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ABC Inferno 1.4 (beta) EXTREME Addon

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  04:15:29  21 February 2010
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02/22/2010 20:11:17
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Heres the final version version much more improved over the last 2. Gameplay balancing and general bug fixing and anything I missed the last 2 times around.

ABC Inferno 1.4 (beta) Final EXTREME Addon

Heres my Inferno mod I have been working on for a while it's ABC Inferno modernized if you liked the standard Inferno you'll like this.

========ABC Inferno 1.4 (beta) EXTREME Final Addon========

This mod Updates Inferno so that its more inline with the current mods which are available for download, plus it is how I always wanted the Inferno mod to be which is as far as Im concerned is one of my all time favourite mods it is cool.
This mod will Add the following to the standard Abc Inferno mod.
Healing Npc`s
Rulix Ai
Grenade Throwing
Underbarrel grenade launching
Bandit Npc`s wearing exo`s
Better Weather
Better Atmosphere
Better Armed Npc`s
Tougher Npc`s
This mod is for patch 1.005 only.

======================Thanks to=============
Russo, ABC Inferno, Horror time, Portals, Repair Kit, spawns, artifact activation
Xstream AI pack
Maxfu-stuff from build 5
Rulix - RX AI pack
Kanyhalous -OL stuff
OGSE stuff+Particle Fix - Bin files from the OGSE 6.9.1-Thanks Deathdoor
ThunderFreak-Attack scripts
Artos - Simbion RC10 stuff
Shadow state-Stalker - Rebalanced v1.05 levels Folder
'The Nature Mod' by sputnik_tr_02
ZRP and Natvac For the weapons toss.
Vehicle Retexture-bac9-flcl
SkyGRAPHICS v2.0 RC4.1 Shaders.
Barin-Smart terrain debug
Wasteland Team for the merge of all mods

You can now bribe the Duty at the gate in the garbage and go to the bar level instead of doing the agroprom mission.
Coop, You can have a stalker by your side in the zone...hell you can have as many as you want. Ever wanted your own duty bodyguard, well now you can
The Inferno zone is now more atmospheric there may be times now when your in the pitch darkness and you can barely see a few feet ahead even with good nightvision.
Most suits have got good night vision having rubbish night scopes makes no sense to me.
More spawns and action it is alot more lively now there will hardley ever be a dull moment, anything could happen.
Npc`s increased in toughness some just seemed too easy to kill now they are bit harder to drop especialy at the beginning when you are poorly armed and armoured.
Weapons found on Dead Npc`s will be all but useless so you wont get much money when you sell them.
Enemy Npc`s will launch grenades at you now be carefull who you pick a fight with and dont think you can stand out in the open without do that now and bang your dead.

1. Download the standard ABC Inferno mod
[link];84144 [/link]

2. You do not need the beta patch it is already in my mod. Just download Inferno only, Install as directed etc etc.

3. Now delete the scripts and config folders in the standard ABC Inferno mod gamedata folder.

4. Now download my mod and extract the contents to where you installed the Abc Inferno mod.
Example C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl and overrite the files when asked.

5.Use the included bin files <<make backups of your originals>> these will eliminate the Particle error and improve stability of the mod.

ABC Inferno 1.4 (beta) EXTREME Final Addon download link
[link] [/link]

For those who have been playing the previous versions you do not need to start a new game with this version, just install and carry on with your current game.

Good Hunting S.t.a.l.k.e.r
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