to normal but now it happens all the time. I noticed after i set my ram to 2400mhz this problem would come & won't go away, but I reverted back to my ram stock speeds & the problem still persists.

What I've tried to to fix this problem is sleep ingame for 3 days, didn't work, reset all graphical settings to low & revert back to max settings, didn't work, reload a saved game, didn't work, the weird thing is, when I start a new game, the graphics are good again, the white lines are gone, like wtf? :s Lol

My pc specs are:
I5 3570k OC @ 4.5ghz + hyper evo 212 fan
Kingston hyper x predator 8gb kit @ 1333mhz
Asus maximus v formula mobo
Gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 970
Antec HCG 620M
Thermaltake armor revolution case 5 fans

I don't think cooling or overheating is an issue here, so please if anyone could shed some light on what the problem is or give any advice, it would be muchly appreciated thanks in advance.

Ps sorry for the lengthy post guys. & merry Xmas

Btw here's a link to the image of the white lines I'm seeing in my game
  17:44:17  26 December 2014
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Tejas Stalker
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Tejas Stalker
12/26/2014 17:44:31
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Need help with extremely weird graphical problem.

Is this you or does someone else have the same problem?:

  22:10:31  26 December 2014
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Remember that Stalker games are getting on a bit now, and ultra-modern tech graphics cards and drivers tend to scare the crap out of it. It goes off and hides, throwing up all sorts of odd graphical glitches. Maybe your card is just too high-powered for it to handle.

Sometimes rolling back to an earlier driver can cure these things. Or just sacrificing high detail and playing it out on the lowest settings. I use all the lowest settings on my poor, decrepit 8 year old machine and, apart from the odd Out of Memory CTD when using hefty mods, it all seems to run just fine.

  09:01:27  3 April 2015
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On forum: 07/19/2008
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Bringing this thread back to life, I just bought a GTX 970 myself and it works fine. I did do one thing differently. There were about 5 or 6 drivers for the new 900 series video cards. I used the first (and earliest driver).
Just in case it means should try it.
  09:49:16  3 April 2015
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On forum: 05/27/2011

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04/03/2015 9:49:48
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I had weird graphial issues in Cop few months ago, but after I deleted the notorious Windows update it worked fine
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