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mutants for stalker 2

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  19:25:32  24 August 2011
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A lone stalker with ak 74m...


On forum: 06/18/2011

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08/24/2011 21:21:15
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shadow wolfs - hit & run tactits. tries to attack from behind with sneaking.
leads a dog pac. teleports - black shadow cloud style (like houdini splicer in bioshock, but they explode) after 2-3 hits and then atacks from behind. my old nick was shadow wolf, hehe
wolfs have been seen in chernobyl, 2010 winter...
  09:08:49  14 May 2011
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(W*M) The Einherjar
On forum: 05/08/2011
Messages: 36

I hate that I can cross lakes without having to swin and also seeing the dogs chase me in there while they are beneath water level. Having crocs will be useful.
  17:10:51  21 March 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/21/2010
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#1: Small Rodents, mainly for hunting and using the carcasses for food and the Skins for something else.
#2: Deer like animals again for hunting. same as the small animals
#3: Lynx, is a must for me, small agile, just as dangerous as a Chimera but is much much faster, these should be rare, and hard to kill. to add to the danger and mystery
#4: Wolf Packs are an odd one for me, they would add anything extra that the dogs don't already, but i'd swap some of the dog packs for wolf packs, but make them smarter then the dogs, they wouldn't just see and Stalker and charge at him, they'd Stalk and Stalker.
#5: I'd like something like the Hunters from the original Resident Evil, a mutated Frog of sorts, includibyl dangerous, and live in and around water.
  04:38:59  21 March 2011
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On forum: 04/17/2009
Messages: 6
small animals that are to be captured as they are artifacts them salves , with major psionic abilitys / radiation = giant mutated worm / slug 2ft long - ferret / weasel - possum - red fox - "feral rabbit / No" . i dont know what mammals are inherent to Ukraine , just guessing . from Alaska .

long tooth black timber wolf blood curdling howls that echo across the zone in the night , attracted to bleeding wounds that are left unattended , kinda like bandits grenades from SOC just hon in on you . justify more urgency to actually use those bandages we seam to collect but cant use fast enough .

rabid fireflys that crap burner anomalies . JK , fireflys at night be cool tho .
some sort of water poltergeist that lives in the rivers and streams " not floating above the water but in it " deforming the water around it , with energy bursts like teh burers that spray water up as it streaks across the water at you .

crossbow , compound bow , kukri knife , AA12 , kal-tec KSG , bayonets " a must for shotguns " , saiga 12 , tasers , smoke screen , flares - torch = electrical fields inhibit all electronics , throwing knives - hatchet , caltrops , dart gun - noose poll ??? sorry just spamming thoughts but i love the stalker game so much & recognize how much better it is compared to all the other games out there not wiling to take any chances . cookie cutter crap = COD , MOH , BFBC ,hell even far-cry 2 . try postal 2 , uplink , killing floor , syndicate wars
  01:44:10  15 March 2011
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On forum: 04/17/2009

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03/15/2011 1:47:29
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#1 wolves - pack animal with stalking capability's. large timber wolves
#2 lynx - speed & stealth - bring it back .
#3 bear - equal or less powerful then the chimera but slower ??
elk or deer - docile & felting with artifact antlers ( not a frigen unicorn..)
owls perched on branches making ominous sounds in the night .
ravens pecking at corpses & circling wounded body's . identifying there locations from the air .
more animals dragging corpses off to feed or back to a burrow / den or beading area ( burrow spawning ) or fighting over a kill .
wounded animals last a bit longer or limp away to die in privacy .

*trapping um but if you can trap you have to implement booby traps if there were 1 thing id wish in this style of game is a BT system . "haha pleas ask me for 'practical' game implemented booby traps , i have to mine ideas "
baiting // scents attract or deter . a chimera pheromone gland scare off pseudodogs & boars but attract bloodsuckers .
animal trophies / more than just parts , but i do think the idea of animal parts for medical use with side effects is beautiful ( every 1 thing should have 2 or more uses .. that is survival )
animal tracks ?? animal corps deterioration or pseudodog running off with a boars leg
i never cared for the snorks or burers but they work well with the game & serve a purpose well . snorks are just freaky haha .
pleas no giant insects , a sprite swarm would be cool but not critical .

don't forget the rabid sock puppets .

not all animals have to have "powers" look at the real world most creatures in the wild are very formidable to man ,no matter there size .even more formidable to a desk jockey . remember the world of stalker is the land nature has reclaimed no matter how forsaken it has become it thrives with life striving to live any way it can ... & were there to prevent it from thriving , at lest to much .
um a Tokyo stalker eeeee..... to soon . BTW not trying to be rude .

favorite parts of stalker series in order :
1 exploration 2 hunting 3 observing the environment 4 surviving 5 fighting , cant stand seeing stalkers get owned by frigen bandits .
  06:43:21  12 March 2011
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On forum: 08/03/2010
Messages: 12
The only mutant i can think of to add is somewhat of a huge insect that climbs on walls and ceiling (big spiders are overrated.)

I would also say get rid of the normal dog and psydog and leave the Chernobyl dog (its arguably the best enemy next to the bloodsucker and chimera when you compare it on how it was used in clear sky at red forest)
reason being for me is if both are out there would be less annoying things to take care of and more challenge and fear in the game. (they probably wont take it out )

other than that just improve all others.
  16:47:11  28 February 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/13/2010
Messages: 754
How about just create insects that are so deformed and twisted (like a fly with 100 human eye balls) that they just can survive and fly around for a little while then die off, spreading dangerous radiation and diseases to their surroundings.
  02:57:40  22 February 2011
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Floyd 89
On forum: 02/13/2011
Messages: 14
Yeah, they'd have to be roughly the same size as the hamsters, but that would greatly reduce their effect in my opinion. I was personally imagining them as very low-quality models or even sprites, and the same size as real cockroaches.

But this is a genuine question - would you prefer to kill 6 giant cockroaches or 200 much lower-quality ones? Because giant cockroaches could work better, although I would love to hear the feet of 1000 cockroaches scuttling across the walls and ceiling.

The reason for using cockroaches is that they are far more resistant to radiation than most vertibrates. If this idea doesn't work, I'd still like to see cockroaches, flies and other insects actually in the game.

Don't know about crocodiles - not exactly common in Eastern Europe. Definitely some sort of aquatic/amphibious animal. Something to keep you out of the water.
  18:59:03  21 February 2011
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On forum: 02/14/2011
Messages: 42

only to find hundreds of flesh eating cockroaches crawling towards you, and having to fight them off with fire or water.

or Sidorovich, GSC Brand aerosol/bug killer spray since those mutant roaches would love sidorovich bunker.

Insect would obviously difficult to render due to swarm. Overgrown size insect may help ease the system. Yeah... so indeed and why not insect be part of the mutant adversaries list.

I would love to see lizard/gecko/crocs in the mutant list. But not the typical lizardmen. I imagining a mutated crocs with tall grass grown ontop as its camo and laying low near the skadovsk. wrong move and it atk you with lightning reflexes with its three head.

Kinda thought if it turn to night. yeeesssh give me the creep to return to skadovsk without looking through my scope on each tallgrass that grow there.
  23:43:41  20 February 2011
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Floyd 89
On forum: 02/13/2011
Messages: 14
In terms of animals, it's probably best to limit it to animals that people would have owned, or existed in the environment naturally. I'm not sure what animals are farmed in Ukraine, but we haven't seen any mutated sheep, cows or goats. And apparently Lynx are not uncommon either.

I'd definitely love to see more variety in the mutants, as opposed to mainly flesh and pseudodogs. It would also be good to have them more spaced out on the map, as well as more docile, instead of just attacking you the moment they notice you. It can get quite frustrating instead of appearing realistic.

The next step would be to look at a certain environment and design a mutant around that. Personally I'd be interested to see something living in the trees, silently stalking you from above and waiting to pounce. Another possibility would be to have small insects as enemies that crawl towards you along the floor in droves. It would be interesting to be exploring an X laboratory, only to find hundreds of flesh eating cockroaches crawling towards you, and having to fight them off with fire or water.
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