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S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Suggestions?

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  00:04:03  3 October 2010
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Zone metalhead


On forum: 04/04/2010
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Mutated deer hell yeah! Then i can be a Chernobyl Redneck!
  05:00:57  12 October 2010
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On forum: 10/12/2010
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A few things

I am a big fan of the concept, but I find myself disliking the unrealistic weapons and accuracy issues that even cause an issue with the gameplay itself. However, one of my favorite games has been SOC with super mod pack installed. The realism with weapons is a massive improvement and some lessons can be gained from it. I guess I can start with weapon issues and go from there.

Paintball sized tracers

I know the tracers in most of the weapons (this is really seen in CS and COP) allow the player to walk the stream of bullets to target, in real life tracers are almost never used due to ballistic reasons (they do not travel properly compared to a standard FMJ for instance) and they certainly are not as large in size. Tracers should be an option for certain calibers, but it should not be on every round in more than half the weapons.

Ejecting to the right

All the stalker games have the weapons reversed in a style just like counterstrike where the controls and layout of the weapon are inverted. It might be out of dramatic license to show an animated bolt and a casing ejecting, but what is the point in the casing is so poorly animated and inaccurate? These inverted controls also effect the reload animations, which are inaccurate unless you are left handed.

Shotgun issues

Almost every video game does this. The spread of buckshot, even from a sawed-off is very tight. Only a 5 to 8 inch spread at 20 yards. It is frustrating and useless in many games (including this one) when the spread is 36-48 inches at 10 yards.

So many scopes and other accessories

Even in super mod pack the only extra scope added was the ACOG and kobra. There are so many other scopes readily available. A quick trip to or will show a bunch of modern red-dots and other scopes available for AK style weapons. For other rifles and carbines (primarily ones that use a picitanny rail) there are tons of products from EOtech, aimpoint, trijicon, nightforce, etc...

Flashlights on weapons would actually be useful in this game given the atmosphere and awesome lighting engine. A high powered flashlight could be attached to the muzzle of a carbine or rifle and be used to blind and disorient a monster or human enemy.

The AN-94 and other rare Russian weapons

The AN94's trick is the 2100RPM two round burst which has not been replicated in the game proper (it has in SmP). One thing that has not been reproduced at all is the full auto, which starts with the fast two round burst before going to a slower full auto.

There are so many other Russian and other Eastern Bloc weapons which are very interesting and would add more depth and realism to a game and the area of its setting. The Bizon, PP-2000, vepr, OTS-33, Stetchkin, AEK-971, etc... A quick reading on will show many types of unique arms that are from the area.

Not so common weapons used

While a rare Russian weapon is plausible in a game like this, a whole bunch of people in game with the L85 or an LR-300 or a G36 throws off the immersion of the game. There are many more standard AR type rifles, FALs, G3's, AKMs and local variants therein, Chinese weaponry, etc... Those are weapons that multiple countries adopted and would easily be found in Europe or the Middle East (which technically is below where the game takes place). A larger and more plausible collection of arms (when distributed appropriately amongst the factions in the game) will add a lot more to the game.

the sounds

I have no way else of putting this. The default sounds are awful and not realistic at all. Unfortunately in real life weapons sound pretty much the same (the boom and supersonic crack drown out most other sounds associated with a gunshot) with small differences depending on type of weapon (a rifle, handgun, and shotgun have different enough sounds which you can tell the difference) and perhaps muzzle device (While the sound is standard, an AK74 is MUCH louder than a lot of other weapons out there)

The worst one, the cone of inaccuracy

This kills me any time I play stalker unmodified. The weapons have this random cone of inaccurate fire which makes it unnecessarily difficult and frustrating to play the game even when practicing actions to increase accuracy like stopping and crouching. The game makes it so almost all rifles have an effective range of 25 yards, when in real life 200-300 yards can easily be done with basic shooting techniques. Super mod pack fixes this very well and is the best lesson to take for the future.

Some misc. stuff

-Magazine size should be item dependent and not modification dependent, Also the 60 round quad stack in 5.45 is out there in Russia and is meant for the new AK-200.

-Item storage should be harder but in a more realistic way. Imagine having your main bag, and when you ditch it for a small satchel and your primary/secondary you greatly increase your speed and mobility. This would be great for going into the labs and other underground areas.

-MUCH weaker monsters. I understand that monsters should be feared and difficult, but it is very annoying (especially when combined with the inaccurate weapons) that it takes 30-60 rounds within 5-10 yards just to kill one snork, and in games like COP they are in large packs. COP has the major issue of having so many monsters with too much health and power.

-More human enemies. I love to spawn packs of 10-20 bandits or military om SOC with super mod pack. It would be nice to have waves of bad guys at points while with an allied force (like other stalkers or mercinaries) in a more unscripted way instead of the fake, forced-upon stuff you get in call of duty or in clear sky.

-More levels. Combine most if not all the levels from the previous games and go from there. Even in SOC there is so much to explore and build upon. A ton of potential for a massive game.

Stick to the SOC storyline. I loved the pick up the pieces story of strelok, and building on that would be perfect.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully it is a constructive start to making a good game (amazing awesome game modified) into a perfect game.
  01:44:45  15 October 2010
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On forum: 03/07/2010
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useful anomalies

theres some great ideas on this thread so most of the wishes are here already

i had a thought about anomalies, that not all of them are lethal, indeed like the artifact some of them could be used to a players advantage - for example an anomaly that covers a larger area than regular ones, has no artifacts but has a bonus effect of faster motion when in the area (with maybe some background radiation as a balance), expert stalkers could use these areas as a tactical advantage. other forms of these anomalies could have different effects - low gravity, no sound, thermal vision, higher rate of healing etc - mostly effects that artifacts produce but in areas of the map - physically like roaming clouds of fog, raditating from fixed objects like trees, or within the perimeter of a pond etc. the hard part of programming this would be the fading in and out of the area - and possibly make weaker and stronger areas within it.
  20:38:37  21 October 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/21/2010

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10/21/2010 20:48:47
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My Simple Opinion

first of all, Please forgive me if i suggest anything that has already been suggested, and although i know many of my ideas are availible thanks to mods, i'm still suggesting a few things, anyway here's my suggestions:

Weapons that have been upgraded appear different from the outside, inner upgrades aren't noticeable but outer upgrades are, extended pistol mags extrude the bottom of the grip. Rifle mags are longer. special bolts appear diferent in colour on the gun, a simple retexturing goes a long way.

A REAL soldier goes out with about 120-150 rounds, special forces go out with about 400 for assualt missions, but they only carry about 4-8 magazines, this mean loading magazines, Players should need to purchase magazines in order to shoot, then you need to load these magazines. These appear as separate items in your inventory and take up more wait, although very little. this adds realism, and stops the general spray and pray of some players i've seen. it also leaves it open for modding mags as well, remember a tech can't mod a gun from 30 to 40 rounds capacity, but he can mod the mag.

Simple idea: Low power pistols can be duel wielded. 9mm guns can be duel wielded in real life, why not the zone, it's the sort of thing bandits would do, it appears scary but compared to an AR, it's merely looks

Many people have moaned on forums about Traders not buying guns that have some damage but this is realistic, it would cost the trader to have the gun fixed so he could sell it, it's not worth his time. techs on the otherhand would realistically take them for a pittance, to be used as parts.

You can purchase cleaning kits for your weapons and sit there cleaning them, these are multiuse kits, but allow you to prolong the life of your weapons, repairing them by 3 marks, every soldier in real life carries carries one and knows how to use one, Stalkers would two, it's also another extra realistic thing around a campfire, in a base, sitting down and cleaning and maintaining your gun.

You should be able to buy cigarettes, you see packs all around campfires, these mean that if your character smokes they will improve handling after having one, but decrease fitness, but if you smoke and don’t have one you will have worse handling. Also, real dogs tend to shy away from smoke, not all dogs i know but most, so smoking could discourage blind dog attacks

Very Simple If a stalker is killed by headshot and has a separate suit from his helmet, the suit can be removed and vice versa.

NPCs carry realistic equipment; they have detectors, binoculars knives and other things that every player carries. Even on the most difficult levels, this is the same. next time you raid a corpse, look how much the NPC is carrying, now look at your inventory!!!!!!!!!! however selling the equipment gets the player very little money.

something that is crucial!!!!! Mission critical items can be dropped, yes mods take care of this but still, i remember carrying all the documents from X8 around during freeplay and they just got in the way, or be able to place them in a combined folder to save space!

Money should appears as an item in the Inventory, it takes up two slots per 10,000 Roubles. This is designed to discourage players from carrying around so much money at any point. it also means it's stealable from corpses.

Traders should longer buy things at a set price, if they already have lots of an item in stock, they won’t pay good prices for it. However if they are out of stock of something, they will pay higher prices for it.

The Player should be able to engage in a number of games in Stalker Camps, such as poker, Black Jack and Lair’s Dice; they can earn large sums of money this way if they play correctly. but also lose large sums very easily.

There should be a limit to not only the weight a player can carry but also a limited number of inventory slots to use! therefore, it limits the amount of things the player can carry even more. This is more realistic, because with the addition of Artefacts and upgrades some suit can carry over 100kgs, however it is simply physically impossible to carry 10 RPGs, this is well under the maximum weight but there is too much space used up. believe me an RPG does not fit in a back pack and carrying two is a little awkward, 3 would be impossible

Players and NPCs should be able to buy and use lighters, this enables them to light campfires and can be used to search dark areas, and smoke cigarettes, lighting bonfires keeps the majority of Mutants away and attracts other Stalkers, i'm tired of wiping out some bandits and the fire going out... relight my fire!!!!!!!!!!

simple but over the top idea: New items should exist that fall into existing categories, such as food, this allows stalkers to have a preference and therefore they are more willing to pay a little more for food they like and less for food they don’t like, it also means gifts of something they like will gain more favour then others. These foods include chocolate, ration packs, whiskey, rum, soft drinks, coffee and water.

Optional extras can be added to weapons, scope mounts for MP5s are a prime example, drop handles for the fore grip on rifles would improve handling. Magazine clips would speed up the change between two clips. Like some have already suggested, a tactical light on the gun. they would have much greater range but much more confined, Slings allow the stalker not to drop his gun or have a Dwarf yank it completely away from him. i lost count in the hunt the dwarves mission from Trapper i'd be shooting the dware from the upper section and the damn thing would yank away my gun and it'd drop down to the floor... damn dwarves!!!!

Also If a rifle has a sling attached to it, when a stalker changes to a pistol, he would simply drop his gun and pull the pistol, it allows for a quicker change over, it's a much quicker then in the game, i'll admit you have to practice but i when i run out of ammo, a basically push my gun to one side so it goes round to my side/back and pull my pistol in an instant, and can keep suppressing an enemy target even though i've changed guns, and i know plenty of people that are much faster at it then i am!

Stalkers shoould be knocked over by a mutant attack or a grenade, it would take them a couple of seconds to get to their feet, and this would also often make them drop their gun. again stressing the usefulness of a sling!!! i'm tired of getting pounced on by a Chimera and just standing there and slightly slowing down.

I want to be able to drag bodies again, simply to clear areas of them,

Probably my best idea: in the three games... NO PDA has been the same! the look and programs on them have been different, PDAs shoould be able to be bought from Traders or found on bodies, and each PDA can have a set number of Apps downloaded onto it just like modern PDAs and phones. These apps range from the Interactive Map, to Faction Strength viewing, to Stalker Rankings, to General Player Stats. Mutant Hunter or MP3 Player, anything you can think of.

The Player should be able to purchase or find Guitars or Harmonicas, however, they need to learn how to play, this can be done by buying or finding sheets of music, if the Player sits and plays a song three times all the way through with the music sheet, they won’t need the carry sheet to play it again. If they sits in front of other Stalkers and plays, this increases their favour towards the player.

An emission is a visible thing, a wall of plasma like energy, comes towards the stalkers, lightning bolts will strike the ground before and after, like in the opening FMV of CS. If a Stalker is nearby to the CNPP, there is little warning of an emission as this is where they start from, however if a Stalker is in the Cordon they will have almost 10 minutes of warning. The further south the player is the more warning they will have... Simple

When an emission is on its way the player will notice animals acting differently, running for cover and the birds making noise and flying south until they reach cover. This would be advanced warning for any experienced Stalker and would come before the radio warning... god i want to see that included!!!

I don't believe we need more or less mutants or space, just a careful balance, SOC was Eerie when it was quite but COP was empty, and CS was too crowded. they only part in COP i was worried (not scared i do stress) was the bloodsucker lair the FIRST time i went in, you could see past Gouse and think, do i really want to go in there, but apart from that... nothing! more freaky moments like the ghosts some have suggested

the weapons are ok just a few more realistic ones like an AK-47 (rather then the 74) MP7s M4s, and proper MP5s not the A1 which the Viper is modeled on, just doesn't look right. M4s would easily be in the zone well before G36s, also the orignal AK-47 exists all over the world and is pretty much as good as the 74, but looks a million times cooler, i have a thing for wood on guns... sorry, also a revolver or two wouldn't go a miss.

anyway, feel free to shoot down any of my ideas these are things i would like to see for realisms sake, but i do understand that you can't make things too realistic, so any of the ideas above would be good for me, but the PDA Apps thing i reckon is my best idea, and also gives a reason why the PDA is always diferent.
  00:25:17  22 October 2010
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Teh Soul Eater
I didn't do it.


On forum: 03/21/2010
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Why do people always decide to have crazy ideas? STALKER 2 will be on console, so I doubt it could have some of the things it has already, unless GSC decides to stand out and keep the PC version the same even if they have to cut half of the console content out.
  10:03:38  22 October 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/21/2010
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Why do people always decide to have crazy ideas? STALKER 2 will be on console, so I doubt it could have some of the things it has already, unless GSC decides to stand out and keep the PC version the same even if they have to cut half of the console content out.

From all reports so far, it'll be multi platform, so PC will be included, GSC isn't stupid, they're not going to give up on the existing PC fan base.
  11:30:25  22 October 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
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And PC's are bigger in the Ukraine/Russia, so Making S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 on console first would be industry suicide. Ukraine/Russia is S.T.A.L.K.E.R's biggest fanbase, expect for Clear Sky, which is dead, the last Ukraine/Russia modder has shifted over here, where there are still a few flames of Clear Sky left alive.
I don't know why this argument must go on. All that we know for sure is that the engine will utilize multicore tech, and GSC has Xbox licensing rights. We could do with less media math here until we get more facts.
  14:42:21  27 October 2010
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On forum: 10/27/2010

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10/27/2010 14:49:49
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Map, guns and general gameplay

There are already a lot of really good ideas in this thread. I especially agree with a lot of what Bladewraith and cemtex said.

I´m unsure about the best way of approaching the "world-problem". I don´t really know how else to express this, but what I mean by this is, that size and population of the map are very important. Much of this is due to subjective preferences though. At least in my opinion a something like a 50 sqare-kilometer map (Hello Far Cry 2) should be avoided, since it´s not to be expected, that it can be filled with meaningful content. Fallout 3 had problems of its own, but if there´s something positive to be said about the world, than there surely were enough side quests and somewhat memorable questgivers (and other people), as well as a lot of possibilities for exploration. Even though this has nothing to do with the map, I also wanted to state, that Fallout 3 missed out on the really meaningful events almost completely.
Weird enough I can´t even determine my feeling about how crowded the maps should be. Clear Sky maps were a bit too crowded for my taste, but on the other hand it gave some of the locations a meaning, which wasn´t always the case in SoC (it´s ok if a ruin is just for decoration, but if the maps are already relatively empty and most side-quests are devoid of any meaning and mostly not even rewarding, then, that´s definitely a huge problem.) Such locations wouldn´t even need to be populated, but something, anything should be there to give the place an identity (artifacts, anomalies, even something like the philosophical guy (from Clear Sky I think))
Replayability was also an issue with all of the Stalker-games (aside from CoP, which I did not yet try). If I revisit a location, it would be nice, if it had changed, maybe reflecting the background of the world, we´re playing in. So, new people, new side quests (rather some few and big quests, than a lot of random, meaningless quests). People could regularly inform us about the changing situation, but also about the smaller issues, like their daily routine.
Also, if someting changes, then it should beter be meaningful. I mean nobody cares if the Stalkers at the SoC-Carpark get wiped out by dogs (by dogs!), if they had absolutely no personality. Another problem with such random raids, is that the player is not involved. No heroic attempt to defend the camp, no aftermath like captured people, which you could unfetter (this would be as twice as rewarding, if you actually cared about them) A-Life is nice, but it should be restricted somewhat (to certain areas maybe?)

Ok, so much for the map(s). Some really annoying issues are due to realism. If you´re trying to make a realistic game you go all the way. Having to pump half an AR-mag into some of the better protected Stalkers is just plain annoying and really implausible (In addition nobody wants to play the mini-game "shoot the head to save time and nerves" The fighting was ok in the earlier stages of SoC, since both you and your opponents did not have high-quality-equipment and mostly two groups engaged each other, often with one side behind cover. Such a battle is more entertaining and does not so much resemble the ridicolous meat grinder of later main quests.
Another weird, implausible thing about the gun-play was, that especially later in SoC, Stalkers often were less dangerous, than mutants. It was almost impossible to take on a pack of blind dogs in a straight fight, due to numbers, silhouette and quite high toughness. It´s ok, that a whole pack of them can tear a lone Stalker apart, but if I need like 5-10 hits per dog, which are surprisingly hard to achieve, it gets unrealistic again.
Concerning Bloodsuckers: Imo, they were one of the major successes of STALKER. Creepy, strong, hard to pin the location of the incoming Bloodsucker. What could be changed is, that there shouldn´t be just one location, where they live (the village). Maybe they are more active in the night and spawn from certain locations at sunset (on the edge of the map, from a otherwise apparently empty cave, or maybe they sleep somewhere, while the sun is up.) Would be nice to see the behaviour of ppl and animals changing, according to the day of time.

Suggestions for gameplay: One word: "Vietcong": In whatever difficulty you play that game it always feels quite believable. You run from cover to cover and if you use the ironsights you automatically aim over the cover (like a rock you´re ducked behind). The AI advances in a similar fashion, often only firing a salvo into the approximate direction of the incoming fire, like the AI sometimes did in Clear Sky. The guns feel and sound realistic, and what is more important, they also feel different (the AK 47 for example is not only very accurate and hard to control (when firing more than one shot), but also very loud in comparison > cemtex talked about weapon sounds in more detail. The only weapon I ever fired though was a Steyr AUG, while serving my six months in the Austrian Army, so I have no comparison.) Oh on top of the suggested changes the crooshairs could also be removed (just for the sake of more realism).

If GSC decides to go this way, the gun-fights might get more dangerous. Since we can just reload the last save as often as we want, there would have to be a punishment, for being too carelss. Maybe you just were wounded instead of killed and saved by somebody. Sou you have to start from some location, where, stripped of most your equipment, you would only be provided with some basic things. Thus, it would make a lot of sense, to lock away some advanced guns etc. in some save place. If "death" would have severe consequences, the experience of playing would be much more believable and immersive. It would also encourage different ways of solving a problem, like bribing the guards at a road block.
Since realistic weapons, would make it hard to reward the player for achieving something, through significantly better weapons (with the exception of precision rifles and some other weaponry) or body armor, I suggest an alternative. Powerful Artifacts (in SoC it often felt like there was no real impact), that grant massive regeneration of health or sharpen your senses, it doesn´t matter too much, as long as the difference is obvious and changes gameplay.

As far as the guns are concerned, it would be prudent to restrict the choice almost exclusively to Warsaw-Pact-weaponry (realism). Some additional western guns could be used by mercenary-groups or be available at traders.

Factions: It wasn´t very convincing to have Bandits or supposedly "neutral" Stalkers concentrated in monolithic blocs. (especially Clear Sky)

Well, that´s it for now, sorry for my bad English and the somewhat confused stream-of-consciousness-manner I did this in.
  17:16:22  2 November 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/21/2010
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@ StoleitfromKilgore

i agree with almost everything you've said but i can't agree with there being mainly Warsaw Pact weapons, i think there should be a bigger price gap or something like that. ANY... Arms Dealer worth his salt, legal or illegal can get hold of almost any gun. Usually it's easier for the illegal ones.

i don't mean to sound argumentative, its just that a friend of mine... a much older friend i'll admit, has a Arms Traders license, i'll admit he gets more trade for de-act weapons then functioning, but still if you ask him for some strange gun and can afford it he can almost always get it, this from Car 15s the civi model of the M4 and any pistol you want to Dragonovs and RPGs, i'll admit the RPGs he's got have dud warheads fitted but irrespective, guns are really easy to get hold of, 9 times out of 10 its the ammo for them that is harder, proven by the fact he has a German AA gun, don't know what model but his license doesn't allow him to buy the ammo for it.

also on a random note i'd like to see some spiders and things like that in the game. i know too many people who are terrified of Spiders this would add serious scariness for some people, also walking into a cave and getting tangled in some mutant spiders web, have to kill it while all tandled up and have to get your knife out to cut your way out. really could mean scary situations with very little effort on the programmers, even if they didn't put the spiders in, put the Web in means you couln't just go charging into a cave

I'd also like to see my headtorch batteries run out. the light going dim, giving me a reason not to walk around with it on permanently at night, might even discourage people from going out at night completely.
  22:00:33  16 November 2010
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On forum: 09/21/2008

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11/16/2010 22:04:48
Messages: 129

Even though it only takes a week to finish, it's still alot more then most FPS's these days. COD MW2 took me 4 hours... how sad is that?

The worst one, the cone of inaccuracy

I actually like the way stalker handles recoil, with the exception being CS, in CoP alot of the early guns are horrible, but they do get alot better with upgrades, which wasn't the case in CS.
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