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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story by dez0wave

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  17:58:47  27 January 2008
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On forum: 09/12/2007

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01/28/2008 19:08:42
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story by dez0wave

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story - dez0wave

General Information

A new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Storyline modification with extended features.

Visible on forums....:,
Priboi website:
Download link.........:

Release Notes

We have been working on this mod since early May, and now it's finally ready! We wanted to release it in August, but when the new patch came, we had to re-create the mod from the beginning. To tell you the truth, when we noticed in early July that we can add level changers we decided to release Priboi later and released the free-play mod first. Eventually that mod turned into the base for this one, and also the Oblivion Lost mod. We added many more changes and features since then, so we hope you will enjoy this game as much as we did the developing it...

Note1: This only works with 1.0004 or 1.0005 (won't work with older versions)
Note2: Russian, French, and German translations will be available soon!
Note3: Updates for the new patches will be available soon!

A Little Story

Approximately one year has passed since the Marked One's story. You are the military Lieutenant Priboi Slipchenko, and you were sent into the Zone...

There was a secret organization, called UHSF, and they were responsible for the incident. They had a base at Dead City (Limansk?) but the mercenaries whipped them out in the late 80's. The organization fell apart, and the last living members disappeared until today. Somehow this story is connected to the Marked One's story, and you'll eventually find out how. Over 20 important classified documents were hidden in the zone and you will need to find them to complete the puzzle. You will need to be "Sherlock Holmes" and dig deeper in the zone then you have ever done before.

If you find a missing document, you will need to read it to obtain information about the case, or get some clues about where to look next. You are in the Zone again, but it has changed. While the zone appears to have become a better place to survive in, but this has only caused it to become more difficult as it has driven more mutants from the center of the zone, and has increased the amount of threats in the Zone. The mercenaries have gained control on the Agroprom factory, and the
military was pushed back to Cordon. You might be their only hope...

At the game start, you will need to read the PDA, and make sure to check it often! It will be helpful, and you can find anything you want in the PDA. After you talk to the military commander and the major, do not forget to talk to "buddy" too. He is the village chief. Almost every conversation was re-written, so you should talk a lot with people. During your missions, you will notice the Zone from a different person's perspective. You will know the secrets that you were unable to find in the Marked One's story... You may meet with Strelok, Doc, and of course Dezik Lohnar (dezodor), Kanyhalos, NatVac, Don Reba, Siro, Darius6 and a lot of important
members of the dez0wave team.

We wish you a good play!

**One question, you may ask after you read this text: What is UHSF?

UHSF is the one and only United Hungarian Stalker Forums. So nothing big, it's just our camp in the Zone world. If you are wandering around, just check in, and grab a beer, or two.

What's new? (1.0)

New features:

- New main menu theme.
- You start the game in a different place.
- You are a Military Lieutenant.
- No "shoc" storyline (99% ripped, 1% left for old non-storyline missions)
- New story, but with freeplay from the beginning without restrictions.
- New story quests and side quests (a lot).
- Unique timed missions
- New cut-out documents.
- New hud.
- New inventory.
- Tougher enemies.
- Old cut-out stuff with different descriptions.
- New dialogs and new possibilities.
- New outlook from a different character.
- You will meet Strelok, Doc and many others from the Marked One's story.
- Food items won't restore as much health as before.
- Edited sounds (no one will call you Marked One etc.)
- New outro and new intro video (please don't use "-nointro" for the first time)
- The Military begins as friendly towards you.
- The Duty and Loners begin as neutral towards you.
- The Bandits, Freedom, Monolith, and Mercenaries begin as enemies towards you.
- Mercenary base at Agroprom (The former military base...)
- You will have a house at Cordon village with doors, furnitures, and lockers.
- New monsters and blowout descriptions.
- Full day-night cycle at Pripyat, Radar, Yantar, Stancia1 and Stancia2.
- You can go through the main gate in the Stadium at Pripyat.
- Some level changers were moved, so you can explore the levels a bit more.
- Reworked level graphics - you will notice more green stuff, flowers, and objects.
- No blowout at Stancia1, so you can explore the level a bit more.
- Random blowouts and less psy emissions.
- No dead-zone at Stancia2, so you can explore the level from the ground.
- Be aware! The radiation is your invisible enemy, you can't see it with your eyes!
- Added a lot of monsters and artifacts at Stancia2, so be prepared for fight.
- You can go back from Stancia2 to Monolith's War lab, and the Sarcophagus.
- At Stancia 2 you can use the removed ladders, so you can climb to the roofs,
or to the other chimney of the reactor block 1 & 2! (good for sniping)
- Because we thought that the teleports are a way too futuristic for this game
you can use the ladders to climb up to the roof instead of the teleports.
- From Sarcophagus, you can go back to Stancia1.
- From Stancia1 you can go back to Pripyat (as in the free play story mod)
- There was a secret monolith base at Radar level, check the PDA for a level
changer. From there you can go to X10, it's just an alternative route but faster.
- Added a lot of cut out monsters to every level.
- Added a lot of vehicles to almost every level.
- Fixed the floating vehicles issue
- New sound effects at the Sarcophagus (as in freeplay mod)
- BTR windows can be opened with "L" button
- New bar music (old radio spots and musics)
- Hidden documents! (You will have to use your wits to find them hehe.)
- Restored some code doors, and you need to find more codes to open doors.
- Edited smart-terrains.
- More "war" between the factions.
- Sleeping (With AMK sleepbag that you will need to buy from the traders)
- Detector devices and other useful stuff.
- You can sell anything to NPCs, but they will buy things for lower prices.
- You can carry barrels and explosives (grenade icon)
- Blockpost Commander, Barman and Petrenko will trade almost everything
- You can apply for tasks at the Blockpost Commander but you will get the new
storyline missions as soon as you finish the current one.
- There will be a locker for you in the bathroom, so use it to store your stuff
- Reworked PDA
- Because you are a well equipped military soldier, you will get a full Encyclopedia
section to learn things about the Zone and the factions.
- Restored the sun that was left out. (Thanks xStream for the help)
- Less generic skins for NPCs.
- Barmen, Petrenko can now repair your gear.
- Many more little changes (weapons, items, monsters...) that you will notice.
- You can sell your torch, bolt and other stuff, but then you can't use the
night vision or headlamp, until you buy a new torch, and also it's a good idea
to use the bolts, because of there are a lot of invisible anomalies...
- You can put a lot of stuff to your belt, like the carried explosives, devices,
some quest items, artifacts, and torches as in the "old stalker"...


- Psy Zones and Blowout mod 1.2x by LSSNeitrino & dezodor
- Monster scripts from the M_BCCF 2.x by LSSNeitrino
- Btr windows are open by Romzes
- sleep mod by ab@ndon
- AMK Sleeping bag with sleep menu
- shootable birds by AMK Team
- Siro's reskin pack
- detector mod by Terminator149
- niva sound from my neighbour's niva (not the best ...hehe)
- uaz sound from a youtube video (official uaz jeep test)
- less generic stalker/rookie/bandit skins by jrmy
- main menu theme song: Rob D. - Clubbed To Death
- BBC Chernobyl disaster movie clips
- Some sounds from S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Sounds Overhaul by Darius6
- Gloves and sleeves reskin by Marco M.
- Repair mod by Shebuka
- Artifact Activation 1.3 by - XiaNi, WarLord & BAC9-FLCL


Ab@ndon, Jeppa, NatVac, Siro, xStream & AMK Team, DonReba, LSSNeitrino, Romzes Barin, Ceano, Gannebamm, DC-, Buddy, NEO, Zeed, Bardak, Alwen, Empro, Haron & RgR Team, rspeed and many more...

Install notes

1. Edit the fsgame.ltx and change the first line to 'true' | 'true'

2. Play (please do not use the '-nointro' command at first start, because you won't see the new intro and outro movies...)

- In the main menu controls section, you can edit the 'turn on' function. That is responsible for turning on the engine of the vehicles. The default button is 'b'

- While driving the APC (BTR) you can open/close the windows with 'L' button

3. You can uninstall Priboi by running STARTS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi StoryUninstall utility or you can uninstall Priboi by running AddRemove applet in Control Panel

Something you need to know

1. During the level design, we added many objects to the game. These objects are from the SDK raw objects folder. We just edited them, added bones, and properly exported them to OGF format. It is not an easy job, but because it's free stuff you may use them for your mods, just mention our name in the credits.

We also included the actor editor objects, but with bones and perfect shaders, so if you don't want to edit them, just hit export to ogf, and you can spawn them.

2. You will notice, that you can walk through some objects near a smart terrain or used AI locations (only some trees, the other objects have bones). This one was needed to fix the invalid vertex for object error.

Priboi Project Members

Dezodor - spawns, scripting, dialogs, sound editing and level design
Wavetrip - textures, testing
Barin - tasks, scripting, testing
Kailniris - models, design
Next-day - movies, testing
Kanyhalos - weapons, npc-detection, testing
Buddy - loading screens, textures, testing


Without these people and their tools, this mod wouldn't exist

NatVac - help with scripting
Siro - textures, text correction
Don Reba - translation, text correction
Johnnythewolf - testing, French translation
Darius6 - sound fixing
NEO - sdk model-import-export help
Alwen - sdk objects help
Brazuca - English text correction
Bober - Russian translation
Fatrap - death items & ideas
Zeed - xrspawner
Bardak - acdc

If you found bugs ...

Then feel free to inform us either by dropping us an e-mail or by leaving a post on the GSC forum. Post detailed information what kind of bug did you find, where the bug occured, at which stage of the game and of course FATAL ERROR section from log file

If you need help or want to help us

contact 'dezodor' at GSC stalker forums, oblivion lost forums, or UHSF forums. You may write us a mail to if you would like to ask or tell us your opinion, or suggest anything that will improve this mod.


If you know us, you can skip this part

Our mod team started with two members, dezodor, and wavetrip. our first project was returning the blowouts in the game in early April. After the first version, we met LSSNeitrino, who was working on the same stuff, but with random blowouts. We decided to help each other, and we released a new version with better effects, and killing radiation and also better sound effects. LSSNeitrino is a great scripter, he managed to add some NPC reactions and spawning cutout monsters after the blowout so we kept
the original idea, and during the months we made the effects and sounds better. Many modders loved the new sounds of the blow, so we still see those sounds in many great mods.

Our second project, the UHSF mod was our first big mod, that's when Kanyhalos joined us. We managed to remove the blowout and the dead zone from the NPP levels, also added clean weather to the dark areas, so that was the main thing about the old UHSF mod with cars and cutout mutants. That was the time when wavetrip left the team...

The free play story project was the first mod with free play possibility through level changers. In early July the level changers took you back from the NPP (point of no return) to Pripyat through the Sar. We also added back the vehicles (the old forgotten Moskvich to) and more cutout mutants, better weather, blowout and many more little changes. The free play mod was our first really big success.

Then the time came, and we decided to create a new project, called the Priboi Story. The team fell apart and dezodor was alone with the project. Kanyhalos helped him with ideas and also helped him with collecting coordinates and spawning mutants. After 2-3 months of editing the files, the mod began to work fine, and the motivation rose. The first breaking point was the 1.0004 patch, because we needed to re-create the mod from the beginning. In October we decided to abandon the mod, because we wanted to add many stuff, that we were unable to add. Thank god we met Barin, Kailniris, Natvac, Siro and Darius6. Barin helped us a lot with the missions. Kailniris helped us with modeling work, Natvac helped us with scripting and solutions, Darius6 with sound fixes and ideas, and Siro gave us cool textures and also helped with correcting the text. So everyone had their own task to complete. This is the first storyline mod for Stalker.

The Oblivion Lost Project team asked us to work with them last month, so we will create mods with the OLP name, instead of dez0wave from now. It will be the same, but with more modders, more ideas, and faster work.


..:: Priboi Story Installer ::..

-> Installer is not working properly on Steam! Please use 7zipped version instead
-> Not tested on 64bit operating systems

Megaupload: (thx nutpantz)

..:: Priboi Story 7zipped ::..



1. Sleeping bag fix

  04:36:34  28 January 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/03/2007
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thanks for all the work on this great game everybody..

  06:04:47  28 January 2008
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On forum: 06/03/2007
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Torrent for the file -
  19:02:33  28 January 2008
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On forum: 09/12/2007
Messages: 702

This compatible with the Emporikon trader mod?

Certainly not because we edited traders files

Please use discussion thread to post your questions, suggestions, bugs, etc

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story discussion thread: [link][/link]
  19:18:50  29 January 2008
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On forum: 01/25/2008
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mirror for RS users


thanks for the mod, it rocks
  02:45:38  8 February 2008
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On forum: 09/12/2007

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posted by Dezodor:

THE PRIBOI STORY FAQ is ready, you may add questions and answers too, if you know the answer if not, then we will try to add it by ourselves.
  23:39:41  15 April 2008
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
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it's only 3mb. (the former one was 12)
  06:14:06  16 April 2008
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On forum: 03/02/2006
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You cant download the pdf file from that web site, just view it
  18:31:35  19 April 2008
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
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download works fine here
  08:43:45  20 April 2008
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On forum: 09/10/2007

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04/20/2008 8:46:47
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You cant download the pdf file from that web site, just view it

can't even see it!
when I put the four numbers in the box and hit continue, it just sits and does nothing

and when I go the site that barin links to I get:

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'plugins/forummodkit/forummodkit.header.php' for inclusion (include_path='.') in /nfs/extra/p/pr/priboi-story/wwwroot/system/header.php on line 141
Warning: include(plugins/forummodkit/forummodkit.posts.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /nfs/extra/p/pr/priboi-story/wwwroot/system/core/forums/ on line 603
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