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Freeplay Start

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  10:43:29  28 August 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2007
Messages: 861
Freeplay Start

from the very beginning - sorry for my not good and coarse English... i am Ukrainian and know English just so-so.. all translating for today are mine... so may be a lot of text mistakes in mod...

this version is still "beta" .. but it doesn't means that it should crash that means it's not completed in some ways

version 0.94
*need starting new game

allow to start game with no storyline.
- player can enter it's name and choose starting community at game start
- depening on community selected - different starting points and loadout
- changed weather on Yantar, Pripyat and Nuclear Plant (both levels)
- added additional level changers: most of them from mod NewLevelChanger 2.1.4 (Author: Sak)

- added two nameless mods making anomalies invisible
- added some bug-fixes from Bardak and ZRP
- added scritp from Priboy Story for making stalker not to stare at player forever on meet
- added alternative respawner (respawn_adjuster_r2 by kstn)
- added Dead bodies and weapons janitor 1.0 Author: Skunk
- Sun and Moon repaired (taken part of mod Moon_n_Diary_Repair_Mod_1.2 Author: DEXXX)
- added mod that rebalances weapons (mod "Уловка Стального Крыса - Перебалансированное оружие" (Author: steelrat UA))
- removed damage by campfires
- removed shine and jumping of artefacts
- removed ability to trade to heavy-wounded NPC
- removed ability to take and finish quests from heavy-wounded NPC
- added option to mark heavy-wounded friendly stalkers
- added time on hud *(i don't know exact author of this code, latest changes was from steelrat UA and me (XiaNi))
- added mod making stalkers treat you by your outfit you wear (Author: Red75)
- added anomaly manager, anomaly evading logic, ability to sleep - all from ZENOBIAN mod with authorization from it's author (Author: ZEN)
- added psy-zones all over Zone
- Radar and Yantar "brain-washing"-machines are off at the start but you can turn them on/off again at any time (Monolith stalkers have a little immunity to those machines)
- the only way to "complete" the game is to get killed or to make a wish on "Monolith"

Download available here:

p.s.: mod made for patch 1.0005 .. but inside gamedata there would be two folders - named config_10004 and scripts_10004, so to make mod compatible with your version just copy contents of that folders into "config" and "scripts" folders
  09:30:02  30 August 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2007
Messages: 861
FreeplayStart v0.96

- fixed xr_motivator (hope now will get rid of error xr_motivator:367)
- added AMK scripts for stalker loot dead bodies and pickup valuable items (Authors: AMK team, integration into my mod: xRatx )
- added mod for repair weapons and armor (Author: shebuka, integration into my mod: Ceano, modified by me)
* about repair - for now i made so any stalker will have repair dialog - but not all stalker would be able to repair, as higher rank as more probable that stalker will know how to fix... traders have much more lower prices for repair
- removed several anomalies on Pripyat in area of Freedom camp (fewer people will die and also hope it will fix error with unreachable point of path)

download here:
  11:07:45  24 September 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2007
Messages: 861
FreeplayStart 0.9652

0.9652 <-- Current latest version (2008-09-24)
- fixed crash from respawning psy-dog by undefined section "psy_dog_weak"

- removed all free walking Monolith soldiers on Nuclear Plant 1
- added camp and respawn point for Monolith near entrance inside Nuclear Plant
- removed all outfits scattered all over Nuclear Plant 1 level, one of them skipped but changed to Monolith type
- added several monsters lairs on Nuclear Plant 1 level
- far level changer NP1-NP2 moved farther (but now it stands in right place)
- removed "death zone"s from "pools" on Nuclear Plant 1 level
- added stalkers camp (there could be stalkers, ecologs, freedom, military, monolith)
- added several monsters lairs on Nuclear Plant 2 level
- changed visuals of teleports, they now much less visible. pay more attention especialy on Nuclear Plant 2 level, coz there is a lot of air distortions
- fixed wrong placement of anomaly_manager load. (should fix some bugs)

- fixed saved game loading bug

- sleeping bag icon made smaller (from 3x2 to 2x1)
- added option to use or not AMK dynamic weather (in scripts/xiani_config.script)

- fixed (again) crash in xr_motivator:367 (thanks to Kanyhalos for a bit of help)
- fixed crash in repair dialog
- fixed inaccesible waypoint crash in Freedom camp and Monolith camp in Pripyat, that was caused by too close anomalies (those anomalies were removed)
- fixed reward "desert eagle" in one of Max's quests
- fixed spawning of Pavlik near to Mercs camp
- moved bandit appearing between stalkers novice camp and military camp on Escape
- returned back to life almost all deads on levels: Garbage, Agroprom, Bar, Yantar, Radar
- added weather scripts from AMK (Author: xStream) and weather configs from NightViz (weather designed for dx8 ... i am not sure how it will be looking on dx9.. sorry)
- fixed movement of sun and moon across the sky (was used coordinates from demo of Clear Sky, for a little help thanks to Hattab)
  16:55:40  2 October 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2007

Message edited by:
10/02/2008 16:56:35
Messages: 861
FreeplayStart v0.966

- fixed map of NuclearPlant levels .. sometimes map markers was not visible on those levels
- removed automatic task to open the code-door in Dark Valley undergraund level (for now doors just opened ... later may be i will change that)
- once again attempt to fix terrain masks conflict of pseudodogs and NuclearPlant

- removed conflict of terrain masks for pseudodogs and psy-dog (making them unable to go to "Stancia1"
- from "Stancia2" removed all "green" smoke and air distortions
- for fun removed emission(and it's sound) going into sky on Stancia2 (the one that was alike Psy-Lab or... i don't know how to explain...)
- added missing script
- removed repair dialogs to every stalker except traders

Download link as always:
  14:31:59  24 November 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2007
Messages: 861
FreeplayStart v0.97

- fixed issue with ecolog stalkers blocking Saharov "trade window"
- added options to control stalkers and monsters leaving from camps and lairs in smart_terrain.script
>>> option "allow_timeout_for_exclusives" - if exclusive NPC can leave it's smart_terrain (better to set to "false" for those who want traditional camps content ('true' will add more freedom and movement to camps))
>>> option "allow_mob_leave_at_day" - allows monsters to leave lairs by timeout at daytime (otherwise they will leave only at night)
>>> option "allow_npc_leave_at_night" - allows stalkers to leave camps by timeout at night (otherwise they will wait for morning and then will go... and they free to leave at daytime)
- added fix with error while saving in psy-zones
- added sleep points to Dark Valley (thanks to Hakuni for given coordinates)
- population increased on NuclearPlant2 level

Download link as always:
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