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For those who hate night vision NPC's

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  07:40:58  16 September 2008
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The Vandal
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On forum: 01/11/2008
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Cool. Could this somehow be grafted into other settings to make the smoke grenades usable in single player? That would be cool.
  07:30:29  16 September 2008
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On forum: 03/24/2007
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yes, he could.
  07:02:24  16 September 2008
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On forum: 10/10/2007
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Seriously, Natace, could you be any more vague?
  04:02:39  16 September 2008
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On forum: 09/15/2008
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Thanks man, will try this out.

Might be very useful when you have to get past the military when you first arrive in cordon.
  02:25:29  16 September 2008
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Independant games developer.


On forum: 02/13/2005
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For those who hate night vision NPC's

Ok, since alot of the non modder people complain about the NPC's being able to see you in the night super easy, or being able to see you through bushes as if the bushes weren't there, or simply hearing you whenever you try to sneak up to them, I have some fairly simple value change fixes for you all to use, however I will not post an ltx file as I would much rather people learn how to do these things so that they don't lose the files later and wonder where to find the links to the downloads again.
(excuse the wall of text)

Firstly, you need to have your gamedata files extracted, I won't cover how to do this since I have covered it in another thread somewhere on the boards. You can find the gamedata extractor on the russian website of stalker inside (google it)

If you're just editing other stalkers, bandits etc you can edit the m_stalker.ltx file found at:

Ok, so in order to change the values of enemy stalkers being able to see you at night time super easy or in dark places. Open up the m_stalker.ltx file, press ctrl+F and type "luminocity_factor".

There are 2 of these values, one is for an NPC who is not alert and the other is for when an NPC is alert. All you need to do is change these values to something like ".85" or higher/lower if you want.
I have it at .85 for the time being since I am still testing what is a good setting to have, but I was happy with .85 since I found that having too high a value makes the NPC's not see you even if you're right infront of them when they have a torch on

In order to fix up NPC's being able to see you through things like reeds and bushes like the reeds and bushes weren't there, you need to change the setting which says:
I haven't played around too much, but I believe that since this is a threshold setting, this judges how long it takes before NPC's will spot you whilst you're hidden in a bush. I'm not 100% sure, but it could be the case since I've had NPC's standing there staring at me while I have higher settings and then suddenly they will shoot at me even if I haven't moved.
Play around with that settings until you've found a nice comprimise between realism and annoyance, lol.

For those who wish that they could sneak up on NPC's easily, you can find the setting for sound detection in the "stalker_sound_perceive" section of code.
The one you'll want to look at is the NPC line.
You will notice that it has 3 values, the middle one being the player I believe. (I haven't edited this things since the original stalker came out).
If you lower the setting too low, then you are able to run around right behind an enemy and he will not notice you, which is not fun at all, so play around with the setting until you find the one best suited to your tastes.
Currently the middle value is set as .25, but I think that may not be enough, I just had that number in my head from way back with SoC when I fiddled with the values before.
You could try something like .10
And if it's not the middle value, try the first or 3rd value.

I know that was a bunch to read, but I'd rather do that than to just post a download for all of you, because the settings that I enjoy, may differ from what you enjoy. This way you can tweak the settings to what YOU want, and also, you won't have to look for the download at a later date if you lose the file from a patch or something.

Now you can enjoy your nighttimes in STALKER.

It's very nice to fight in a small abandoned area with a bunch of enemies, you fire one shot at someone, then bugger off to the other side of the village and you can see NPC's shooting in your last direction, flanking it and basically trying to find out where the hell you are, oh it's great
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