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  05:04:22  1 March 2012
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On forum: 10/06/2009

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03/01/2012 7:31:00
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I know its hard to understand cause of google translation but its better than nothing ! And btw it's still only in russian while waiting for a translation.

- Added a new story (cont'd Call of Pripyat)
. In a plot involving the cut-scenes, new models and characters, as well as familiar to us from the PM, CHN characters. So as is the intro video, which tells the background of what is happening in the game.
- Added more quests.
- Added fripleyny plot.
- Added three locations: the waiting room, Agroprom, Marshes. Fixed a dressing room, but not completely. Unfortunately, some changes to failed. Agroprom CHN - slightly simplified + minor changes.
- Added new model of NPC, as well as new units and weapons for HS NPC.
- All added locations are populated, there are traders on the locations and so on.
- Added sound, voice, and more.
- Added more than 50 caches scattered on the locations.
- New texture.
- New Phys. objects.
- New effects and features.
- Spawn enemies and mutants.
- Adapted AI pack + Dinamic news (Dynamic News)
And much more.

Description of story :

"From the agents' sources of the Security Service of Ukraine, it became known that the operative Degtyarev and accompanying stalker nicknamed Shooter missing in the central regions of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. A series of attempts to contact the agents referred to above, because the perimeter was not successful. These data, as well as an analysis of information about the activities of some illegal armed groups in the ChEZ suggest that both could face a real danger. There is also a chance of leakage of information representing the state and military secrets. Therefore, I order, to introduce into the territory of the Zone experienced operative with the objective to find the missing agents. Provide it with all necessary equipment, and most importantly communication and support when needed. Detect and remove from the perimeter of Degtyarev and Arrow.

Hornet ... always wanted to serve in special operations. First Srochko in BB, then the contract in the "Slope" and finally Special Forces SBU. There he was needed. There will always need people to do the dirty thankless work, which not many people know, but the effects felt by all. An officer with a fanatical sense of patriotism, a man without a family, a professional soldier - the best choice for a trip to the most dangerous place on Earth. The problem is complex, but clear: find the missing in ChEZ agents. All clear, but even Hornet does not know the true purpose of his journey ... "

Trailer :

dwload link :

Torrent :

Adapting Atmosfear 3 for SZM :

Ap-pro forum link :

Thanks to these guys for their hard work ! :

GSC Team
AMK team
  23:28:10  1 March 2012
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On forum: 10/06/2009

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03/01/2012 23:34:05
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So of you dwload the installer (like me) it seems that it doesnt work well, this should be the gamedata installation and a 1st fix, I think ...

gamedata :

1st Fix (no new game required) :

EDIT : Btw on ap-pro they say its still not really stable with atmosfear 3.
  03:32:18  2 March 2012
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On forum: 02/03/2010
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SZM_0.2 ENG Translation

  05:50:21  3 April 2012
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On forum: 10/06/2009
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Here is the manual french translation for the mod !
  03:34:59  22 December 2015
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On forum: 05/03/2013
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Marsh Quest

New fix dated 9/3/2012

Removed the transition to Marsh immediately at the beginning of the game.
Fixed the final part of the story (video clip and add. information).
Improved NPC AI, and now they will not dance with knives in place (exceptions may apply).
Fixed quest with this guide.
Fixed NPC icons.
Added new NPC models.
Changed the texture of NPC.
Changed the amount of money from the merchant Rusk.
Fixed first quest from the stem. Removed a bug where it can be given only to a respirator, leave the rest for himself. Now we have to give everything.
Fixed bug in which ever issued error performance of \ getting the quest to "bring PDA commander" on location Agroprom.
Fixed \ Miha quest completed yet.
Fixed flask (model), the description too.
Added ability to abandon quests from the bartender Grigoricha as well as arts and dialogues given to him are not repeated.
Fixed a neutral model.
recompiled location waiting room texture bugs fixed, added a background component (trees), now empty, I do not know how to AT3 but it should look better. And other minor changes were made to loke (visual),
sounds of reloading no longer be heard on just loke, changed the sound Lrki.
added jokes \ mini-stories.
Other minor changes.
Will probably need a new translation.

Ive collected all the items (suits, helmet, pistol, case) for the guy at the old church, but he wont acknowledge/accept them. How do I finish this quest?
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