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Zone Wars

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  00:11:15  2 September 2009
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Average Joe - Used to be Jamie1992


On forum: 03/16/2008
Messages: 5051
Use the discussion thread dude.
  23:52:10  1 September 2009
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On forum: 07/12/2008
Messages: 19
awesome, downloading this now

maybe take a look at this mod test i made, it spawns zombies at specific parts of the story and at specific locations, it's only a test though so far, it only has some spawns on Cordon and i will probably add more to that level too. the only thing it has in common with zone wars is that it spawns enemies i guess but w/e. spawning through script is pretty useful.
  00:19:38  31 August 2009
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Average Joe - Used to be Jamie1992


On forum: 03/16/2008
Messages: 5051
Zone Wars

[Rel] -Zone Wars-

So here we are, i decided to get back up onto the saddle and take SOC for another ride, in my own style, alot of people said that FW V1 was better than V1.01, mainly because well, V1.01 was less hectic i gather, well worry not, for your awnser is here, kinda, Zone wars, built ontop of Fw V1 is here to replace V1.01 in such ways.

Alot of things have been added.

FW V1 as a base
New Ragdoll physics - Ragdoll physics V1.3
Ai Pack 1.0005 - Medkit, Suit, Grenade and Camp Cleaning
Elements of Thomas Geidon's mod - Random weapon loadouts
Elements of Arsenal weapons, just a couple, nothing major, will be added to random loadouts for more variety.
Rulix - NPC GL Use, trust me, its fricken annoying but damn awesome!
Arena Extension Mod
Body Looting
Money Looting (NPC's also take money)
New spawns - done via script
PLR Weapons - for realistic Ballistics
Blowouts from Priboi
And other small tweaks like weapons in bar, able to kill things in the bar and such without pissing Duty off.

Anyway, its time to give it to you to play and demolish, rip apart and tinker, alot of the files are easy to edit as you will see if you sift through em for example:

To change what spawns during blowouts, go to gamedata\config\blowout, inside are 2 files Mutants and Artefacts, Mutants can be changed to spawn anything you want after a blowout, and the Artefacts can be edited to spawn any amount of Artefacts to any level after a blowout, play around, change it to what you wish, makes a nice touch to play how you want in little parts.

Theres a couple of Optional Addons for the mod in the Optional Extras folder, with short extra descriptions.

Credit goes out to:

Thomas Geidon
Creators of Arsenal
Creators of Rulix
Creators of Ai Pack
Creators of AEM + The english translation team = Siro + Darius
Creators of the Ragdoll Physics pack
AMK for the body looting
My hugest thanks goes out to Priboi/Dez0wave, for letting me use there Blowouts, and for the huge amount of support they have given me with not only this but other projects.

And a huge hand for my Testers - Balious, -=Grunt=-, IrishStalker.

I really hope you enjoy this mod, feel free to do what you wish with it, spread the word and such, if you wish to use any part of this mod or as a whole, please let me know, by dropping me an email, thats all i ask.

Thanks for reading this.

Jamie1992 & Testers

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