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  18:22:34  22 September 2008
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On forum: 05/06/2007

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09/24/2008 13:35:34
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How the thread works

- Only solutions, or discussions working towards solutions, should be listed here.

- Requests for fixes/solutions, bug reports, complaints, flaming and other topics of conversation raised will likely be deleted by the moderators.

- Bug reports should be posted here -

- This thread is NOT official, nor supported by GSC/Deepsilver. Use any recommendations at your own risk.

- This thread is not monitored, and is probably not even looked at, by GSC/Deepsilver, so posting rants and complaints here is pointless.

- If you are posting solution please keep them as brief as possible. If there's an existing thread that deals with the solution(s) please post it here.

- If possible list as many solutions as you can to one post, to limit the number of pages users need to search through.


Questions and solutions

Where can I get the latest patches?

Whats the latest patch? When is the next coming out? What problems are being addressed?

The latest patch (as of 24/09/2008) is 1.504 which can be found on the link above.

1.505 should be due Friday 26/09/2008. The current list of issues that will be addressed are listed here -

Will my savegames be compatible with 1.505?

No-one knows yet, though its highly unlikely. 1.503 and 1.504 were not compatible with older saves, and given the shear amount of changes proposed in 1.505 many users can see older save games not working this time round.

Are there any unofficial patches or Mods?

There is EyesOfARaven's Unofficial Patch for 1.5.04 . What it fixes and the latest version can be found here -

I get loads of Crash to Desktop (CTD's), can you help?

Though some will hopefully be solved by the next 1.505 patch, you might want to check out EyesOfARaven's Unofficial Patch for 1.5.04 -

I want to back up my savegames, where are they located?

The default location for savegames is here - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\STALKER-STCS\savedgames

People are talking about 'editting a user.itx file'. Where is it, and how do I edit it?

The user.itx is located here - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\STALKER-STCS

You can open and edit it in Notepad. Its recommended you backup your user.itx before tweaking it, in case something goes wrong

I'd like to tweak my game so it runs at the best speed possible, but with the best graphics possible. How should I tweak it?

Each PC is different, but if you want to tweak your games performance then it's highly recommended you go here -

How do I reduce stutter? What is the '-noprefetch' command? How does it improve performance?

No prefetching is a command you can do that may help games load faster and reduce in-game stuttering, though it does not work for everyone (and may even increase stuttering for some!). I personally have noticed no difference, but it can help some people.

Read up on it here -

How do I skip the introduction movies?

You can either press 'esc' to skip each time, or remove them entirely. Explained how here -

My card is capable of Pixel Shaders 3.0, yet I get an error message and crash saying 'does not support pixel shaders 1.1'?

Dont turn SSOA to 'High'. You can have it on 'Disabled', 'Low' or 'Medium' and you won't get that crash. Thread is here -

I cant see Fences or camoflage

This is a known problem, but as yet is unresolved. Please use this thread to monitor for a solution -

I get odd Sun Shadow effects. I get a clear shadow/sun divide, and my shadow textures seem distorted.

This is a known problem, but as yet is unresolved. Please use this thread to monitor for a solution -

I have severe graphical problems with the sky, especially on 'Static Lighting' settings

Some solutions and workarounds are posted in this useful thread -

I can't find my problem on this thread? How do I search the forum?

There is no search feature on the forum. But this works -


**SPOILER** Just got out of the swamps and into the Cordon. I cant get out of the tunnel without being shot down by the miltary guard tower. There is no way to get past, is this a bug?

Not a bug, but extremely hard to get past . There are two ways to get around this; the hard way, and the easy way.

Both are explained here -

**SPOILER** I was mugged in the Garbage Flea Market, and I lost all my money and equipment. How do I get it back?

It is part of the main quest, though you can get your equipment you can't get your money back. It is not a bug

For discussion, and a workaround, go here -

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  18:45:50  22 September 2008
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On forum: 09/21/2008
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This is a Great Idea.

Just a Quick Question.

Its Regarding The "Pixel 1.1" thing, How Can i exactly Turn This off if Umm well. i Cant Even Get the Game To start? i Guess i Could Try Doing it manually Via The config File, But That Pops the other Question.

Whats The line For SSOA?
  20:27:41  23 September 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/29/2008

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09/23/2008 20:32:01
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Moderators please delete the spam to make this thread usefull.


Game hangs in the load screen where it says "Client: Synchronizing..." and therefore fails to start a new game, only option is to terminate it using the task manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL).

Possible solution.

Step 1: Go into the sound options, if you have "Generic hardware" or your soundcard is selected select "Generic software" instead and disable EAX.

Step 2: Exit the game to save these changes, relaunch the game and it should load successfully, if it still doesnt try to drop the video settings and resolution to the minimum too.
  00:31:08  24 September 2008
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Sleepy Ben
Senior Resident

On forum: 05/06/2008
Messages: 224

Q - How should I patch my game

A - Patch to 1.503 first, then 1.504. Thread is here -


This is incorrect. There is only one patch available from the official site and thats because it includes the earlier one. GSC have never said patches are incremental and they never were with the SSOC patches.

if you're going to sticky stuff - get it right.
  12:01:30  24 September 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
Messages: 6862
Ok, guys.
Thread is stickied and renamed. I'll keep an eye on it and delete any off-topic stuff.

If you have any ideas or requests concerning this thread, please email me.
  12:17:15  24 September 2008
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On forum: 06/20/2008

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09/25/2008 12:09:57
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Problem getting to Cordon from Swamps

i had the "cant get to" (Cordon in my case) problem when i started the Swamps quests.

i have no idea if this will be applicable to the other travel problems which i have seen people posting about.


A after starting the game again i made it my only goal to protect the Southern Village which is where the guide will take you to Cordon.

eventually i got the needed offer of "meet the guide to go to Cordon".

when i first played and couldnt leave the Swamps the guide was present but that offer hadnt appeared and there wasnt an arrow showing at Cordon to get _back into_ the Swamps.

my problem seems to only have been that i was running around trying to complete whatever was the nearest quest. the Clear Sky were fine by themselves completing the takeovers of various positions.

so, protect the travel point sucessfully the first time round.

failing the takedown of the travel point is not ok. im guessing that it was a special instance of the guide that you get to travel with to go to the next area.

if he dies, he might be being replaced by a guide that cant take us to the next area.

i could then get into Cordon and back again, which i had to do because the Military at that travel point were killing me instantly. i could also travel without the guide since then.

the Southern Village was invaded twice and i was without backup since they were all fighting the Fishing Hamlet and so on. while i was waiting for the other points to be taken over i also went to the Church.

there is also time to assist with the Renegade base in the Machinery Yard.

im not sure if its vital but i kept my eye on the map for when there were the first Clear Sky in the Southern Village. i hope this works for others having the problem and that i havent just got lucky :\

  01:40:25  25 September 2008
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On forum: 09/10/2008
Messages: 7
problem - many CTD during mission with Leffy`s goup in Yantar

Possible solution - the way it worked for me:

After dozen of try i have decided to abbandon this mission (awaiting patch to fix it), so I start traveling betwean all location, "shooting dogs", collecting artifacts, finnished 2 side quest, done 1 weapon upgrade - no patches, reinstall, fixes. After 3-4 hours of gameplay overall i given it a try and it worked - no CTD.
Possible explanation - something has changed in scenario (after side quest), changes in equipment, upgrade, mayby loot collected - anyhow it works now.
  04:19:20  25 September 2008
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On forum: 07/17/2007
Messages: 10
Move to Garbage fixed!

For those getting CTDs when tryng to move to Garbage from Cordon or Dark Valley:

I found this on GameFaqs, have tested it & it works! Was able to get into Garbage from Cordon & Dark Valley, no problem:

in your file...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky\gamedata\configs\system.ltx

add "script_binding = bind_level_changer.bind" w/o ""

on line #197 or after ...

GroupControlSection =
$spawn = "ailevel changer"
;$prefetch = 4
class= LVL_CHNG
script_binding = bind_level_changer.bind
  17:25:53  25 September 2008
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On forum: 04/05/2007
Messages: 305

Q - How should I patch my game

A - Patch to 1.503 first, then 1.504. Thread is here -

This is incorrect. There is only one patch available from the official site and thats because it includes the earlier one. GSC have never said patches are incremental and they never were with the SSOC patches.
if you're going to sticky stuff - get it right.

Actually he is right. Patching to 1.5.04 directly results in a CTD whenever you try to start the game. Patching to 1.5.03 then to 1.5.04 removes the crashing.
  04:43:14  26 September 2008
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On forum: 09/19/2008
Messages: 2
Move to Garbage fixed!

I'm damned if I can find this file, let alone \gamedata\configs

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky\gamedata\configs\system.ltx
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