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S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Suggestions?

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  11:05:57  21 November 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009

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11/21/2010 11:40:27
Messages: 4119
I know some of these have been mentioned before but I'd love it if a couple of them will be in STALKER 2.

Higher usage of Warsaw-pact weapons.

Animations even at 3rd person view, like the bolt of the gun moving when it's firing, the reloading, mag goes out/off the gun, thrown to/into the ground/pocket, pulling the bolt.. Better reloading animations.

*Who doesn't love going to an area that you saw before was empty, then you go back there, following the trail of spent cases and magazines on the ground and find a group of Stalkers dead, now that'd add a lot of immersion.*

Cases ejecting to the right, modeled cases with physics.. (At the moment, it's just 2d sprites) To help performance, perhaps make them static (Without physics) after X seconds.

Better skins and models.

The current weapon physics is alright, makes upgrades worth it.

Weapon randomization system based on rank and faction. I've seen mods do this and it's brilliant.

Modeled scopes, like the NSPU and ANPVS night vision scopes etc.

Not being able to use your suit's night vision while looking through a scope.

Better bullet penetration depending on caliber and gun. Like with an anti-material sniper rifle like a KSVK, a player could use it to assassinate a Stalker through a brick wall or kill a gunner of a military APC like the BRDM-2.

Armor and NPC clothing

More variety between NPC armor/clothing, maybe a randomization system depending on rank, faction etc. (And better character models and animations..)

Being able to see your own body.

Blood at the part of the body where the bullet(s) hit.

Better visuals when bullet hits a target, like in Fallout for example.. Shooting someone wearing "Power Armor" shows metal sparks when the bullets hit his/her armor. Shooting a guy's chest with a pistol while he's wearing an exo makes blood spray all over the place... Shouldn't that thick chest plate stop small pistol bullets?

Overall a better armor penetration/hit system would be great so the players will sometimes aim for the exposed parts of the enemy.

Shooting the leg of an enemy makes it limp or fall to the ground, shooting the arm might cause it to drop it's weapon or make it's aim "crappier". (This might be applied to the player in Master mode perhaps?)


I'd be happy to see difficulty based economy system, perhaps at Newbie mode, it'll be really easy to earn cash but at Master, you'll have to really work for a piece of equipment, making the difficulty... Well.. For "Masters".


A 2-4 player cooperative mode to play online or on lan with friends through the Zone would be a great addition.

Story and missions

Perhaps make it so that the player can choose his "path" along the story giving it lots of replay-ability... This may affect the player's missions in freeplay, affect the whole Zone.

Freeplay-specific side missions, side missions that are "unlocked" depending on the story path you choose. This would give players to do something in Freeplay. (I know.. I know... This is kinda "too much work" but theres always hope)


More rewards for the exploring type. Perhaps a unique/experimental weapon carefully hidden in a lab. Or maybe a unique weapon of an unfortunate Stalker that died.

More easter eggs... It's always fun to see them. Maybe a reference to the other characters like Scar or Degtyarev.


Please no more "broken" un-commented sounds.

Better voice acting.

Properly synchronized sounds.


Better models of static vehicles and corpses.

"Real" a-life in Freeplay, roaming NPCs, pretty much free-will where the story NPCs can be seen roaming too, they can die, it's random. (To avoid broken story missions)

In CoP, it was almost a pre-defined routine for NPCs... Go out of the safe area at 8 AM, sit at the place they were sent to all day, pretend that they're looking for artifacts, go back to the safe area before dark.

Make the military a force to be reckoned with. Patrols with old BTR-60s, BRDM-2s or the newer BTR-90 APCs or simply UAZs with DShKM that'll rip you apart. Basically.. Messing with them isn't a good way to get loot for a new or under-equipped player.

Random military raids at strategic Stalker camps in Freeplay.

Different AI schemes depending on rank and faction.

Spetsnaz being the "elite" AI when it comes to fire fights, but they'll suck at fighting mutants.

Freedom being sharp-shooters, keeping their distance and of course with accurate shots..

Duty being great at killing mutants and close quarters. (High ranking Duty may have Spetsnaz AI due to some of them being former Spetsnaz but better at killing mutants)

Bandits, they'll fight like gangsters.. Reckless behavior.

A random chance for a Loner to get one of those AIs.

I think thats all of it..
  01:00:02  26 November 2010
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Barely leaves the Cordon...


On forum: 03/19/2009
Messages: 672
My suggestion.

Create a character.
Perhaps after completing the game or something.
Just naming a character. For immersions sake. I enjoy every mod that lets you name yourself, or customise your character a bit more than usual. (And there aren't many mods out there that do)
It's just what I enjoy.

And if the new stalker could let you do that. Well.
I'd adore it.

Oh, and I'd love the new stalker to have the Cordon at least.
Cordon is just, rookie heaven. Even after your not a rookie.
  02:07:17  26 November 2010
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On forum: 08/28/2010
Messages: 1062
more guns,suits,factions,more territories.being able to join all factions.also i like grunts ideas too,and the character being able to choose the "paths" is great.oh yeah add more missions and quests.something like bring a weapon\artefact\armor\proof that a stalker is dead,add assassinations!!!that would be awesome ,getting contracts to kill some special stalkers and getting money for that however that would affect reputation.some players like to play rambo style and some like the stealthy approach,make different equipment that suits each style,make sneaking something that is worth doing,like if you have a stealth suit you can sneak very close to a stalker and assassinate him.and make a large open world so that the players can explore a lot,and bring back some of the characters from the previous games and mix that with an mind blowing and intriging story story.
that's about it if i remember something else i'll be back here.
and just one question,there had to be farms and houses around the plant and in the place where the zone is,and they had animals,and amoung them rabbits.what happened to the rabbits?why aren't there some zombie bunnies!?
  21:35:26  11 December 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/02/2007
Messages: 217
I would like to see ideas from the most popular MODs incorporated into STALKER2. The weapon hunt from SMRTER Pripyat, the more intense feel from Oblivion Lost, and, of course, the free play from everyone. Please include all weapons they have added with the possible inclusion of some of the Israeli weapons. A wider weapon and suit modding capability would also be appreciated.

Do not permanently remove the crosshair. What one could do is make it a capability that is added in with the full helmet (i.e. those with a HUD). The thing to remember is that a computer game is not real life and even at high resolutions it is difficult to do long range shots with an iron sight especially on widescreen systems. Since you are also doing a console version please automatically disable all auto aiming for the PC. Thanks!

  19:06:30  27 December 2010
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On forum: 12/27/2010
Messages: 1
Fix the camera

I loved the game. But what i noticed is that the camera is diferent in CoP than in SoC. In SoC its better and nos so far away. And shooting is somehow better in SoC. Plus i loved how the AK-74 looks in Stalker Complete 2009. And ofcourse make a more playable freeplay. Make more missions not related to the main story. And make more types of missions that never run out. Hunt for Artifacts, Assassination missions, Equipment finding missions... Use your imagination. And in Complete 2009 they made ihe hame more atmosferic in the terms of landscape details. Im guesing since your going to use a new and stronger engine itst grafics is going to bee better.
  20:56:08  27 December 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171

Fix the camera

Use your imagination.

As the game storyline is fiction using their imagination is the only choice other than plagiarism.

  04:30:57  6 January 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/11/2009

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01/06/2011 5:03:29
Messages: 683
Recruiting other Stalkers
The ability to recruit others to come with you. Factors that deal with this function would be
A: Faction status
If you're in a faction you can recruit lower ranking individuals to help you on missions or guard you as you walk around the zone. The higher your rank in the faction the higher rank of people you can recruit (to a realistic extend of course, some of these people have important positions.)
B: Fame
You can recruit regulars from bars and safe zones if you're famous enough. These will randomly range from experiences veterans to new people and you can only have about two maximum. A system can easily be presented in both factors to prevent abuse, such as limiting the times per (day, week, month) you can recruit.

Why should a faction's quest line end? Clear sky had a decent set up with factions, which could easily be expanded upon. Territory wars, respect and reputation, the works would be awesome to see at a higher priority.
A good way to improve the player's history with a faction is allow the ability to plan or contribute to raids, whether it be going after another faction or hunting down a legendary artifact.

Less dependency on player
Today I saw a single stalker take out ten bandits with a MG on CoP, unscripted and all. It would be great to see veteran and seasoned stalkers actually act like it. You put a single duty soldier up against a single snork and it's more probable the soldier will get slaughtered, but the player has probably gone head to head with whole nests of snorks at once, nearly unscathed.
Sure they're suppose to be tough but it's not very convincing hearing about this unforsaken hellspawn demon's ground place and when you go there it's like four bloodsuckers which you easily dispatch in a few seconds.
My idea to fix this? : Limit medkit spamming, or give human AIs the ability to do it.
Make Stalkers maintain, modify, and pick up better weapons.
Make Stalkers also buy from traders, instead of the character seemingly being the only source of income for them. Have stalkers visually come up to traders, buy from them, and use what they've bought with money they have earned.
If that's too much, at least put up the illusion of it happening to add some form of detail and life to the environment around the trader.

Some harder mutants
Heres how I see it, in order from weakest to strongest
Tier 1 Mutants : Blind Dogs, Fleshes, Boars, Hamsters, Pseudodogs
Tier 2 Mutants : Bloodsuckers, Zombies (not really mutants), Snorks, Poltergeists, Controllers
Tier 3 Mutants : Burers, Chimeras, Pseudogiants

There should be at least a two more of tier 3 mutants, everything below a controller is hilariously easy on even the highest difficulty setting.

Better grass and trees
Trees and grass kind of just stand on the ground, they look like crappy props. Maybe give trees some sign of having roots and make grass render at full range and it will look far better.

Weapon engraving
A small thing, weapons being able to be engraved at technicians, along with different options like a wood, metal, or ceramic stock. It would add alot more depth, alot more personalization, it could easily be expanded upon in every which way, would provide much more continent for modders to work on, and would be overall much more enjoyable. Wouldn't be really hard to implement either, just a modification of the weapons mod system and some added skins and properties.

Not like RPG leveling, but in a different sense.
your character would carry a title and be treated differently by the title they carry. The title would be effected by three factors :
How long you've been in the zone
How many mutants have you kills with a curve of how strong the mutants were
How many friends you've made in the zone

it would just be a nice touch of detail and depth.

It would be awesome to see a way for players to teach themselves about the zone. How to track mutants and other stalkers, how to tell when a blow out is about to happen ahead of time, and how to figure out things like weapon shipments for the trader and when to ambush and such. The best part : don't make it obvious and don't point it out. Let it be something the player would discover on their own, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and a new found useful skill.
  14:35:01  14 January 2011
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On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 99
My Suggestions:

Now, there are not 2 many things I would change, mainly because I like the game play as it is, but there are a few things that drive me nuts!

** Assuming that STALKER 2 will have the same type of weather effects, might I suggestion a "in game option" to control the intensity and frequency of the weather (like rain and thunder). Have it set up just like you do for the view distance / lighting distance, the further you slide it over, the more intense and/or frequent the rain is, and sliding it back the other was lessens it. It should be from 0% to 100%, 0% being "no rain/thunder" and so on...

** Make the weapons degrade more realistic, in CS/CoP guns misfiring/jamming after going through 3 or 4 clips is "not" realistic. If guns truely degraded that way, World War II would still be going on right now!!!

** Ai enhancements. In CS and CoP (especially CoP), when in a heavy gun fight and having a stupid random STALKER run infront of your gun fire and being struck, all of a sudden 10 STALKER's want to kill you, yet they can accidentally shoot you and it's ok. I believe this should be made a little more tolerable. Accidentally killing one STALKER should not make all the others around you turn on you. Or, make it to where if one accidentally shoots you, you can then turn and kill him without any penalties (e.g: other stalkers after you). There's been many times I've randomly be trading with another stalker or other Ai in CoP, then some creature appear and they all open fire on it, but end up shooting me more than the creature! Naturally I want revenge!

** Stealth Technology! Some people may disagree on this, but I think it would be cool if you could buy a suit that had "cloaking abilities", like the Nano-Suit in Crysis, but the stealth abilities last longer and does not uncloak with gunfire/throwing a grenade!

** New Weapons! Not really sure which ones, just surprise us! A small mini-gun would be nice though! Just some new guns in the mix would be nice.

** Easier to deceive the factions. Ever hear the saying "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas"? Well.. what happens in the Zone, stays in the zone! Basically the ability to act like you are working with a faction, but the entire time your just a spy / trying to get information.

Other than that, the game is perfect! Of course will all want the better graphics / options, but that usually comes naturally with STALKER games, each game is a step up in graphics.

Please don't change the key mapping options or game play options, they are setup just right. GG!

Can't wait for S2 !!!
  14:42:11  18 January 2011
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On forum: 09/18/2008
Messages: 46
Free Play or Free Roam CO-OP
I dont think STALKER single player gameplay leads well into coop gameplay as its very non linear and takes quite a lot of time.

However I do think it would be great to roam the ZONE with a buddy in coop and level up without specific story mission, only side quests and exploring/killing etc.

Would be even better if 1 player hosted a server and it was persistent

NPC Companion(s) or NPC for hire
Something I do miss from the STALKER games is an NPC companion or NPC which I can hire for $ that will work with me, help me out and keep me company in the harsh zone

I havent played Fallout series but have heard it does feature companions, I think this would be a great idea.

If having a story / detailed companion is too much work then maybe GSC could simply implement NPC Stalkers or Mercenaries which could be hired for a daily fee, they would simply follow the player and help them out.

More experienced/better equipped NPC's woulld charge more per day, and possibly would need the player to help them out with weapons and items such as meds etc. The player should be able to tell the NPC to wait, leave, follow, attack etc.. nothing too advanced.
If player is searching for artifacts the NPC could either help or wait.

Would be cool if the NPC had some thought of its own, and didnt run into crazy fire fights which meant sure death, in this case the hired NPC would notify the player he is leaving or wants more $

More than 1 hired NPC would be great too, for a large amount
  06:48:18  26 January 2011
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On forum: 12/18/2010
Messages: 35
only thing i would like is controller support. I use my good ol logitech dual action gamepad for every game.
I sit on my couch and play on my 55inch HDTV, and I really dont have room to drape a KB across my chest or lap to play.

its just nice to have the controller supported so the left stick can walk or run depending on how hard i press it.
I use Xpadder now, and it works for everything. but setting up the sticks is always a pain! have to select the mouse for right stick, then adjust sensitivity till it feels right....
....I can map every single action in the game to my 12 button controller so thas not an issue either. I just like it when games acknowledge us controller freaks.

please no KBM vs Controller arguements - i dont care about your opinion on the matter at all.
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