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bring back searchable mutants

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  05:54:02  6 March 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/21/2010
Messages: 306
exactly, there are loads of ways of doing it, and also, thing about the fleshs eys, shoot at the head chances are you could hit or damage the eye in the process, but even the cutting meat thing, realistic, and also adds new food, mmm... tasty chimera burgers...
  15:23:51  6 March 2011
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Floyd 89
On forum: 02/13/2011
Messages: 14
I'd love to see something similar to this in Stalker 2, and have a side-quest to hunt unique mutants. The only thing that would need to change would be to make it so that mutants behave more like wild animals and run away from humans rather than constantly try to attack them.

Your task would be to track down a very rare bloodsucker or boar and to kill it (or perhaps capture it?), the challenge being to be able to do so without the animal discovering you.

There could be two sides to this - hunting prey, which run away from you, and hunting predators, which attack you. The bonus for being able to sneak up on the mutant would be to get a 1-shot kill. If you're comprimised, a pissed off chimera may well be your punishment.

This might also lend itself well to a new form of mutant, such as a deer that has developed lightning reflexes and powerful elastic leg muscles allowing it to sprint at 60mph and will bolt in a flash the moment it senses danger, giving you precious seconds to kill it.

Your task would then be to cut off a piece of that unique creature for study, or, if you've been assigned to capture it, to sedate it and carry it back.

Stalker lends itself naturally to this sort of gameplay. I had a great time in CoP when I was assigned to kill the chimera. I got my Dragunov rifle, a cup of tea (in real life), perched on the ventilation tower and waited until nightfall for the chimera to appear. It created its own story and tension without the need for melodrama.
  23:08:20  6 March 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/01/2007
Messages: 1177
Yeah, a large list of repeatable hunt quests, similar to the Chimera hunt, would go a long way towards making freeplay more interesting.
  14:22:48  11 April 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/02/2008
Messages: 151

bring back searchable mutants

it is said that the developers hard coded this out of the game. bring it back so the modders can bring back mutant body parts to add some life back to a very limited freeplay ending


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