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Free performance boost (with vanilla weather)

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  14:22:56  24 March 2018
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03/24/2018 14:33:45
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Free performance boost (with vanilla weather)

Background detail: The fog_distance parameter in the game's weather config files determines the distance at which geometry starts being obscured by fog. This is 250 in all vanilla weather configs that matter.

The rs_vis_distance console setting determines the game's draw distance. (This is equivalent to the "Vision Distance" graphics menu setting.) This has a valid range of 0.4 to 1.5 in vanilla.

By experiment, I found that an rs_vis_distance of 0.9 almost exactly corresponds to the vanilla fog_distance of 250. This means setting rs_vis_distance above 0.9 in the unmodded game degrades performance for no visual benefit, as anything drawn by the game beyond that point is anyway obscured by fog.*

The performance gain for me from dropping this to 0.9 from 1.5 was about 10% when looking over the landscape in the Swamps, but I am severely CPU-bottlenecked (Intel Q6600, GTX 1060); with a higher CPU/GPU performance ratio, you can probably expect an even greater gain from this tweak, as geometry draw should mostly burden the GPU. On the other hand, if you were already using rs_vis_distance 0.9 or below, there is no free performance to be had from reducing it further.

TL;DR: Drop rs_vis_distance to 0.9 for a free performance boost.

* Slight caveat: the draw range of campfires, camo nets, and other objects that don't blend properly with fog is determined exclusively by rs_vis_distance - fog_distance has no impact on these. So reducing rs_vis_distance will discernibly reduce the range at which these are drawn. I found this acceptable, as they likely aren't supposed to be drawn past the fog range to begin with.
  10:57:40  26 March 2018
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Free performance boost (with vanilla weather)


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