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Shadow of Chernobyl Complete

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  23:27:24  6 April 2011
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04/06/2011 23:44:42
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Decided to give this mod a try and I'm enjoying it immensely, but I do have a question.

I went to the 100Rads and the voices are (as usual) so repetive that I went to crank up Modifier.exe to turn them off. There's no Modifier.exe in the manual install download - is that by design or am I missing the exe? I tried Modifier.exe (version from ZRP 1.07 and it really messed me up - I had to reinstall the game and the mod and my saves would not do anything but crash the game. After that I tried an older version of Modifier.exe (version from ZRP 1.05. with exactly the same results.

So I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had the Modifier.exe and could tell me what version their's is or if the file might be peculiar to STALKER Complete version 1.4.4. I have not tried the self-installer version yet for fear of messing up some gamedata files or rendering my saves useless and having to start over. If it comes down to installing over the manual version I'll do it but with everything in gamedata backed up.


System Specs
ASUS with Intel i7 quad core 64 bit - 2.67 Ghz
Ram - 9GB
Nvidia GTX - 260 896MB GDDR3 Video RAM
Display and STALKER set at 1280 x 1024
Windows Vista x64

Stalker SoC patched to 1.0005

I have to say I very much like this mod, my first. While a game is far more than just its graphics, excellent graphics helps increase the sense of immersion.

Additionally, adding the repair capability is a huge realism improvement for me. The old system of no repair is totally gamie. Also, the Realistic Weapons addon changes game play a lot, requiring much more caution and care.

The weather is great - had a thunder storm last night that was the best I've ever seen in a computer game. The weather and lighting may be more colourful than vanilla, but it can be even more oppressive and menacing. During a recent reinstall I was walking around in vanilla and the weather/sky/ambiance was frankly boring after Complete.

And oddly, I really like the music that has been added. Sound like a small thing, but it really adds a lot to the overall atmosphere.

On the negative side, I took a huge FPS hit from vanilla, though I'm still around 60+ and playable. I have also had quite a few stutter issues, some of which ended in CTD. Don't know if this is due to Complete or not, currently restarted in a very vanilla + Complete install to see what might be the problem.

Recommend this mod if you have the computer power.

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