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  05:33:36  4 November 2007
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Don Reba
02/03/2008 8:35:20
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----------------------- General Information ---------------------


Russo (everything)
Big thanks for Foxhound (suit hud textures) and Zenoth (Uploader and testing)

Stalker Version: 1.0004

This is not a "realism mod", though many things will have a sort of "realism", this version is very different from the ABC 1.0, i did many changes in the gameplay, AI and Stalker & Weapons damages.

When you start, you wont see all the mod potential, you will probably need to play 2-4 hours, because everything in game is affected by your skill which is based on your rank, i.e. weapons and suits, those 2 items will work depending of your skill and depending of the item, some items will work better and advanced items wont work very well, so when you start you will need to pick the correct items and as you advance, those advanced items will work better. The things will get better and worse as you advance through the ranks.

Ah there is a cool thing that you can do if you get the super gauss, it work very well for throwing explosive items far away.
Very cool, check out my video.

ABC INferno - Video:

This is a small preview with high-tech weapons/devices, you will see Portals, Dynamic hud, radiation and weapons progress bar, Super Gauss, Radiation Weapons, Blood Effect, everything with Gore Mod ON(you can choose to enable or not).

* Notice that you wont get those items in Cordon, i just gave myself those items to make this video and dont think that i spoiled it, there are much more stuffs and this video would be much more cool, if i did it while playing the "Inferno", but i didnt want to spoil it, also there is no pictures of many cool stuffs.


------------------ ABC Inferno - Main Features ------------------



* Encycopledia Story - New information about Chernobyl Disaster and the Sotry behind
the mod features, that explain certain events, such as Blowout Waves, Inferno, Portals, Weather, etc...

* New epic events, such as Inferno, Faction Wars, Portals that also can promote more "Faction Wars" and
alot Vanilla events edited, for instance the robbers guys at Dark Valley that offer you a Gauss Weapon, now
it's not a lie, it's there and you will find if you are willing to do what is necessary.

* Progressive Gameplay - Everything is affected by your skill, weapons, suits, events,
Repair tool, etc... As you advance you can use your items better, your weapon will work
better, your suit will work better and you will be able to make a better repair of your
equipments, not only that, but as you advance and get more money, the suit that you buy
also have different properties(weight/power), so as you advance ingame, you will be able
to carry more stuffs and even if some how you make money to buy an advanced suit, it will be
good as your skill, so to get anything working as it supposed to be you muse advance through ranks.

i.e. Novice 65kg, Militar Suit 110kg, Exo Suit: 150kg, Nano Suit: 210kg, WG-R Dark(EXO) 300kg.
* Suit WG-P EXO 460kg * This would be the last suit and it's entire up to you to get it or not, you can't buy it, it's
an event and the event it's after NPP level and if you choose to get this suit, it will also start another event.

* NPP Blowout - The timout now is longer, almost 12 minutes, so you will have enough
time to explore and once you "finish" the game, the Freeplay feature will turn off
the blowout post-effects, then the next time you go back to both NPP levels, there wont be
a timeout for blowout or deadzone, but there will be mutants. Also if you go to wish granter and make a wish, you will be
able to go back to previous levels, because there wont be blowout dead zone.

* Interative Wish Granter - Wish Granter have an entirely new role, Wish Granter is no longer a "static figure", now you can choose
your wish and now your wish will become true or maybe not (See pictures)
- There is also more 2 wishes, 7 in total and each of them start a new event and after you make a wish, the Wish Granter will go down
for a day, so there you will have the option to contine to NPP level or go back to previous level, then if you wish, you can go back
and make a new wish.
- 2 of those wishes are one time wish, the others will take a day to show up again and others may take more than 5 days.

* You may become a Zombie depending of your actions and if you become a zombie, then your gameplay will be affected by everything,
it's not just about being part of "zombied stalker" factions, the way you will see the world will be very different.
- Info: if this happen to you, then some one will send you a radio message, telling you how to get the antidote.
- Your way through the game will be very hard, since you are no longer a stalker, so everyone will attack you, till
you get the antidote and you wont be able to see the "true ending", so dont even try.

* New HUD & Dynamic HUd and also a new Inventory Screen(both with widescreen support) - Radiation bar, Skill/Weapon condition progress bar, Dynamic Suit Hud
and new hud with small artifacts, new pda icon, etc...

* Freeplay - The game never ends and when once you "finish" by one of the true endings, it will
unlock the option to join all Factions, so you can play from a different perspective, also the
zone in both NPP levels will be different, blowout-post effects will be off without a timer and
the last NPP level wont have dead zone radiation. You can also go to Wish Granter, make a wish and
go back to Pripyat.

Info - Once you get in sarcofagous, you wont be able to go back to outside of NPP, because of the blowout,
so you will need to give the game a time, then go to wish granter and make a wish, after that,
you will be able to go to outside of NPP level.

* Inferno - New story event linked to Chernobyl Story and Portals, make sure you check your PDA for more info.
- This is not a "blowout wave", the weather is more dark and the effects are totally different, this also happen more
often than the blowout waves, but this event only start after a certain event, you will know if you check your pda.

I didnt upload any picture of it, i didnt want to spoil, but it's similar to Constantine movie(The Inferno Part).

The Inferno is also "progressive", as you advance it get worse.

* Portals - New story event linked to Chernobyl Story, Blowout Waves and Artifacts.

- You can open portals to any place using a "Twin Artifact", drop 2 of those artifacts at
different places and you will have a portal, which can work on both ways(A-B/B-A).
I.e. Drop one in Cordon and another in Bar, as soon you go through the portal you will be
teleported to Bar and vice versa.

* You will be allowed to make 2 portals per level:
- One to any level and another for the same level, if you drop a 3rd and a 4th portal
artifact in the same level, the last portal will be replace for the new one, though
you portal to a different level will stay, unless if you drop another artifact and go
to another level and drop it again.

- Portals are good for fighting largue number of NPC's, you can set new tactics with portals.
- You can also use portal for special events.

i.e. drop one in the Bar level and then when you get at last level and if you don't have enough ammo, you can drop one there,
then you get a portal to bar level NPP-BAR / BAR-NPP and once you go through, you can buy more stuffs from trader and continue
the story going back NPP level through portal, it's a matter of knowing where to use it.

* Portals have many side effects:

- When you a Portal, others NPC's or creatures may come from it, see pda story for more info, it's also follow
a progressive logic, when more advanced your are, more stuffs may come from it.

- Info: Watch out where you open a Portal, don't put near walls, fences, etc... you may get stuck.
PS: do not put a portal inside the bar, im not talking about the bar level, just the barman area, that would be dumb,
if npcs or creatures come from it, well you know what gonna happen.


* New Horror Time - It's dynamic, it happens at an unknow hour and have different effects.

* New Blowout Waves - It's more rare and will happen when you are not thinking about it, check your pda
for more info. Do not confuse this with the Real Blowout, this is only the consequence of the real one.
The idea of waves are different from the real blowout, anyway check your pda for more info.
(this is really a small feature compared to others, the good thing is that you can experience it, instead of hiding, it gets old)

* Chaotic Weather - Totally random and chaotic weather, it's not about a "clean weahter" and nice skies, but a mess,
there is more info about it on pda.

* Dynamic Suit hud - Your suit affect your current hud vision and it also follow the suit condition, as you get
shot, you will see cracks, bullet hole, broken glass and also hear those effects.
- You can also remove helmet/Gasmask in real time ingame and when you do, it will also affect you protection.

* Faction Wars - Random Wars between most factions, Bar invasion(both entrance - random), Freedom base, Blcok post and Duty camp invasion(all Army warehouses level) and it's always
a random faction and not just one scripted event.

* Stalkers AI - I did many changes there and as result the AI can fight better against mutants and player.
- For instance if you snake behind a stalker, you will have a chance to kill.
- They are much more deadly fighting, you will think twice before attacking a group of 3 Stalkers.
- Their chance to surive a wave of mutants attack now its much more higher.
- Rookie camp for instance can fight very well against militaries.

* Faction Status Repair & Join All Factions - You can repair you factions status at Cordon Trader and
join Ecolog, Duty and Freedom, after you "finish" the game you will be able to join any faction.

* Repair Kit & Tools - You will be able to repair any item and use the suit helmet remove tool.

* Artifact Repair - This Artifact can repair weapon and suit.

* Repair Traders & NPCs - each one of them with a different price for repair and a limite condition for repair.
- Added a repair guy in Agrorom and Pripyat.

* Nano Upgrade Kits: Special Nano Artifact that can increasse health, power and kevlar protection.
Power - Stamina recover, Helath - Cell regeneration, Kevlar 10% Bullet Proof, Kevlar 20% Bullet Proof, Kevlar 30% Bullet Proof

* Addd All possible cut out mutants - Burer, Cat, Chimera, Fracture, Zombies and Ghosts.
Ghosts: From most powerfull mutants and all cut out mutants.
Zombies: 2 New zombies(Ghost and Immortal) and One re-skined Zombie, also the Ghost version of them.

* New Bloodsucker(Hell Bloodsucker) - This is a mix of Predator and Bloodsucker

* Multizone Stalkers - All Factions going through all levels.
i.e. When you start a new game, by night there will be already zombied and Mercs going to cordon.
Mercs, Bandits or freedom may try to takeover others areas such as bar.

* 12 Slots for Belt - Userfull to add Nano upgrade kits, detectors, artifacts, etc...

* 2 New Special items - You can only get them after NPP level, both are linked to game story and if
you try to get them, both will start a new event, also those items have high negative side effects, if you use
you will need to balance it using others items.

* All Weapons tweaked, most weapons accept attachments and can fit in pistol slot.
Some of them have real world values for both AI settings and power, but it's not a bs instant kill, i tried to balance it.
The weapons will be as good as you advance ingame, there is a progress bar for your
current weapon condition that is also a sort of your skill level, as you advance, you weapon
will work better.
- Unique Weapons also have different prices and new settings i.e. better zoom.
- New effect for grenades and others stuffs.

* Weapons with Radiation - "Black Bolt", Super Gauss, Fn2000, Vintorez, G36, LR300 and Chaser, those unique weapons are always emitting
radiation and are more powerfull.

* Better Stalker Damage for NPCs and Player, but keep in mid that all npcs have a suit protection, so aim for neck/head.

* Trading System: Each of them have different items, prices and a different random chance for a certain item to show up.
i.e. scientists = High-Tech stuffs and Artifacts, Nano suit, kit upgrade, super gauss, Gauss pistol, radiation weapons, etc...
Depending of the trader, there will be different stuffs for trading, for instance you wont be able to buy a duty suit at
freedom trader and vice versa, freedom also have some stuffs more cheap and duty have unique weapons, etc...

* Sleeping Bag - Sleeping using a item from menu, now you can drop the bag.

* Sleep Mod without hunger - you will need at least one food item in your inventory, you dont need to eat, but you will need that item.

* Money Looting - Take money from NPCs.

* Anomalies and Artifacts - Anomalies may look like a hot air and artifacts spawn rate was tweaked.
Info: Now Repair Artifact and Teleport Artifact can spawn from anomalies and you can by better detectors.

* Fixed Pripyat Stadium Animation - Now you see the animation and you can enter through the main gate.

* Added new Waypoints - Cordon-DarkValley / Pripyat-NPP / NPP-Sarcophagus.

* Knife and Black Bolt throwing - Bolt Artifact, it's a lethal weapon for short distance,
but you will need at least another artifact to balance the radiation.
- Knife throwing is good for medium and long distance, with a little practice you can master it.

* New effects for radiation and bleeding, depending of the amount of radiation your
vision will start to blur, etc... and the same thing if you are heavily wounded.

* 3 types of night vision - Good Blue, Good Green and Bad Green.
- All gas mask suits have support for night vision.

* New Binoculars - it have a better zoom and it was made espcially for Chaotic Weather and Dark nights.

* New Scopes - Most of them are true to real world weapons and i added a green crosshair for better vision.

* Less Generic Stalkers - Most Stalkers, Bandits and Rookies and it's totally random, i removed some ugly skins from ABC 1.0
Most main story NPCs have vanilla skin(from game, not default skin) and others are a mix of skins.

* More physics, you can grab most items, npcs and creatures.

* Blockpost in Garbage - If you help Duty killing mutants, you can bypass without the military case.

* Many rewards, stashes were edited for new items.

* You can eat mutants parts, some of them can work as medkit, antirad, food, etc...

* Less food and less medkits.

* New PDA & Hand Textures.

* New Blood & Gore mode - gore blood, you can choose to turn it on or off, it's just a matter to do ALT TAB and edit the option and load the current save game.
New Blood Effect - new textures and particle effects
Vaporize Effect - Body vaporize ala war of the worlds movie

* ABC Inferno will work with any language, because i made it to use only 2 files, the mod doesnt touch vanilla files.
You will only see unique stuffs in english, all the rest are original.(see readme.txt for installing)

** [Mod Settings] ** (gamedatascriptsdb.script), there are options for almost everything, i strong suggest
to play with default settings, then you can see how it feels, also this is meant to be
a "progressive style" mod, so certain events only start after you advance ingame, so you
wont see all mod potential on the 1st hour, so give the mod a time before changing anything.

Here is some of the options that you may would like to change:

- How often should NPC spawn/travel through the levels
- Show Off feature?(blowout waves at 8am.)
- Blowout Waves On or Off
- Spawn mutants during blowout waves?
- More mutants for Blowout Waves?
- Horror Time?
- More mutants for Horror Time?
- Spawn Cabrobro NPC?
- Should your current suit affect your HUD vision?
- Use scope over Suit Hud?
- Chaotic Weather?
- Gore mod?
- Use Weapons inside bar, bunker and etc ?

I also added "myself" to the game, my npc name is "Cabrobro", it's off by default, but if you feel
that the start is a little bit hard, then you can turn this on and "I will take care of rookie camp"
and i can repair your weapon and suit for a better price, but dont try to kill me, im a experienced
stalker with a high-tech nano suit

Why "Cabrobro"? well that is my nickname for the most stuff i do on the internet, "speed" is just an account
and "Russo" is my real life nick name.

* There are also most of the ABC 1.0 features, like:
Artifact Activation, New weapons, new suits, etc... and many others small changes.

-------------- EOF - ABC Inferno - Main Features -------------

Features from others mods.
- Sleep mod by Ab@dDon - You can sleep by talking to a NPC.
* I edited this script to work with my no hunger mod and my sleeping bag call this script,
so it's only there because it work with the mods above and if you dont have a sleeping bag, you can use a npc.

- Carrys Mod 3.0 by Save - You can lift all physic objects and buy explosives from trader.
* I had to make a new image, so i could add all my unique items.
* I fixed suit captures and added alot more physic objects.

- Antigas-Armor-Mod v4.1 by Lexx - This mod gives to the game 12 "new" armos.
* i had to make a new, so i could add my 3 unique suits and tweak suit values.

- 10 Days Quest Mod by Azzer - Quests now give you 10 game days to complete, it also fix other quests.
* I edited a few stuffs for new missions and differente treasures.

- Trader Reapir Mod by Shebuka - You can repair your weapons and suit.
* I tweaked most functions to work with my progressive gameplay mod and the mod will remember
if the weapon was repaired by trader or by you and each trader have a unique price.

- Skins: I edited some of them and give them new meshes.
Real world Weapons by KnifeInFace
Rookie and bandits skinpack by KnifeInFace and whatpayne.
Ah i almost forgot, i got one texture from Domm2405(l85 scope) and edited it.

- 1.0004 bug fix attempt by bardak - This mod is an attempt to fix some of the bugs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
* Most of those files are merged with ABC files(scripts and all.spawn).

* I must also credit the Horror mod by Dancal for the weather, i got one of my weathers from there and edited it.
EOF - Features from others mods.


Discussion thread:
  10:08:35  4 September 2008
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I try and play new game, but it gets to Creating new game and does nothing?
  23:35:33  6 September 2008
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Mr. Mutant
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On forum: 08/04/2008
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can you post ALL the new patxhes versions and such plz and thank you
  06:03:43  7 September 2008
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On forum: 03/24/2008
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can you post ALL the new patxhes versions and such plz and thank you

Inferno v1.1:;84144x

You must delete config and script folders from your stalker gamedata before applying this patch.

Beta 1.4:
  19:05:30  8 September 2008
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On forum: 03/31/2007
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well from what i under stand, is that russo does not like coming here. so that may be why he has not replied to you on this. but if you go here
and check russo links in his sig. you will find the new down load for the mod and the latest patch for it there to.

but Tugatoga has the same info on it. also you must do what he has stated and what the readme notepad has to. if you do not it will do what you have going on.

i am waiting for his next release of his mod. which will be the best yet. and of any mod i have played yet , his has been the best so far. IMHO
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