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Final Fix 3 [RU] global modification

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  10:42:08  29 August 2012
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08/29/2012 10:43:11
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Final Fix 3 [RU] global modification

Official page :
Mod download:

main mod :
patch 2.88 :
English translation : Let's wait for @ iloveSHOC @ machine translation


description ( google translated) :

Mod: Final Fix 3
Mod version: 2.9.87
Size: 2.85 GB
Game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky \ S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky
Game Version: 1.5.10
By modification: Max Warlock
Year: 2012

Description: A global modification made ​​on the basis of net patched the game was made in order to increase interest in the gameplay by adding new gameplay elements, expanding the range of gaming facilities, proximity to the realism of the gameplay, improving the quality of image and audio content as well as to correct deficiencies and errors of the original game.

Thanks to the creators following mods:

Used software:
Lua Checker
Notepad + +
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Universal Extractor
STALKER Icon Editor


II. List of changes (not complete!)

New groups: Diggers, Scientists
New artifacts, "Mica", "slug", "ball", "Thorn"
New anomalies "funnel", "The Time Machine", "spatial bubble"
New Mutants: Cote Baiyun, Rat, Fracture, Zombie, Zombie Ghost, Zombie kamikaze Plague Zombies, Gul, Chimera, Power chimera Fire chimera byurery, Psi Burer, Mayhem, Alien, Swamp Thing
Cats-Baiyun can lull YY
Electro-beats Chimera enemies electrical discharges
Strong pseudodog will bring down the sight
Byurery telekinesis knock weapons out of pyr YY
New costumes: about 30 items
Textures are added separately for each hand bronekostyum
Added to the model Scar in all types of bronekostyumy to third persons, whereas in the original scar appear with his face in his jacket just a beginner
New Weapons: TT-33, APS, GS-18, FN Five-Seven, HK UMP-45, AKM, RPK, AK-101, AK-108, SIG SG 550 Sniper, Hunting Knife, Army Knife, SR-3 " Whirlwind "Saiga-12K, BM-16, AK-74
Names of weapons are replaced by
In pistols returned pritselivaniecherez fly
For each gauge their mufflers
New Food: Pie, Canned pineapple, nuts, olives, processed cheese, mixed vegetables, sardines, condensed milk
New drinks: Energy «Non Stop», Energetic «Black», Energetic «Burn», Energetic «Red Bull», Energetic «Revo», Tonic «NOLF», Energetic «MONSTER», Drink «Coca-Cola»
New drugs: Army bandage Yadulin
New subjects for HS: Backpack (for bookmarks caches), portable radio, guitar, harmonica, Repair kit for weapons repair kit bronekostyumov
New characters: programmer Poletaev saver Sviridov informant Chrome, Dr. Bauman, the patrol Hood-eyed leader of the renegades, the renegade Baron bodyguards Sidorovicha stalker Vintar, merchant Repkin sergeant, lieutenant Khaletskaya, commander of "Clean Sky" Orlov
New visuals from quest characters: Wolf, Rolling Stone, The bright-eyed, Ashot, Suslov
New Quests: "Forgotten laptop" (Poletaev), "Moonshine for Samovol" (Tropnik), "Dangerous Renegade" (Hood), "clean the swamp" (Lebedev), "Breakthrough of the Cordon» (Vintar), "Migration Map" ( Inquisitor)
New renewable quests: "Find Artifact", "Find a sample of tissue mutant," "Grind mutants lair", "Kill stalker", "Find the missing PDA stalker", "deliver a package of products", "friendly unit to deliver supplies," "To Kill a zombie '
New Weather: Partly Cloudy, fog, heavy fog
New anomaly: Eclipse
On locations zaspauneny new anomalies, mutants and artifacts
On location zaspaunen transport: APC Field, Kamaz, Military cornfield, Tractor, UAZ, Zaporozhets, Wagon, Tanker, Moskvich, Bus
Anomalies generate new artifacts in 2-4 days
Slightly doctored data artifacts
Added encapsulated anomalies that can be activated
After the abnormal phenomena, new artifacts
Gravity anomalies are much less noticeable
Detectors respond only to the powerful anomalies
Visually noticeable only powerful electrical abnormalities, others are invisible
Periodic emissions at all locations
There are no artifacts scale properties
All items are missing values ​​of price and weight
Tweaked some of the characteristics of objects, food and medicine
Food does not restore health
Vodka gives protection from psi-emission
Appropriate sounds when using objects
Completely redesigned weather system
The Zone has mostly bad weather
On most of the locations changed soil and vegetation
Completely redesigned dynamic music system
Improved quality of sunlight
Night made darker.
Return to its normal course of the sun
Changed the texture of the sky, the moon and the rain on a beautiful and realistic
Flashlight became narrower, and the increased range of luminescence
Replaced by the texture of the light spot lights.
Emission is more atmospheric and beautiful.
During the eruption, starting at SG hallucinations
Added new post-effects for most wounds, discharge, radiation exposure and death
Added the ability to set the camera on a third-person
Added new shaders.
On the basis of the bandits now play popular songs in the genre of chanson.
Many textures are replaced by more detailed and textured
Modelled soil has become noticeably
Change the angle to 85 degrees
Replaced the texture buttons, checkboxes, etc. more atmospheric
The new cursor style CHN
In the main menu, there are two new songs. The choice is made at random.
Removed mode of "Veteran" as unnecessary, since the author's opinion of the remaining three is enough for a comfortable game.
Removed the ability to change the difficulty mode in the course of game play. Keep this in mind when you start a new game!
Added to the main menu mode name and version.
On the game screen removed: the bar will armor indicators radio, psychic, electric and thermal hazard indicator of fatigue, counter contacts with radar and sound respectively
In the lower left corner of the screen displayed clock
I cleaned weapons display indicators of their properties, with the state.
Inventory is made semi-transparent.
In the pistol slot can now be activated to put the artifacts and trim BM-16
The PDA displays the relationship with the "monolith", mercenaries and military.
The PDA does not display the location of enemies and mutants
The PDA does not display the number of people in the group in the ranking groups.
The PDA displays only the Allies, on the same location with the player
The PDA with a special software displays the names of smarts
Added electronic notebook, which displays information about the locations, gangs, mutants, found documents and personal notes of Scar
Added player with music compositions, with the option to add their own
Added a new location: Pripyat Undergrounds
Management Board in order to file fsgame.ltx unerring boot fashion.
Change the path to the folder-store saves, screenshots, logs and settings to the root folder of the game in order to avoid mixing saves and configs installed in parallel with a set of "Game + mode", which is now flooded with internet and pirate market, as well as for the possibility of the transfer and storage of portable games
NoDvD integrated patch for version 1.5.10.
File is added, changing the game settings to the new. Requires download via the console
Cleaned of debris set config and scripts to facilitate their understanding.
Added a new game launcher
Completely rebalanced trade
Improved the prices for all items
For new costumes and weapons upgrades provided
Most new costumes match their visuals
A number of new visual for NPC
Fripleya mode after plot
Recycled episodes: Battle of Chernobyl, the flooding "agricultural industry", the beginning of the game
Brought to mind dismantling gangs: "Clear Skies" against Renegades
Reworked war groups in most locations
Added secret documents that can be found in the corpses during the study locations
With corpses sometimes shoot costume appropriate to her to visual
With corpses can withdraw money
Normal loss of body parts from monsters in accordance with the damage caused to the
YY is hungry, thirsty, and lack of sleep
In a safe place to sleep in a sleeping bag
On some quest can be found dead stick with the coordinates of the good hiding places
Recycled content caches
Caches are now initially filled
Quest NPC distributed caches
Now, the availability of information about the contents of the cache at the NPC is a random factor
Prospect the player joined the bandits and the opportunity Shuga shmonat stalkers
Stick with the upgrades can be found in the corpses in the study locations
Stick can be found to give any mechanic
All mechanics repair and modify any weapon and armor
Found secret documents may be given to the leader of any group
Rebalanced features of all weapons, ammunition and upgrades
Voice arms replaced by Bole quality
Expanded stealth part of the game by customizing the characteristics of sounds
The new branch in the dialogue: History
The game is automatically saved in critical control points and approach the new location (the first and again)
New video in the early game
NPC fighting butts
NPC flashlights turned off during the night and sleep bouts
Night NPC see much worse
More atmospheric loading screens
Tweaked relations groups and mutants
When taking a cache displays its location and description
Dynamic News of the death stalker
Improved the description of many items
Reduce the size of the sight
Light swinging arms in aiming mode
Weapons are not removed forcibly, where it occurred before
You can carry small items and dead mutants
Added the ability to break down all the lights, which is generally assumed
NPC can die from bleeding
NPC treated seriously wounded comrades and treated themselves
Conductors do not take money from their
The Zone has very few leads and places where they can spend
Expanded trade with NPC
Corrected damage NPC, now a direct hit to the head would be fatal, and more significantly differentiated hit in different parts of the body.
Uncorrected vision NPC, now they see much worse at night, in the dark, and through the reeds and bushes
Synchronized speed HS and NPCs now at support groups or quest characters can move normally on par with them.
Conducted re NPC to emphasize individual characteristics of each group.
Added game on harmonica stalkers campfires, and returned to drinking energy drinks
Do traders can buy rare items
Number of people in the area is reduced, and the number of mutants increased
Containers with fuel and dynamite can pick and sell
Antirad displays radiation at a time
Always random contents of all metal and wooden boxes, originally scattered on the locations
Added the ability to select the locations originally scattered items that originally appeared as a backdrop
You can skip to the cordon battles with the military, showing PDA Khaletskaya his younger brother, to find and kill that can be on the Marshes
Implemented the second option end dialogue with bandits, robbers, according to which the main character refuses to pay the money for the passage, followed by attack thugs
In a dialogue with bandits robbers at a sufficiently high rank can be intimidated by them and do not get paid
Realized return EM1 employees of Clear Sky, which can be done in Freeplay
Replaced all icons stalkers.
Replaced all the items in the inventory icon for better, and totally appropriate visuals
Dgobavleny indicators of hunger, thirst, fatigue and sleep indicator areas
And much, much more
  22:03:43  2 September 2012
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On forum: 02/03/2010
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Iloveshoc's Machine Translation WIP:
  16:07:06  17 September 2012
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On forum: 09/22/2011
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crash all of a sudden?

Everything was working just fine until I left the abandon hospital and then went into the loading screen and then it crashed. it does it every time i try to load the autosave. Can anybody help me with this, I've come this far and I don't want to stop playing the mod now... Thanks
  21:06:29  2 January 2013
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On forum: 07/15/2010
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Iloveshoc's Machine Translation WIP:

There's something I don't understand... seeing as the mod doesn't consist of like entirely new stuff, why wouldn't you just merge the default CS dialog into the mod then just translate the new dialogue alone?
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