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need more immersion closer to original... and other things

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  00:07:21  3 October 2010
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On forum: 09/18/2010

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10/03/2010 0:09:23
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need more immersion closer to original... and other things

first off, the containers should not be connected to the suit.

second off, the artifacts should be used as their use is described... like putting an urchin in your ear for example.

COP felt too much like a mario game. the anomalies need to be better woven into the structure of them game as the whole artifacts in round pits thing really wasn't all that convincing.

also, the glut of people in the zone took away its creepiness. try to get back to the desolate and eerie atmosphere that made SOC so great. that has been lost. the agroprom underground alone makes even the pripyat lab in COP look tame.

basically, you've lost the atmosphere that made SOC great over the last two games. get it back and improve upon it. the next game needs to be more immersive and more frightening, otherwise people are going to lose interest.

also, not being able to see the artifacts is retarded. having them hidden or just hard to get... making their obtainment more puzzle like might be a good idea. using the detectors is a fair idea, but they had to know the artifacts were there before detectors were around. ergo, since people have taken most of the artifacts, all the ones left should be hard to find, more powerful, and harder to get. and start thinking a bit more outside the box than just having artifacts that protect you against the anomalies they came from. instead, make them have useful properties... and stop the whole fire hurts less... electricity hurts less thing. try things more like, increases strength, turns night to day, causes one to see things that one would not otherwise see, read minds, telekinesis, shoot fireballs... that sort of thing. there's no point in defending against an anomaly you've already been through.

and really get imaginative with this next game please. take the series further... revolutionarily further.

and also, make the damn snorks and zombies and dogs easier to kill and scare. i mean, really, 10 rounds should cut any human or less size thing in half.
  01:56:39  3 October 2010
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The Lazy Writer


On forum: 10/21/2008
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okay - I agree with the title then you go and contradict yourself

in SoC the containers were part of the suit, it was part of the belt you wore with the suit.

your second suggestions makes no sense.

CoP is less populated that CS and it stands to reason with the Brain Burners gone that more people would be entering the Zone and heading for the centre - your argument goes against logic and human nature.

As to the atmosphere Cs broke that not CoP, also CS brought in not seeing the artefacts - this is not retarded - it has always been said that the Zone changes and the changes can be very drastic - this has been in the conversations since day one of ingame SoC - so you are complaining about them actually sticking by the original and saying that its not - get the facts right.

I'm sorry but the mutants have become easier to kill and they have become more realistic in how the behave.

thanks for the post but you don't seem to have paid attention while playing any of the three games.

And people wearing body armour generally take more than 10 rounds to put down.
  02:01:44  3 October 2010
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Teh Soul Eater
I didn't do it.


On forum: 03/21/2010

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Teh Soul Eater
10/03/2010 2:02:20
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You joined last month and you're talking like you've been playing since day one? Okay.
  10:40:46  15 April 2011
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On forum: 08/13/2009
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Oh my... Did you just said shoot fireballs,read people's mind and telekinesis? Have you even played any of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games? Now,imagine how would things like that fit into the game's mythology and setting.Shooting fireballs...yeah...
  18:07:13  15 April 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
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Why would you put an 'Urchin' in your ear? You'd have to have pretty big old earholes to get a half-kilo artifact in there.

Artifacts in round pits? No point defending against an anomoly you've already been through? People have already taken most of the artifacts?

If an artifact is in an anomoly and will damage you to go get it - shoot the bloody thing out of the anomoly.

You need defence against anomolies you've already 'been through' because there isn't just one anomoly of each kind.

People may already have been where you search and removed artifacts, but the Zone and the anomolous areas form new artifacts during blowouts, so there is always a chance of finding something.

people are going to lose interest.

According to sales figures the Stalker games have gone from strength to strength with each new issue as far as a following is concerned. I think you need to sack your researchers.

  02:25:42  6 June 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/31/2011

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06/06/2011 2:36:50
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I dont get the turn night to day idea either,I dont mean to jump on the bite you in the arse bandwagon but as the replys before say you just dont get it, sorry.
I cant say anything about how long youve been playing the game I just cant tell from how long youve been on the forum, look at me I'm new to the internet but I've been playing the unpatched retail versions of soc and cs since there release in the uk. But your ideas stink mate,( I've had some smelly ones myself) Back to the drawing board I think.
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