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  02:34:22  1 October 2009
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On forum: 05/21/2009
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ModDB Page:

1.05 Full:

1.0552 Patch:

Installation Instructions:

1. Install Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
2. Patch the game to 1.0005
3. Unpack the multipart compression of 0.9 beta
4. Copy the "gamedata" folder into your Stalker directory
4. Delete the pre-existing "config", "shaders", and "scripts" folder from the "gamedata" directory
6. Unpack the latest patch/RC and overwrite the 0.9 beta with the new gamedata folder
7. Select whatever optionals you wish to use
8. Disable Prefetching by selecting "properties" no your Stalker shortcut, and referring to the image guide
9. Edit the "fsgame.ltx" to read as "true" under gamedata by refeerring to the image guide
10. Run the game using the modified shortcut
11. Post any issues you may encounter on the ModDB website found here:


New Features:

* Added Optional Head-Bobbing
* Fixed Crash from missing weapon ranks
* Added Saiga-12, for sale at The Bar
* Added Optional Minimap Restoration
* Added Optional Nightvision replacements
* Added disclaimer for Detail Grass Usage
* PB now has fixed Suppressor
* Enfield now has Fixed Scope
* Added More Comprehensive Installation Instructions
* Added Mosin Nagant
* Fixed High Accuracy on MP5
* Fixed High Accuracy on Bizon
* Fixed Ballistics for Mosin Nagant
* Fixed Icon for Mosin Nagant
* Added Description to Mosin Nagant
* Added Option to Double Grass Detail Density and Draw Distance
* Added Detailed Color Coded Statistics for Armor
* Added Stamina Bar on HUD
* Fixed TOZ-34 Hand-Clipping
* Added New Animations for the Winchester-1300
* Added New Animations for the SPAS-12
* Reduced Health and Resistance for Fleshes

Incorporated Fixes and Features:

* Fixed Crash from Disabled Quest Limit
* Changed Unlimited Quest Time to 5 days
* Added Enhanced Color Saturation
* Added Enhanced Light Contrast
* Added Sun Shader Masking
* Added Enhanced Parralax
* Disabled Time Limit on Side Quest
* Fixed crash from missing G36E scope texture
* Fixed crash from missing AUG scope texture
* Enemies dish more damage, and are more accurate
* Fixed Crash caused from missing encyclopedia entry
* Fixed starting jacket containing high level nightvision
* Fixed Groza being a holy god gun
* Reposition Groza orientations
* Fixed 9x39 ammunition weight
* Added Optionals Section for Weight and Weather
* Morning Clear Weather is now more visually appealing
* Economy is completely fixed and overhauled for balance
* Purchasing weapons and armor is now much more expensive
* Artifact selling and purchasing has been fixed
* Monster Part and Artifact values have been toned down
* Appropriate weapon attatchements are now fully purchasable
* All ammunitions are available through traders now
* Much larger selection of weapons, randomized to reduce clutter
* Proper scaleable selection from game progression
* L.U.R.K. is no longer easy due to prerelease bugs
* Fixed Descriptions on Some Weapons
* Increased Flashlight Power
* Trader gun dropping issue has been resolved (requires restart for those who have already encountered the issue, otherwise you're fine)
* Headbobbing toned down significantly
* Weight Limit is now enforced and functional
* All attatchments have been fixed and can be mounted again
* Master difficulty is much harder then previously
* Novice Mode no longer is enabled with godmode
* All crashes reported have been fixed
* Certain weapon descriptions have been filled
* Sleeping Bag Icon is now visible, albeit shitty
* Snorks saying "Get out of here Stalker" has been removed

* Many other general stability fixes and bug fixes

I don't frequent GSC, so if you want your bug report to be heard, go to the ModDB bug report thread.
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