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Realistic Weapons mod for AMK Arsenal 1.0

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  10:56:27  7 January 2009
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Don Reba
01/07/2009 15:53:28
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Realistic Weapons mod for AMK Arsenal 1.0

AMK Arsenal team used PLR's Realistic Weapons mod as a reference "at some point", but that only worked on the old weapons, not the new ones AMK Arsenal team did. Plus, as far as I know PLR never modified ammo stats.
So... here it is. All Arsenal 1.0 weapons and ammunition told to sit down and behave. (59kB)

Rough changelist:


- All files have been formatted.
- min_radius has been set to 0 for all weapons except grenade launchers and sniper rifles.
- max_radius has been adjusted based on weapon type.
- ammo_mag_size has been adjusted to 45 for AK-74U, AK-74U Camo, and 5.45.39mm Groza to give people a reason to use them.
- slot value has been adjusted: Only handguns, SMGs, and short/cut shotguns use the first weapon slot(In Arsenal 1.0 ALL shotguns fit in the first slot)
- inv_weight has been corrected where necessary.
- inv_grid_width corrected in some weapons with permanent silencers.
- fire_dispersion_base has been adjusted where necessary.
- disp_rate has been removed from all weapons.
- control_inertion_factor has been adjusted based on inv_weight. Bullpup weapons' values are further decreased to reflect their better balance. What this means is that heavy weapons will feel slightly more sluggish to move around... except bullpups.
- cam_relax_speed set to 0 for all weapons - you have to compensate for the recoil yourself.
- cam_relax_speed_ai has been added and set to values based on the weapon type.
- cam_dispersion_inc increased for Kriss Super V. Don't worry Kriss fans, it's still embarassingly miniscule.
- condition_shot_dec adjusted where necessary.
- PDM_* values adjusted, weapons are much more inaccurate on the move; also depends on the weapon type.
- hit_power was re-calculated for all weapons using (sqrt(0.5*[muzzle velocity[m/s]]*[muzzle velocity[m/s]]*[bullet weight[kg]]) /25 formula.
- hit_impulse vastly decreased for all weapons, practically nonexistant now.
- fire_distance has been adjusted based on weapons' maximum effective ranges.
- bullet_speed has been adjusted where necessary.
- RPM has been adjusted where necessary.
- use_aim_bullet has been set to true for all weapons.
- time_to_aim has been adjusted depending on the weapon type.
- silencer_* values have been modified; as a rule of thumb, silencer decreases hit_power, fire_distance and bullet_speed by 10%.
- ph_mass has been adjusted where necessary.
- scope_zoom_factor has been set to 90 where it wasn't; there is no iron sights zoom.
- snd_* values have been tweaked. Weapons are quieter to draw and holster, but operate(fire/reload) louder.
- snd_silncer_shot has been adjusted. All silencers operate louder except 9x39mm weapons. Attacheable silencers are louder than permanent silencers.
- scope FOV changes based on IRL.


- a good portion of the file has been formatted.
- as a rule of thumb, FMJ is the basic version, all hollowpoints/frangibles/etc. have less k_pierce and more k_impair, AP bullets are the other way around.
- 9x39 is no longer a superbullet. But it still hits hard. 16 grams!
- don't use PAB-9 though. It sucks now.
- sniper cartridges have also been nerfed. Don't worry, they're still better than normal bullets(In fact I might have not nerfed them *enough*), they're just not one-hit-wherever-enemy-flies-fifty-meters-away-and-then-explodes kind of bullets they were.
- Bullet weight has been adjusted based on weight of the bullet and # in a "box".
- Too many results to display


- Weapon portion of the file has been formatted.
- Lines which didn't affect the weapon changes based on the description have been removed.
- Strelok's special AK74's RPM set to 1800. It's funny now, the double shot works just as it does in real Abakan. Auto makes your gun explode though. misfire_probability increased... a lot.
- "sniper" weapons no longer can only use single shot mode.
- "lighter" weapons had inv_weight value adjusted.
- hit_power adjusted for weapons which use different ammunition type(i.e. 9x18mm instead of 9x19mm)
- Threaded SPAS-12 can no longer fire buckshot.


- Few descriptions have been corrected to bring them in line with .ltx changes so that people won't get confused.
- All short ammo descriptions, both the ones in inventory and the displayed ones in HUD, have been changed to a single format.

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