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Crucible (SSOC 1.005)

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  10:55:47  13 April 2010
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On forum: 08/30/2008

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04/14/2010 17:45:06
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New mod - Crucible - RC 1.


Modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - 1.0005

Compiled by Csoldier.

First of all, full credit to the modders / mod teams of the following mods for the incorporated content –

AMK / Oblivion Lost 2.2 (main gameplay additions).
Priboi Story (sounds, ui_icon_eqiupment icons)
Stalker Complete (weapon sounds)
Gosuke’s Mosin Nagant.
Arsenal Mod (select textures, meshes, weapon sounds and ui_icon_eqiupment icons)
Ceano’s Minimal Hud (modified)
BenAfflecks (GSC.Forum) Nightvision files.
Pre Valve version of Day of Defeat (weapon sounds),
Atrocious’ weapon degradation script (modified).

Crucible is a stand alone, evolutionary mod for SSOC 1.005, built upon O.L.
2.2. The main gameplay elements that differentiate Crucible are -
1. a more challenging gameplay experience,
2. an emphasis on more 'realistic' gameplay elements (weapons especially) &,
3. variation of a number of in game elements (for eg. NPC weaponry and stash

Screenshots gallery :

Discussion thread :
The full list of changes/additions are as follows :


Respawn rates and ‘Smart Terrain’ capacities have been altered. Now you will no longer see the same five bandits or five dogs in the same location every time a level is loaded. You may still see bandits or dogs in their respective locations, but now there will be a variation in the number of NPC’s / mutants in each spot and there will be a longer timeframe for respawning to occur. As a result there is also the increased likelihood of NPC’s / mutants to be seen wandering to their respective ‘Smart Terrain’ location as opposed to simply being found at a location straight away. An emphasis has been made to reduce the no. of NPC’s with the exception of the Military faction and to increase the no. of mutants.


CHIMERA - altered sounds by using unused Vanilla mutant sounds to distinguish the Chimera from the Bloodsucker.
BLIND DOG - added extra idle sounds and increased attack rate.
PSUEDODOG - added extra idle and ambient sounds and increased attack rate.
BOARS - Boars have 'thicker' skulls and are more liable to strike on impact with their charge attack.
ZOMBIES - Zombies are more susceptible to headshots, while less susceptible to body shots. Altered Zombie skin textures.
TUSHKANO – ‘Beep’ sound file altered.
SPAWNS - post blowout mutant spawns altered.
GENERAL - all mutants can now be run over by vehicles, some more easily than others.


STATISTICS - altered to match real world parameters (muzzle velocity, capacity, rpm)
DAMAGE RATE - there has been no attempt to 'balance' firearms. Instead a basic calculation was used taking into account bullet weight, size and velocity in order to work out 'hit_power' and 'impulse', so that each firearm is as powerful as the real world stats would dictate.
PENETRATION - increased rate of penetration of most cartridges. Now materials that were once 'cover' are now only concealment (ie wood panels / sheet metal).
AIMING - all iron sight based weapons no longer zoom, added element of 'muzzle sway' depending on stance, thus requiring the need to aim in order to effectively engage targets.
SLUGS AND DARTS - increased the damage dealt for both cartridge types (slugs especially, being a one ounce lead bullet).
SHOTGUNS - reduced shotgun pattern / spread based on barrel length to more 'realistic' levels when aimed. BM16 full length SxS shotgun changed to aim at position equal to crosshair.
EXTRA FIREARMS - Gosuke's iron sight Mosin Nagant, Arsenal Mod Steyr Aug, Tokarev TT33, CZ-52 M16A1, Glock17 and Glock18 as well as the following ‘unique’ weapons : 7.62x51 Saiga, 9x19 Colt, .45ACP Mac10 and 7.62x39 AKSU. PPsH41 and Desert Eagle set to real world chambering using Arsenal Mod 7.62x25 and .50 AE cartridge meshes, textures and icons.
Browning HiPower mesh swapped with the Arsenal Mod mesh, to remove that god awful vanilla mesh.
BOX OF DYNAMITE - extra item that can be picked up, carried, dropped and detonated via fire, electricity or explosives. Caution - this item is very powerful!
HEAVY WEAPONS - No longer restrict running and all weapons can be fired regardless of armour. When your life is on the line, you will haul ass if need be!
SOUNDS - altered most weapon gunfire sounds to distinguish between firearms (based on cartridge velocity and type and barrel size). New sounds commented and volume corrected when emanating from an NPC.
GRENADES - RPG-7 grenade statistics set as a HEAT round. Hand grenade detonation time set to ~3.6 seconds and NPC grenade throwing range reduced.
SCOPES – added real world representations of most scope types (not necessarily to scale).


Nearly all stashes have been altered in line with the corresponding Stash text, with a number of surprises. Some helpful, some not so helpful.
Medicinal items and foodstuffs are less effective.
Some medicinal items and foodstuffs are contaminated.
Less ammunition to be found around the Zone.


Mass limitation / reduction of artifacts in all capacities. I.e. fewer random spawns (Wild Territory/Rostok is no longer a Fireball farm for eg.), fewer artifacts will be found from NPC's and a lesser chance of encountering the rarer artifacts.
In addition artifacts effects have been reduced. Now artifacts are there to aid gameplay, not dominate it.


Mass alteration of NPC weaponry, including extra scopes and suppressors and fewer pistols for novice and regular NPC’s.
STALKERS - greater range of lower end firearms (i.e. Tec9's, Toz shotguns, Mosin Nagants).
BANDITS - same again as Stalkers, with more OTS-33's and Mac-10's.
MERCS - Mac-10's replaced with FN-P90's.
MILITARY – Added a greater variety of military issue weaponry (i.e. extra PKM's, Bizon's, SVD's and RPG's). Lower ranked soldiers carry AK-74's instead of AK74U's.
MONOLITH - Use a greater range of Russian weaponry (i.e. AK-47's, Saiga shotguns, PPSH-41's, PKM's as well as AK-74's).
FREEDOM - Largely unchanged, expect for the inclusion of a few MG3's.
SCIENTISTS - Greater use of Austrian weaponry for distinction.
DUTY – Replaced a select no. of pistols and replaced AN-94 rifles with either AK-74 or AK74SU


Unencumbered weight limit set to 35kg, encumbered weight limit set to 55kg. However ‘exhaustion’ will no longer prevent the ‘actor’ from moving.
Belt load limit of 3 artifacts.
Increased Actor height.
Natural healing rate reduced.
Slight reduction in ‘actor’ speed, which is not noticeable in game, but it does mean mutants can catch upto ‘Strelok’ more easily and are therefore more dangerous.


ANOMALIES – Reduced the number of Burner anomalies in the Rostok tunnel to increase travel time to Yanter. Relocated/removed a select number of anomalies that were more distracting then anything else or where a frequent cause of unrealistic NPC deaths.
TRADERS – altered available equipment.
TEXT – altered / corrected where need be.
MINIMISED HUD – including a modified version of the AMK S10 gas mask hud ‘silhouette’ to allow a clear view of the center of the screen.
SOUNDS – Ghost’s PDA message does not repeat. Spoken dialog in Cordon, Yantar and the Bar altered or removed. Extra ambient sounds added. Binocular, weapon reload and grenade pin volume reduced to prevent NPC’s hearing respective sounds from unrealistic distances.
MUSIC – Extra guitar tunes, including two from Clear Sky and one from the Acoustic Guitar Mod. Harmonica tunes removed.
SKINS – Reverted back to the olive drab Stalker suits (deep blue ain’t that tactical). Altered some of the Exo, bandit, novice and Monolith skins. Added extra Merc skins.
RANDOM EVENTS – slight alterations to a select few events.
SCRIPTED CUTSCENES/FLYBY – removed the in game scripted flyby scenes from Agroprom and Rostok.
DEAD NPC’s – most NPC’s that are spawned in a dead state, but do not disappear as per Vanilla settings, will now disappear after a relevant period of events.
SUN AND WEATHER – Sun changed to rise in the east, arc across the sky and set in the west. Night lighting dimmed for darker nights.
  11:02:43  13 April 2010
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On forum: 03/12/2010

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04/13/2010 11:03:46
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Sounds pretty awesome csoldier

May have to try this sometime.

Although, I'd consider the Mosin an expert's weapon instead of a loser's; old, accurate, and hits like a bull.
  11:40:54  13 April 2010
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Although, I'd consider the Mosin an expert's weapon instead of a loser's; old, accurate, and hits like a bull.

damn of the only things putting me off.
  15:55:02  13 April 2010
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On forum: 08/30/2008

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04/13/2010 15:56:01
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Although, I'd consider the Mosin an expert's weapon instead of a loser's; old, accurate, and hits like a bull.

damn of the only things putting me off.

In practice you'll see that, in general, not many Neutral Stalkers have M/N's. Bear in mind the slow rate of fire and slow reload time offsets it's power. Part of the rational for the use of M/N's in this manner is due to the immense quantities produced by the Soviet Union, so it is far from being a rare item.

In addition, now that even blind dogs are more dangerous, a lone Stalker with a M/N will find it difficult to survive if set upon by a pack of dogs.
Of course this is only Release Candidate 1. I still intend to fix bugs and tweak where necessary.
Also, don't forget the mod discussion thread -

Cheers for your interest.
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