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PreSky v0.2

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  11:07:34  20 August 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010

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08/21/2010 15:29:27
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PreSky v0.2

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Also available from ModDB site (

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - PreSky

A Freeplay Total Conversion mod for Clear Sky

It is very strongly recommended to have Clear Sky patched to version 1.5.10


This mod is simply a freeplay version of CS. It is set slightly before the events in
Clear Sky start.

It is early in 2011 in the zone. The Zone is relatively stable, and factions remain in
their respective territories, pursuing their own business within the zone. There is the
occasional clash over territorial borders or important sites between factions, or the
occasional conflict with mutant, Monolith, or Military forces. Emissions are a uncommon
occurrence in theses times.

You start out in the rookie village, new to the zone. You already know the basics of zone
survival and have your basic kit. What you do in the zone is up to you. You can go hunt
for treasure troves of artifacts, make your name as a mutant hunter, or join one of the
factions and help to secure their influence in the zone. You could spread your reputation
as a dark stalker, killing without discrimination, or become a friend to all stalkers,
helping them when needed.


Version History:

v0.1 (Beta)
-Total Freeplay! No main quests, bar one, all areas except south Agroprom underground,
Limansk and onwards enabled
-Modified faction Warfare files, faction war no longer plays such a big part, but there
is still some skirmishes to keep things turning
-Modified AI & stalker scripts, stalkers respond differently in combat now. They're more
likely to take cover, bleed more, limp once wounded, flee, etc... Except Monolith and
zombies, the former to fanatical, the latter to dumb (fleeing, that is). They also
act differently at night, they can see as well, can't hear as well, etc... They now also
recover health slowly
Pathing box surrounding stalkers has been reduced, you can now fit by them easier.
Factions have differing abilities in combat, and their capabilities are dependent on
-Modified actor stalker script, no more 'I am still more bulletproof that you guys and
can take a ridiculous amount of damage before limping', but you can take slightly more
damage than npcs before you start limping. In other words, he is no longer the
unstoppable force he is in the regular CS game
-New trade scripts, balanced to be in line with faction loadouts for current expansion
level and to include new items/artifacts
-Various new and restored weapons (GP100 revolver, M1891 Mosin Nagant rifle, M249 machine
gun, Protecta Shotgun), ammo (SP-5 9x39mm, GD-05 Smoke grenade), armour (PSZ-9Md suit,
New Freedom light suit, Mercenary suit, Monolith suit, SSP-99 and 99M suits) etc...
-NPC's equipment loadouts changed to include new weapons and to ensure balance between
factions and their role in the Zone, along with other minor balancing
-New upgrade schemes for suits and weapons (Work in progress for v0.1 onwards)
-Mutant body parts hunting enabled

v0.1.5 (Beta)
-Restored Cut mutants - Tushkano (mutant rat) and Chimera
-Activated abilitly for stalkers to play the harmonica
-Added freeroaming npcs in several levels
-Overhauled faction warfare system
-Overhauled level content, things are different enough to provided a different look,
without drastic changes
-Added and restored some secondary quests
-Further enhanced and finallised new upgrade scheme concepts
-Added three new npc models, Bandit Zombie, SEVA Stalker and Freedom Berril with Sphere
12 Helmet, gave SEVA suit proper 3rd person visual

v0.2 (Beta, Release)
-Added Smoq2's Traders's Random quests
-Added Cromm Cruac's Atmosfear blowouts
-Changed the emissions so they happen every 24 hours or so, and not just on level entry
-Re-did the schemes for handling free roaming npc's
-More adjustments on level content, and squads factions start with
-New animations for the TRs-301, SVD, SVU, and PKM from Gosukes weapon mod
-Added new arm textures for new suits
-Restored Cut mutants - Cat
-Enhanced mutant bodypart hunting - mutants now drop correct number of bodyparts. Also
adjusted prices to compensate.

Thanks to
-Firstly, GSC for making all the stalker games, they have always done top line games
that I have enjoyed playing, and beat most other game out there IMO
-Smoq2 and PhoenixHeart for there TFW mod, I have used various icons, meshes, textures
sripts, etc. in this mod
-Smoq2 for various help, pointers, and other bits of advice
-Eater of the Souls for pointing me to a working version of Gosukes weapon mod and the
M249 mod. Also for providing various meshes, textures, shaders, and other small things
from CoP to get a few things working (as I don't have it atm). Without his help, some
of the content of this mod would have probably not been fully implemented by me
-Robomook, for supplying the SSP actor mesh, and for other bits of advice
-Predator_828 (ModDB) for designing the new arm textures
-Cromm Cruac for his Atmosfear blowouts
-rgggclp for his Faction Commander mod, I've used parts of it to enhance the base CS
faction wars for this mod
-Ceano's artifact hunter mod, and thanks to Smoq2 and PhoenixHeart for first coming up
with this wonderful concept
-Gosuke for his weapon mod v4, CS and CoP version to get the Proecta Shotgun working
-Sin! (from AMK forums) for exporting the Protecta from CoP to CS
-To the various testers on the CS Forums (you know who you are) for testing the Alpha
demo version, and finding no major game breaking bugs (Since I tested it exhaustively
myself, but testers have this habit of finding stuff, which they thankfully didn't)
-To everyone else for your contributions, support, patience, suggestions, and other
miscellaneous support, thank you
-For further information on what has been used, see ChangeLog.txt if you really want to
read that after reading all of this

These names are from the gsc forums, unless stated
  14:19:22  20 August 2010
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Rahu X


On forum: 07/13/2009

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Rahu X
08/20/2010 14:19:53
Messages: 341
*Eyes over list of features*

You had me at random emissions.

Seriously, I've been looking forever for a CS mod that does away with the vanilla blowout system of blowouts only happening while changing levels. But when I asked if one existed, mostly everybody said it was close to impossible to change the emission system in game.

And I absolutely love all the other features. Especially the AI enhancements, restoration of cut mutants, mutant body parts, and of course freeplay.

Only thing I could think of that could put it over the top is maybe it's own story. But as the aim of this mod is complete freeplay, I definitely wouldn't mind if one wasn't added in. I mean just looking at the features, I already think this is a definite contender for one of the best CS mods out there.

And maybe balistics tweaks, though once again not required in my opinion.

I'm definitely downloading this.

Do you have anymore features planned?
  14:36:08  20 August 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
Messages: 6342
Changing the emissions to occur semi randomly on a day by day basis was fairly easy. Could do with a few improvements though.
All the ballistics tweaks are is just done away with maximum range, and removed the random hit chance ie every hit is now counted as a hit, instead of the random chance of not counting a hit, even though it might have. Just a little bit of added danger.
About new features.
I've got a custom actor pda planned for this, and some of its working, just need to finish off the rest of it. Restore actor reputation, like in SoC. Random/dynamic npc chat/messages, restoration of several SoC levels to CS, more missions (one shot missions from important faction npcs) just to name a few. Also toying around with emulating CoP's achievement system as well.
  15:26:25  20 August 2010
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Mercenary and Mobile Trader


On forum: 01/11/2010
Messages: 3126
Good good. So whats next?
  17:20:54  20 August 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
Messages: 6342
I just realized I forgot to take to take a out/change a few debug features. Oh well, they're not that much of a gamebreaking feature. They'd been done differently in the next version anyway.

Whats next?
-Several new npcs.
-New missions from important npcs (faction leaders, others)
-Custom PDA, like OGSM, but with more features
-Actor reputation
-Dynamic npc chat

-Restore several SoC levels to CS, fully textured and spawned

That's all I have lined up for this mod so far.
  18:38:10  20 August 2010
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Mercenary and Mobile Trader


On forum: 01/11/2010
Messages: 3126
How about an autosave feature like TFW's. I would find that useful. I always forget to save.
  20:12:46  20 August 2010
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1710
Downloading now

Anone know how to get Windows 7 to accept the Clear Sky DVD????

When i insert it in my dvd-drive nothing happens...
When i put the DVD in a PC with Windows XP, the install menu for Clear Sky starts....

SHOC and COP work properly on my Windows 7, and there are no scratches on the DVD....
  21:32:42  20 August 2010
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Mercenary and Mobile Trader


On forum: 01/11/2010
Messages: 3126
I never had that problem.
  23:03:04  20 August 2010
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Teh Soul Eater
I didn't do it.


On forum: 03/21/2010
Messages: 1667
Probably tages. There's a patch you need for tages, do a search.
  23:35:16  20 August 2010
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Forklift operator


On forum: 09/08/2008

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08/20/2010 23:45:00
Messages: 2433
@ fluffy22 - You can use my dynamic chat from TFW. It took a lot of work, and you can save a lot of time using my files. Of caurse you can moddify it as you see fit.

Oh, and thank you for putting me and PH as first on the credit list. It means a lot to us. Glad we could help. I'll be playing your mod as soon as I get to download it.


How did you enable the Harmonica? In xr_kamp.script?
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