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Salvage Mod 2.0

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  14:07:41  22 September 2009
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a bit of this and a lot of that


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Salvage Mod 2.0

Salvage Mod 2.0

So here is version 2 of salvage mod.

A lot of people might not like it and some might be sick of repair mods, but I did this as a learning experience, and learn I did.

1.) Installation instructions.
2.) How it works.
3.) Notes and Tips.
4.) Thanks.

1.) Installation

i) Unpack .rar file with Winrar.

ii) Put gamedata folder in your shoc folder.

If this is your first mod then 
	      if fsgame_first_line == $game_data$ = true| false| $fs_root$| gamedata\ then
	    	fsgame_first_line = $game_data$	= true|	true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

(Sorry, couldnt resist that)

2.) How it Works

This works for rifles only.

When you are ingame, press escape to go to main_menu. Click on the "REPAIR RIFLE" button underneath the "exit to windows" button.

A repair menu will pop up showing your active rifle and a list of weapons you may use to repair it with.

Just click on the "Salvage Parts" button next to the weapon you want to use.

3.) Notes and Tips


i) You must have a weapon in slot 3 (slot 2 in script) or you will be prompted to do so.

ii) Your active rifle must have a condition of 70% or less to be able to be repaired, if it is higher,
you will be prompted so.

iii) You must have at least one of the same kind of weapon as your active weapon in your inventory, and its
condition must be less than 50% to be used for parts, or it will tell you there are no weapons available.

iiii) If the condition of the rifle you are salvaging parts from is <= 20% then your active rifle`s condition
will be increased by 10%. If the condition of the rifle you are salvaging parts from is > 20% then
your active rifle`s condition will be increased by 20% and rifle condition will be repaired up to a maximum of 79%.

iiiii) The rifle you salvage parts from will be rendered useless and will be dropped.


i) This mod was created on a widescreen moniter and I have no idea what it will look like otherwise.

ii) This mod should work with any other mod that does not include new weapons. However, there is a solution to new weapons.
If you are using an existing weapon model but have changed its name then Just go to gamedata\textures\ui and right click on the file that pertains to your new weapon, and save it as where your_new_weapon is the name of your new weapon section, and that should work fine. If you have new models that are not in vanilla, then you can open the file (with gimp or whatever your using) , cut out your weapon, paste to a new file, scale it to a width of 80 pixels, save it to gamedata\textures\ui as where wpn_section is the new section name of your weapon in the ltx file and youre done.

iii) There was supposed to be menu music, but I couldnt get it working before I wanted to release the mod.

iiii) I think thats it. Any queries, just ask in the "Salvage Mod 2.0 discussion thread" @ GSC.

4.) Thanks

i) Thanks to the creaters of the Atlas Spawn mod, where I learned how to create a window.

ii) Thanks to {Imperialreign} for sound converting, editing and commenting.(although I couldnt get it to work, I may release a patch with little tweaks later)

iii) And last but certainly not least, a very big THANKYOU to Barin, without whom this mod would not be possible.
Thanks for all your help Barin and for all your patience

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