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  00:01:30  3 November 2008
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Max Fu


On forum: 10/22/2007

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11/03/2008 0:33:18
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Attention, this MOD is developed and tested on the version 1.0004 game. However this mod can work with 1.0005/6, so please remember to use the first section of MaxFu_Settings.Exe (MODED from the ZRP Configure Programme) to setup the version of the mod before use. Remember to start a new game.

Please read this before you use. I won't response any question due to the ignorance of this information or the Readme document in the package.

My own Stuffs:
- Actor Toolbox: in the game, when you press ESC to go to the main menu, you will see the button of Actor Toolbox on the top. This toolbox has the ability to repair, upgrade your weapons and outfits. This toolbox also merged the AMK sleep bag function.

- Chinese Traditional Skill System: You will have five kinds of skills, with both good and bad effects, when you reach a higher rank, you will have the ability to upgrade your skill. The skills comes as artifacts so you have to put them on the belt. These skills can be learned via the Actor Toolbox. I used a group of ICONS from a mod pack (Maybe SIMBION), however I forgot the name, they will be cited later, thank first.

- Living skills: You will need these skills to enable the toolbox to repair and upgrade. They can be learned at the traders(Cordon, Bar, Yantar, Freedom, ...) You will also need hunter skill to get mutant part. This part comes from the Freestate MOD, but I have changed it a lot so I think it can be "my stuff." Thanks to Doug Wolanick.

- Weapons and outfits upgrade system: You can have more accurate or more damage weapons and better outfits with the Actor Toolbox, this will cost your rank.

- When you destroy a wood or metal box, you will have chance to loot some good things or small mutants. See videos here:

- Gamble at the traders.

Special thanks:
- AMK team, I learned UI scripting from AMK sleep bag mod.

- Doug Wolanick, the author of the old Freestate MOD. I got the idea of "skill" and some other ideas and LUA scripting skill from this great mod.

MODs I merged:
Auto Anti-Rad Injection 1.1 - Atrocious
ZRP Project 1.05 R10 - ZRP Team
Blowout From Probri Story - dez0wave and the team
Free Play MOD - DZXXX
Satellite Photo Map - Darius6
Particle Enhancement V3 - EggChen
AI pack RC with Co-op - xStream, Zoid, Tambovski, BAC9-FLCL, Kasper, Zoid, Masster, Iwer, Domestos
Beta-Style Weather - dez0wave
Stalkers are not blind - Red75
Show Reward Mini Mod - onionradish at bitlet dot com
Some Gosuke Weapons - Gosuke
Some Weapons from SIMBION - SIMBION
Some Arsenal Weapons - Arsenal
Icons from WinXP Shell - Bill Gates
Icons from Clear Sky - GSC & THQ
Nightvision MODs - Niels Andersen
InGameCC - Not Yet Known, Sorry.
Float32 - Not Yet Known, Sorry.

May be something else I forgot, please let me know if there is something I missed. If you are not happy with the way I cite the great MODs, please let me know politely.

Not yet merged with plan:
- Faction Change & Reset 1.1 - Atrocious
- Arena Extension English 1.1 - Kstn, IG-2007, Siro, Darius6
- Rules of Engagement - KoGar

Install Instruction:
- You must have a clean original game no earlier than 1.0004 to use this MOD.
- Edit the fsgame.ltx and at the gamedata line change both variables to true (one of them is already true)
- Copy the content of the package to your Stalker game directory.
- Read this infomation or the Readme document in the pack.
- Start a new game, and enjoy the mod.

PS: This mod is still under development. And it is developed in Chinese and translated to English, so it may have some English Text bugs, please let me know if you found one.


  01:33:30  7 November 2008
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Max Fu


On forum: 10/22/2007

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11/07/2008 2:31:32
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RC4.0 B081107 is out.

RC4.0 B081107 is out.
Change is big this time. New Game needed.
1.You have 1% chance to find a zombie, controller or burner at your back when you break a box. That box is their trap.
2.Weapons in different maps changed slightly.


Caution: This version is developed under 1.0005 game. So the user of 1.0004 game need to setup manually.
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