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The Warmongers 1_0

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  16:24:07  13 November 2011
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On forum: 06/02/2009

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The Warmongers 1_0

The Warmongers

Version: 1_0
Author: Firmament
Game: Clear Sky patched to 1.5.10
Language: english only
(Please reinstall your game in english, if needed, before applying it
this mod. Simply choose "english" as the default installation language.

Last minute notes : -------------


1/ This mod is extremely open, wide, and has a great potential. It would be excessively hard to rate its balance and overall features after even dozen hours of playing. Myself, as the modder and main betatester, I know I'm far from having seen everything it can do. The respawn system, for example, is utterly incredible, and all locations, excepted the few ones that are entirely related to the storyline, such as the Agroprom Underground, the Hospital and the Nuclear Power Plant, may offer a random activity at certain times, and under certain conditions. And not only that, The Warmongers proposes myriads of very rare items that are truly hard to obtain; actually nearly impossible to find for some of them.

2/ There is a serious bug with the engine which results in weird anomalies created at certain locations. These ones are totally harmless, the problem however is that you can loot them as they always contain several random items. PLEASE, BE AWARE THAT THESE BUGGY ANOMALIES WERE IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE IN THE MOD, AND THAT TO LOOT THE OBJECTS THEY CONTAIN WOULD *ENTIRELY BREAK ITS WHOLE BALANCE*, CAUSING YOUR CURRENT GAME TO BE POINTLESS! Thanks for respecting the mod, and the time I spent on it. Just ignore those anomalies, take them as nothing but some beautiful mysterious phenomena within the Zone. Note that you can view one example of such an anomaly in the "advices and comments" folder. The locations they appear into are:

Swamps: Pump Station
Cordon: bridge, the one above the campfire with the military Driver
Garbage: near the Break Point
Dark Valley: Freedom base, see the proper screenshot in "advices and comments" folder
Agroprom: Loner base, under the stairs
And maybe other places I forgot.

3/ There are several things to know about the faction war: it is overally quite slow, excepted at certain places, and at certain moments. I didn't want to make it too agressive and unrealistic, as the factions often need to have breaks, or simply take time to take full benefit of their current domination before trying to get more areas under their control. If you absolutely want to speed up things at a said moment, then you mostly have three options: the first, easiest one is to sleep. When waking up, it's likely some of the squads will be moving to some interesting target. The second one would be to try to find out what scare the men and prevent them somewhat to get out of their positions. If there are too many enemies around them, even not standing directly on the path leading to the next target, then you would do well to eliminate them. You
will realize yourself how to eradicate a very strong mutant lair for example can sometimes erase everyone's fear and reticence to start patrolling inside these dangerous landscapes. Also, sometimes the Stalkers may be more or less aware of an upcoming attack on their positions, which could cause them to hesit to scatter their squads all around the Zone before actually replying to the sneaky assault. In this case, you could try to inspect inside and around the controlled locations, and see what's wrong. For example, I've once helped the Loners at the Elevator by slaying a military squad at the Bonfire Near Bridge which was likely to attack them quite soon. When done with that, the Loners automatically moved to the further target of their faction. And, at last, the third and more efficient (but also costly) one is to recruit squads. To place squads at certain places and at the right time may obviously give a great advantage to the faction they're loyal to.

4/ Which leads us to this fourth point: to load a game in which you were having a squad under your control may sometimes result in a crash to desktop. Such corrupted loads may look like this:

stack trace:

0023:06C24F22 xrGame.dll
0023:06D40865 xrGame.dll
0023:00413865 xrEngine.exe, CCameraManager: perator=()

Fortunately, most of the time the load itself is not lost, and can be recovered by launching the game and reload it once again. However, I would advise you to never save your game while your squad is currently still at a travel point (a process which only takes few minutes). You'll rather want to Wait until your men have actually
entered the map and are standing in front of you before saving.

5/ The last modifications made on this mod unfortunately harmed its stability a little. It is still very reliable and fully playable from the beginning to the end, neverthless, I'm afraid that the "excellent stability" claimed in the main features list has to be taken with much caution. Don't worry, futur updates will come in time, and anyway, like
I said the mod in its current state is more than satisfying in that area. Just not as top as it used to be few weeks before the release. This is not an issue with wrong code used (missing characters, etc...), rather a deeper problem with the amount of memory The Warmongers requires, to say it brievly. You will notice that to actively follow the faction war, trying to speed it up by killing many NPCs (either mutants' lairs or
regular squads) may very noticeably decrease the overall stability of the mod.

6/ Owning a very old screen (year 2000), I was unable to actually test all the weapons on higher screen resolutions. THEREFORE I RECOMMAND YOU TO PLAY THIS MOD ON A CLASSICAL 1024x768 resolution until I manage to get some help to release a patch that will allow wide-screen users to play properly. Without it, then some weapons may look misaligned, and their scope completely unusable. Sorry for this.

7/ NPCs are allowed in this mod to have a greater firerange than in vanilla game. That feature, while fitting perfectly the gameplay of the mod, may sometimes cause the NPCs to stand on alert with no apparent reason. Just ignore them, and they will get back to their occupations by their own. To prevent this, try to refrain from testing their patience by coming close to them holding your gun; as they will wisdraw theirs, which greatly increases at the same time their sightrange (and therefore the probability that they detect some danger located far away).

The Swamps

1/ In order to reduce the risks of later crashes in the Swamps, you must order one of the Clear Sky squad at the Fishing Hamlet to attack the Lookout Tower and not the Gravel Pit. Do this as soon as possible, I hear, the first time you go to there and see them. You will notice that, later on, they will move to the old church. Once that target is cleared, they may stand there for long on defensive mode even whithout any sign of danger around. This is normal, just ignore them. At this stage, you can do absolutely what you want.

2/ The Clear Sky faction will try to capture the Northern Farmstead before the Machine Yard. Again, this is normal.

3/ Very helpful tips are spawned with you under the shape of two unique PDAs. Read them carefully, as all the informations you can find here will help you to solve certain problems you may encounter.

4/ It is possible that the engine crashes when trying to create a new game for the first time.

The Cordon

1/ It is possible that the Loners act incoherently once the faction war in that area has begun. In the same time, the military may appear to be nearly invincible at certain moments. All this tends to disapear when later objectives from the storyline are accomplished, and this place thus tends to be much more balanced.

2/ Sometimes, certain squads may cause a repetitive crash when moving from the Bonfire in Forest to the Encampment Under Bridge. If so, just move far away from that location for a little while. The log of the said bug may look something like this:


[error]Expression : ai().level_graph().valid_vertex_id(vertex->data().level_vertex_id())
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : E:\priquel\sources\engine\xrGame\patrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 164
[error]Description : patrol path[esc_smart_terrain_3_7_walker_1_walk], point on path [name05],object [sim_default_killer_044407]

stack trace:

3/ The second mission Wolf offers you does not really work. In the sense that when you approach the Bonfire by Tunnel, his brother is already dead.

The Garbage

1/ The mission with the Digger Messenger (the man crouching on the rock telling you he's being hunted by dogs) does not really work. In the sense that the mutant squad rarely actually come to him, and even if you eliminate it, nothing happens. You have to kill that Stalker and loot his PDA in order to continue the main storyline.

2/ The game may become rather unstable if, having completed all the story events at the Agroprom Researsh Institute, you choose to go back to there instead of moving to Yantar. This is due to the fact that, at this moment, the faction activity becomes very imposing, with many different squads which are likely to try to control several locations, and fighting each other vehemently. All this tends to stabilize naturally,
and shouldn't cause any further issues.

The Dark Valley

1/ It is recommanded to complete the Antennas mission the Freedom leader proposes you once you've brought him back the Commander's PDA as if it was part of the main storyline.

2/ Though rare, certain strange events (invincible NPCs...) or even crashes may occur at the Factory Lobby.

The Agroprom Researsh Institute

1/ The Loner base at the center of the map may cause few crashes, specially during periods of high activity. One of them may look like this:



[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : E:\priquel\sources\engine\xrGame\patrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 155
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [agr_stalker_leader_walk] is inaccessible for object [agr_stalker_base_leader]

stack trace:

To prevent such issues, it is preferable for you to complete the three missions the Leader of that base offers you. Doing so will greatly reduce enemy respawns in that area, and thus the probability of engine bugs as well. Also note that you must not try to give the said Leader a weapon by any means, or the game will instant crash!

Red Forest

1/ Once arrived at the final mission at the Bridge, before entering Limansk, you will notice that the men rallied to the Clear Sky fighters, the ones coming from the other side of the river, are mercenaries. It is thus possible that you would not happen to be in good relations with them. If so, then, once the bridge is lowered, hide somewhat near the main building, and await that the Clear Sky squad, including Lebedev, has crossed it. Approach the bridge very slowly, without being detected. Once you begin to hear the dialog, with the two squads congratulating each other, then go hide somewhere, behind the truck for example. It is very important that you do not let the mercenaries see you during all the time they cross the bridge to go occupy the small outpost, as they are invincible when doing so, and may cause later crashes if that temporarly status is not removed properly. That said status is no more at the very second when they actually set encampment at the outpost, and begin to act as any normal squad. At this point, you can engage them if you wish to.


1/ An incontrovertible crash will happen during the final scene, more or less exactly at the moment when the Clear Sky soldiers tell you to hold on, and start showing up in the midst of the Monolith enemies. In order to fix it, then open the folder called "Hospital fix (TO BE REMOVED AFTER USE!!!)", then copy the "state_mgr_animation.script" file inside it and paste it into your Gamedata\scripts directory. Load your game, and

Thanks for reading! -------------

Main features:


- Excellent stability, specially for a mod of this size. Many bugs from the yet patched version have been fixed.

- Overall re-balance of all items (weapons, artefacts, medikits...). On one hand the mod is harder than the original game, but on the other you may now own a better equipment and access to ranges of very, very good items.

- Completely new and extremely wide respawn system. The Zone is much more alive, random and dangerous than in the original game.

- Storyline and secondary quests all preserved. Except (maybe) a minority of them I haven't managed to get working like in vanilla game.

- Total freeplay enabled after having completed the said storyline.

- Vastly improved faction wars. Factions are more aggressive and greedy as well. Many new targets added to the faction war, few waypoints improved or fixed. The Monolith, Zombied, the Army and Mercenaries now act as real factions, with objectives and respawn points to hold (the player still cannot join any of them though). Factions can now exterminate other ones, and use their bases as their own.

- The relations system has been improved to fit best with the current Zone (basically, most of the groups of people are no longer rallied or even neutral towards the other ones).

- NPCs now buy almost everything. They may also sell you weapons and outfits (even the upgraded ones!), along with various items (basically, nearly everything the game has, except quest or unique objects). Is hopefully balanced, as this feature has been done in a way that all NPC's inventories actually depend on the character's rank and faction. But, technically, everyone may happen to sell you everything.

- Much more interesting trade system (buy upgraded and rare items. Plus every trader now really act differently to each other...).

- Stalkers are now a little less keen on trying to get you out of their way all the time.

- Working sleeping bag.

- Scar now jumps much better, but won’t carry more than 50kg max.

- You can now sprint while carrying an exoskeleton armor, a PKM or a sniper rifle.

- Better and more realistic headlamp.

- More realistic consumables (food, drink and drugs have been improved and balanced to act more coherently. Overally, they are noticeably less helpful than in GSC's game). Without reporting all the changes that have been made, I must point out that the vodka removes radiation much better than drugs, this being due to the fact that getting drunk is much more embarassing, when playing, than loosing few health and strenght (in other words, vodka isn't as useless as it is in vanilla game).

- Default health restoration is now much, much slower.

- Better Artefacts respawn system (anomalies may or may not contain an artefact. And whether they do, you have no mean to guess which one until you see it. The artefact may be spawned absolutely everywhere in the anomaly. Hopefully, all this has been balanced carefully).

- The weakest artefacts all have been arranged. They now really have a direct impact on the game rather than just being vaguely helpful whenever the player meets an anomaly.

- Many new artefacts have been added to the game. Certain ones offers some really unique properties (absorbing bullets, reducing damages caused by wounds, etc...).

- Many, many new armors included. A hard work has been done in order to have most of them to feature both an original and a balanced upgrade system.

- A stunning amount of upgraded items (weapons and armors) has been added to the game. You can get them by looting bodies, buying them to traders and NPCs, or, if you are lucky enough, finding them inside stashes.

- Instead of killing you, emissions now stunt you for a couple of seconds and leave you more or less irradied, depending on the suit you're carrying.

- No more treasures (secret stashes revealed after having killed and looted random NPCs. I found it to be stereotyped and cheaty in the long run. I might work on this later on, but for now, they're disabled).

- NPCs no longer ignore mutants hunting the player, or standing significantly far away from their original spawn point (thanks to Smoq2 for that fix)

- Certain secondary quests or special tasks have been a little or deeply arranged; most of them are now less repetitive and predictable, and specially are more challenging.

- You can now recruit squads provided that you pay them the right price. Once you have become the commander of one squad, you can give it basic orders such as follow, wait, hold position.

- You may now offer a NPC to exchange his weapons with yours, if you don't want to or can't buy it. Beware though, Stalkers aren't foolish!

- Repair costs are now very high. A too lucky rookie having found a superb armor that keeps far above its actual rank will have to "work" a lot in order to even repair it.


- Each faction is granted many new types of fighters (Bandit exoskeleton, Army commando, Monolith elite soldier, scientist, etc...).

- The weaponry has been revisited and improved (accuracy, damages, upgrades...). Many bugs from the yet 1.5.10 patched game have been fixed. A lot of work has been done to propose truly balanced and interesting weapons.

- Tons of new fully fixed and usable weapons included.

- You can now use your weapon in camps.

- Weapons react more realistically depending on whether the actor is running, standing still or crouching. In Clear Sky, that yet crucial feature needed real improvements.

- Far superior Ai: Stalkers reload, use grenade launchers (and the RPG), heal themselves, know which weapon to use according to certain notions such as the distance and strenght of the enemy, loot corpses (includes Smog2's script to prevent scripted squads from acting stupid when performing some special tasks), know how to attach silencers, scopes and grenade launchers to weapons, and do melee attacks when needed. Precious other tweaks.

- Each Stalker spawns with a random weapon. According to the faction, the rank, you will still detect some tendancies in certain people’s commonly used weapons, but technically, anyone may carry anything.

- Small and yet existing new possibilities to find more useful and rare items on dead bodies. Dead people will also drop stuff according to their faction (but, for gameplay’s sake, everyone has little chances to drop things he shouldn’t normally carry. I think I’ve worked long enough on this).

- Silencers, while guaranteed to give actual results, now slightly decrease the power of any weapon they're attached to (by power I hear bullet speed, fire distance, and damages).


- All cut out monsters (Burer, Cat...) are back.

- Many new mutants' lairs. The more you hunt them the stronger and more agressive they become.

- On ambient purpose, certain mutants may now happen to eat dead corpses.

- Mutants not only are more numerous, but also have a more agressive behavior towards the player and NPCs.

- Few changes in mutants' abilities and capacities. Most noticeable ones being the Psydog's phantoms now giving light but actual damages, and the Controllers' telepathy aura having an influence over a much wider area than before (the Controller is also clearly faster).

- Mutants are now extremely harmful. Only top armors can provide decent protection against their claws or various attacks.

/UI - HUD/

- New transparent inventory menu.

- New textures for arms when carrying certain armors.

- No crosshair, no grenade warning, no minimap, no map spots for mutants and enemies in general, and no hit marks.

- No more frames nor detect sound when using binoculars.

- No more loading disk from the HUD.

- Certain armors feature a totally unique nightvision.


- Much better textures for food, drink, walls, woods, roads, ground, floors, briks, glasses, weapons, etc...

- New icons.

- New scopes.

- New loading screens.

- More blood...

- Fully detailed PDA map (most locations now do have a name).

- Weather is more varied, coherent, and visually amazing.

- Hundreds and hundreds of new sounds; the weapons, specially, have been entirely revisited on that purpose. Nearly all of them now have unique sounds for reloading, firing, etc...

- Few unique characters (mostly the ones seen in side quests or special tasks).

- Stalkers in camps may now play harmonica. Many new quality guitar songs have been added.

- New and truly scary faces for zombied Stalkers.

And more...

How to install:

First off, open the file named "fsgame.ltx" (located inside your main Clear Sky
directory) with a text editor such as notepad, and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

All you need to do is simply change it to:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

Then, extract the six rars files of the mod (respectively:
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part I
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part II
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part III
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part IV
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part V
The Warmongers 1_0 - Part VI
) into your main game directory (example c:\games\Stalker Clear Sky). Regardless of how and where you have obtained this mod, the uncompressed Gamedata folder must be EXACTLY 2 224 624 830 bytes sized! If not, then you're either using a wrong or a corrupted 1_0

When done with that, you can now start the game and enjoy the mod.

Credits -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It is impossible for me to mention everyone whose work appear, one way or another, into this mod. If you want to help me to complete that list of credits, then feel free to contact me at this email adress:
Many single mods indeed don't come with a readme, and several files taken from other mods have been originally made by people that are still unknown to me. You will also notice that most of the mods listed here may have recieved later fixes and various modifications made by me. At last, about the the big mods, such as Clear Sky Complete and other ones, it would be quite hard for me to point out which files I
borrowed (textures, sounds...), so I've decided to only mention their author(s).

So, big thanks to (in no particular order):
-Chen Lin Peng (cutpack, containing mutants GSC did not retained)
-flankerx7 (Ballistics mod)
-AMK team (AMK mod)
-Parts (46Enchanced Consumables)
-Ceano (Stalker no enemy map spots, Stalker Artefact Birth
Probability, Stalker Realistic Headlamp, freeplay_v1[1].1,
-Helios (Enabling weapons in camps)
-~DeadlyTigger (No minimap mod)
-save (Clear Sky No Grenade Warning, Clear Sky No Loading Disk)
-Pavlov (Artefacts Respawn Fix)
-Detroit_Vigilanty (Bloody Mess), and Hades for the Real Gore mod
-Lux (Pda Map Pack)
-Zero_3 (Stalker Forever HD Food'n Drinks)
-Reaper (Reaper's Photo Svd Ak74, Warsaw Pact Weapons)
-horiaz_ak47 (Blackdeagle)
-NMC (Graphics Pack clear Sky)
-skeleton (CS Sharper Textures)
-SS (beretta_skin_by_ss)
-PieJesu (Calibrated Scopes Reticles)
-Gnomus (Gnomus' Scopes for CS, Gnomus' Scopes fix)
-dDefinder (Improved Sound Effects CS)
-Remco (cs_enhanced_v1[1].2)
--=Grunt=- (FC_Assistants reskin, Exo Assistants)
-Rulix (Rulix Ai)
-BobBQ (Random Weapons mod)
-incheck 12 (lowtech_bandit_v[1].2_fix)
-smrtphoneusr (the S.M.R.T.E.R Zone mod, from which I borrowed some files)
-DEXXX, Alex Ros, Remco (Ogsm mod)
-Hectrol (clear_sky_improved_arms_for_cs_1_0[1])
-smoq2 and PhoenixHeart (Total Faction Warfare and some help with scripts)
-Artistpavel (Clear Sky Complete mod)
-Cromm Cruac (Atmosfear, Absolute Nature and Structure packs)
-Fluffy22 (cs_radioactive_emission, cs_ssp_suit_mod, Presky mod)
-red7204 (Freedom Exo - Seva - Bulat Huds plus suit tweaks v1[1].2)
-Garand2k (Full Realism Mod)
-Robomook (New Clearsky Skins V1[1].1)
-Darius6 (S.T.A.L.K.E.R_CS_Sound_Overhaul_2.0, CoP_sound_Overhaul_1.2)
-Teh Snake (sc_knife_ts_new_skin_2, ts_fn2000_tex)
-Spartan (Spartan 11'11)
-~{imperialreign}~ (Additional Nightvisions v1.0)
-Kane4 (Elite_Nightvisions)
-DetroyT (MEGA_SoundWeaponsArsenal_MOD)
-GeJorge and Nick_Mondyfic (Sigerous Mod)
-MulleR and Mongol (S.T.A.L.K.E.R`s sound remake mod - CoP)
-Dead City Team (Dead City Mod)
-KanyHaLos (Oblivion Lost)

Huge thanks to everyone in this community, either fans, or modders. Mods like this one would not have been possible without you all!

And, at last but not least, big thanks to GSC and everyone who worked on the Stalker games.
  01:31:26  16 November 2011
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On forum: 06/02/2009

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11/16/2011 1:31:55
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1_0 All in One version available on Modb

You can now download the 1_0 All in One version on modb. It contains the full mod packed into one single rar archive.
  18:19:19  17 December 2011
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On forum: 06/02/2009
Messages: 268
First official patch is now available on Modb:

Here's the full changelog:


* Factions are now less vehement, therefore the game is less unstable, specially in the Cordon!

* In case you were a Loner or simply a mercenarie, the Loner faction will now forgive you for shooting at Strelok during the final part of the game.

* Fixed a potential crash with one of the weapons.

* Slightly improved textures on the FAMAS "Felin 5-Hk ext" and the TOZ-34 "Black Eagle".

* The FAMAS "Felin 5-Hk ext" now proposes a better aiming.

* Army and Monolith NPCs no longer have any probability of carrying several items of the mod. This was done to somewhat reduce the memory used while playing. The gameplay will not suffer from this in any way as those factions are not playable.

* The attacks on the Loners' base at the Agroprom Researsh Institute are now definitely less frequent.

* Various fixes and improvments.

* Readme updated (I forgot to mention the blowout issue in the Swamps)

You will also notice that one of the positive side-effects of that patch is that it seems to make the blowout bug at the beginning far, far more rare. I personnally never had that issue using the said patch - though I suspect it's still there.
  18:41:32  9 February 2012
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On forum: 06/02/2009
Messages: 268
Second patch is now available. IT WILL FIX CERTAIN STABILITY ISSUES COMING WITH THE PREVIOUS PATCH (sorry about that).

/1_002 to 1_0025/ ~ REQUIRES A NEW GAME IN ORDER TO WORK! ~

* Improved the fix which caused the Loner faction to be neutral with you in case you were friend with them before shooting at Strelok. Now, relations with Loners don't change at all after the NPP events.

* Small fixes have been made with the respawns in the Swamps.

* Changed the textures of one of the Zombie (mutant, not human).

* Changed the sound of the Acidic grenade to make it more realistic.

* Various fixes and improvments.

Get it there:
  17:32:05  6 March 2012
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On forum: 06/02/2009
Messages: 268
Third patch has just been released. Get it on Modb:

Full changelog:

/1_0025 to 1_0031/ ~ REQUIRES A NEW GAME IN ORDER TO WORK! ~

* The LR-300 ML weapon is now slightly less reliable than before. The Groza OC-14 "Supernova" has also been modified on that very purpose, but moreover it now has greater chances to jam.

* Tunnel Dead End at the Agroprom Researsh Institute no longers respawn Mercenaries after the side quest in there has been completed. Mercenaries simply have fair enough respawn locations.

* Few NPCs now have new textures.

* Added one new very rare and powerful pistol to the game.

* Renegades no longer have plethora of items to sell. You cannot trade with any of them anyway.

* Changed the "scope" of the M60 E-b80 to make it more appropriate for such a weapon.

* Increased the psy protection of all artefacts acting against Controllers. They are now more helpful than before (you might still need a good outfit to actually take benefit from their effect, though).

* Various fixes and improvments.
  12:25:35  2 September 2012
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On forum: 06/02/2009

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09/02/2012 12:26:23
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Since several people cannot stand the constant Controller sound in certain areas, I've decided to upload a small file that will reduce it greatly.
Download it here:

You will notice that this file will be included within the next patch, but until then, you may now play with headphones again
  18:25:24  8 September 2012
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On forum: 06/02/2009

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09/08/2012 18:27:01
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Here's a new patch for The Warmongers:

It will greatly increase the stability of the mod, and enhance few aspects of its overall balance. To be downloaded without hesitation!
Remember that, as usual, you will need ALL previous patches before applying this new one. The next one will contain every of them in one single archive, so you won't have to extract all those patches in case of a new/first installation.

/1_0031 to 1_0036/ ~ REQUIRES A NEW GAME IN ORDER TO WORK! ~

* Increased the bullet speed of the FN P90 "Shark". That weapon is thus no longer underpowered.

* Fixed the high probability of crashes when talking to characters about what they have to offer you. This vanilla feature now fully works again.

* The VSA Val "Crow" weapon now has less chances to jam.

* The squad holding the Minigun bunker near Limansk's entrance now belongs to Army. Not only does this seem more logical, but also prevent the Bandits faction from turning enemy to the actor during these main quest events.

* Greatly reduced the loudness of the ambient sound Controllers constantly make ingame.

* Removed the two help PDAs. They would confuse certain people, leading them to think that the mod would not work. If you're looking for help, let it be known either on Modb or GSC's forums.

* Remove few Human NPCs' respawn points, making the game a little less intense at certain areas, but specially increasing the overall stability of the mod.

* Decreased once again the respawn rate of the various squads attacking the Loner base at the Agroprom Institute Research.

* Various fixes and improvments.
  16:19:11  9 May 2013
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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The new 2_0 version has just been released! You can download it on Modb in two parts:



Before installing, make sure to remove any older version of The Warmongers, and basically any 'gamedata' folder within your game directory. DON'T INSTALL THE NEW 2_0 VERSION OVER AN ALREADY EXISTING OLDER VERSION OF THE MOD!

2_0 changelog:

* All weapon reskins have been replaced with totally new models. Few modifications in balance, sounds (ect...) applied when needed. The ~120 weapons of the mod are now totally UNIQUE.

* Greatly arranged the faction wars. Fixed a lot of mistakes, bad logic, both resulting in high probability of crashes under certain circumstances.

* Made certain ammunitions a little less hard to find.

* Respawn places that are controlled via script will not return to initial state once the last squad has been eliminated! In other words, it will now be possible (but VERY hard) to actually clear out forever vast areas of any map).

* Medkits and bandages are now far less efficient. This was done notably to make the Artefacts giving health bonus more useful in game.

* Fixed and greatly arranged the treasures characters give you the coordinates of for a certain sum of money. You may now obtain very rare items... at the right price.

* Created a totally new type of ammo meant to be used on bad or average mostly Soviet type of weapons. You can only obtain it via the treasures system. These heavy rounds will however clearly enpower the LSR-80 "Snake", PP1901 M-c3 "Skirsmisher", AKS M-a "Fox", AK-74 "Praetorian", Masada M-e52 "Clear Sky", AKS M-g8 GL "Assaillant", AK-74 "Brutal", RPK "Saw", RPK M-l13 "Raven", AKMS "2000", AK-105 "Inferno", RPK M-S60 "Belzebuth", RPK "Buzzsaw", AKM-47 9a-HP, Scar M-x90 "Military", PTRD "Hunter", and RK-98 TP "Blitzkrieg". These weapons are thus no longer useless in the long run.

* The Clear Sky Trader now has new and fixed textures and he gives you even less items to complete your first mission.

* Added a new scoped and very, very rare military rifle.

* Few arrangements in characters' visuals and roles within the faction.

* Bodies now disapear slightly faster than before.

* Arranged and fixed the relations system. It is now possible to become friend with all factions excepted the Army, the Monolith, the Zombied and the Mutants. On the other hand, relations may really deteriorate in case of numerous failure in side quests. Beware: if you don't bother helping other people, then more and more squads in the faction may turn hostile to you. Start acting as a good guy again, and they will forget it all.

* Fixed several files that could cause unpassable crashes when trying to enter certain maps (notably the Garbage, the Swamps, and the Agroprom Institute Researsh).

* Fixed a bug that would prevent the Army and Monolith NPCs from using attached scopes, silencers and grenade launchers.

* Fixed Wolf's brother quest. The hostage isn't automatically killed by the bandits with you being unable to do anything against that.

* Fixed (at last) the bandit squad in Limansk: these people now belong the Army faction.

* Removed 35 out of the 125 upgraded AK-74 from the game. There were simply too many. Tweaked all supply values accordingly so that they don't become too rare either.

* Removed the special Snorks in the Agroprom Underground. They were useless.

* Removed the M60's "scope". That was a bad idea.

* Removed 30 out of the 40 bullets impact sounds. Again, there were too many.

* The AK-101 "Luciole" now uses the rare "Silencer MII" instead of the classical one.

* The OC-33 Pernatch "Sultan" and the SIG-Sauer "Bear" are now upgradable weapons. They are fully integrated into the game as such (few upgraded weapons available via trade, looting, etc...).

* The Village Center in the Cordon will no longer respawn Mercenaries even if they manage to capture that location. On balance and stability purpose, of course.

* In order to respawn from the Vehicle Station in the Cordon, Mercenaries now need to actually capture and hold that location.

* In order to respawn from the Defensive Outpost in the Garbage, Freedom now need to actually capture and hold that location.

* Balanced the artefacts giving protection against eletric damages. Added them some new properties to make them more useful (read the description ingame!).

* Huge cleaning of the mod's files, several unused folders and files removed.

* Various fixes and improvements.

Good hunting, Warmongers
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Version 2_18 finally released! Contains many important fixes (making the mod stable as never before) as well as full support for 1920x1080 screen resolution.

Download it and enjoy!

Full changelog:


* The annoying crashes at the Hospital just before making it to the NPP are now gone. You can thus play normally without having to install a fix. LAST MINUTE NOTE: unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work, so you will (eventually) have to insist a lot in order to make it to the NPP. If the game really crashes too much at the hospital, then rush the travel point to the NPP as soon as possible (without looting bodies and all that). I'll release a patch when I'm 100% certain that I know how to fix this without breaking the mod (yes, this is a real *deep* issue with the engine)...

* Fixed some code, either vanilla or not, that could lead to some MAJOR problems while playing. Yantar and Dark Valley should really not be as unstable as before.

* Improved the logic of the factions.

* The mod now FULLY supports 1920x1080 screen resolution (report to the "OPTIONAL CONTENT" section above for more details). Scopes will now work well even on 16:9 monitors.

* Made certain highly memory consuming features of the mod optional only (report to the "OPTIONAL CONTENT" section above for more details).

* Attached silencers, scopes and grenade launchers will no longer look mis-aligned in inventory. For some reasons that would be too long to explain, some icons may sometimes look very good in the weapon's slot and slightly mis-aligned in the inventory or vice-versa. This is very noticeable when attaching a grenade launcher to an AK-74, AK-94 Abakan, L85A2 or a LR-300 ML.

* Emissions are now less frequent.

* Bandits no longer turn naturally hostile to the player after completing the story events at the Agroprom Institute Researsh.

* Changed and improved the textures of the SM39-3x weapon.

* Changed and improved the textures on some scopes.

* Changed the ugly texture of the PP-3c 2020's scope.

* Removed several respawn locations that were either problematic, useless or even prone to crashes. Changed the logic and sometimes more generally the role (spawned NPCs, faction...) of some other ones. A great work has been done to keep the faction wars as open as possible despite these changes.

* Removed a couple of NPCs' unique models that were not very noticeable. It might slightly decrease the probabilities of memory-related issues in the long run.

* Loners' Technician may now upgrade the classical light Duty's and Freedom's outfits, and the Digger Technician may now upgrade the "Guardian of Freedom" suit.

* The .45 V Explosive rounds (the ones that uses the IMI Desert Eagle "Era" are now a little less powerful.

* Tweaked the PTRD "Hunter" to make it a little more realistic: the weapon is clearly more powerful but is now a lot harder to handle.

* Game now starts at 6:10 am. This was done to prevent enormous FPS drop during the first fights against the Renegades in the Swamps at around 7:00 to 8:00 am on certain configs. This particularly heavy lag only happens once. But the main reason to this change is a little harder to explain: basically, the game REALLY needs to start at 6:10 am. Not to be edited in any way.

* To help Lefty and his squad fighting through Yantar will no longer automatically reset the relations with the Clear Sky faction to neutral. However, these men still belong to this very faction.

* To prevent some issues caused by bad relationships with the Mercenaries faction (and also to prevent having to create new special characters, which I want to avoid), Leshiy and his squad at the bridge in Red Forest now belong to the Clear Sky faction.

* Slightly increased the reliability of the VSA Val "Crow" and classical VSA "Val" weapons (again...).

* Ultimate handling upgrade of the HK G36 no longer makes this weapon absolutely unusable because of the screen sliding way too fast when looking around.

* It is now possible to actually talk to Yar (Freedom's Technician) after completing the "recover friend's PDA" mission.

* Fixed a treasure in Yantar giving the actor 2400 ammo instead of 240!

* Fixed missing Flash Drive with Data on an Electronic Stabilization System for Shotguns. Better late than never!

* Various fixes and improvements.
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