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Mod AMK 1.4.1. NLC 5.07 NC3 Soljanka from Wawka addons

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  10:27:32  14 September 2010
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On forum: 10/31/2009
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Mod AMK 1.4.1. NLC 5.07 NC3 Soljanka from Wawka addons

I just came across this mod while looking at the 1.007 patch, looks very interesting, similar to Norodnaya soljanka but much lighter, grab it while stocks last... Only things, it's in Russian, so there's some work to be done. Also a couple of things need to be deleted in the localization.ltx file



NLC - a new storyline for stalker PM

Description fashion:

After receiving numerous comments from the insufficient description of all the changes brought by addon New_Level_Changer (which translates as - "New ways between locations), I'll try to roughly describe what seems most important:

- This version of the addon has a name - "New_Level_Changer 5.03", this is an addon to all the well-known fashion to the game "STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl" "AMK 1.4.1. Send AMK mod 1.4.1 on the official site of Team AMK -

As we know (or may not know), a global fashion AMK installed only on the game, patched to version 1.0004!

Now the actual narrative:

1. New_Level_Changer (NLC) adds to the game with 12 new transitions between locations - are:
I) Cordon Agroprom
II) Agroprom-Cordon
III) Agroprom-Amber
IV) Amber-Agroprom
V) Amber Radar
VI) Radar Amber
VII) Radar-dark valley
VIII) The Dark Valley Radar
IX) dark valley-Warehouses
X) Warehouses-dark valley
XI) Warehouses-Rostock
XII) Rostock-Warehouses

(Anticipating a lot of accusations in the incomprehensible "forgetfulness" HS - that took place in one direction and go back to not remember it! "Say - in accordance with all laws ZONE stalker never returns of the way that you came! For razvedovaniya back roads needed human life or clear map!)

2. The above transitions are not available immediately, to find them (get) there are some quests or find some of the documents (presumably in describing unknown roads) (added 6 quests)

3. Preexisting transitions: (I) Bar Wild Territory, (II) Bar-army warehouses and (III) Radar-army warehouses in this version do not work to perform some topical tasks, namely:
I) need to bring documents from the laboratory X-18, bartender;
II) is necessary to bring the stick Kruglov bartender buy or transfer money from an informant.
III) should buy the information from an informant after the burner off the radar.

4. There is a system MEZHLOKATSIONNYH Teleport, teleport can open for certain artifacts, and money to such characters as - Fan, sugars, Miser, Max Cook, Dr. Marsh. To be able to use teleports you must specify the new quest from these characters. (Ie add another 12 quests)

5. There is the possibility of obtaining (modification) of artifacts - from the lowest to get a higher rank. Recipes artmodifikatsy give a reward for completed tasks almost all found you quest characters. (Ie add another 40 quests)

6. It is possible to obtain neutral with bandits in the TD (the rest of the bandits are enemies), and doing two jobs from Piggy, you can get recipes for modifying the artifacts from the ordinary things. (Added 3 more quests)

7. Completely changed the system of trade with the traders - now a good weapon, ammo, first aid kits, etc. can be obtained only in exchange for the artifacts ...

8. Put a box for repair kits that help you repair weapons and armor very Spot.

9. Changed the system of accumulation of radiation from radioactive artifacts. Now radiation is collected even when finding artifacts in a backpack.

10. To neutralize the harmful radiation artifacts have special protective containers - 3 types: 1 artifact, the artifact at 3 and 8 artifacts. Each container has a different degree of protection and therefore a different weight and cost.

11. We introduce new characters: a gangster Krysyuk, repairmen in Long Bar, The informant in the bar - Associate Professor, trader at the Agricultural industry - Ensign Sherstyuk, trader on the radar - Syak, Swamp doctor.

12. Amend the beginning of the game, no longer in a bunker at Sidorovich.

13. At all locations added invisible anomalies (not fatal, but unpleasant).

14. Artifacts appear totally randomly after each ejection.

15. Emissions occur in a random manner (until the next release - from 4 hours to days).

16. It is possible to obtain a unique artifact - "The heart, which allows animated characters quest. (5 more quests to get the recipe).

17. It is possible to significantly (30 minutes real time) to increase the time before the release on Chernobyl (2 other quests).

18. Added ability to select music in the bar (for the money from the Mojito)

19. Docent can customize your PDA to detect the dangerous monsters and the necessary people. (3 other quests)

20. At locations where there is a speaker - the music plays.

21. Strengthen military to the agricultural industry (better agreement with Sherstyukov).

22. Put the addon "smart nepisi" from xStream, thanks to which, now enemies throw grenades, treat each other, change into the new body armor, will drag the corpses away from the fires ...

23. Put addon "marader modes" of Skunk, thanks to which cadavers remained in exactly the armor, which was wearing a dead man.

24. Introduced cleaner corpses and uncontrolled arms of Skunk, no longer need to worry about a huge number of corpses and weapons littering the locations.

25. Caches can now get - if you drink a bottle of vodka with a character.

Perhaps there is something which innovations, but the description is already grown and become plohovosprinimaemym.

I express my deep gratitude, and I think co-authors of this addon:
- Mongolia - a carefully selected and the edited music and the sounds of weapons.
- Skunk-a - for a good adaptation addon ARC (authors - Anwil and Rusya) for the correction of "dead janitor" and for the improvement of "marader fashion.

Thanks xStream-y - I think his greatest modders ...
Thanks Tirex-y - for their excellent work with textures and willingness to help ...

Of course thanks to the team of the AMC, for the best mod for the original game, which allowed the development of NLC ...

Thanks to all participants of the forum site - thanks to your wishes and support we have already the fifth version of the NLC.

CAUTION Need to start a new game! Addon is placed on top of newly installed mod AMK 1.4.1 with all patches!

Continue NC3 (included hodgepodge of WAWKA)

Well, that's actually halophyte

I S T A N K O V A:

- STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl v.1.0004 (v.1.0005);

- AMK MOD v.1.4.1, first patch, the second patch;

- NLC v.5.0.3;

- Patches for NLC v.5.0.4 - v.5.0.8 (inclusive) - already included in the assembly, so they do not need to install;

- Compilation of addons v.2.2.


S O S T A V:

- Banderos Mod v.2.0;

- Linspiro Addon v.1.1;

- Sound Remake Mod v.3.0.1;

- New Plot v.3.0.1;

- Ragdoll Mod v.1.3;

- Arena Extension v.0.3.2;

- Inventory Mod v.1.4;

- Smart Monster Parts v.2.0;

- New Weapons Hud v.1.2;

- Dynamic Weather Mod v.0.99.1;

- Transport Addon v.1.1;

- Biodetektor from Russia v.1.0;

- Loot Money Mod v.1.0;


N O V E O F O R Y & E:

- Submachine gun Bizon;

- SMG Kriss Super;

- Submachine gun Mp-7;

- Automatic AK-47m;

- Mosin rifle;

- Mosin rifle with telescopic sight;

- Shotgun BM-16;

- Scattergun TOZ-34;

- Scattergun Benelli M3;

- Submachine gun PCA-41;

- Pistol TT-33;

- Pistol APS (APB);

- Crossbow;

- Pistol Walther P.38;

- Sniper Rifle AWP (AWM);

- Machine gun RPK-74;

- FN2000 rifle with a zoom sight;

- Revolver Colt Python;

- Unique Vintorez;

- A matchlock.


N O V E N T A T R O N S:

- Fraction, Grapeshot, and caliber bullet at 16;

- Patron 44 Magnum - two varieties;

- Patron 50 AE - two varieties;

- Cartridge 7.62x25 - two varieties;

- Arrows for Crossbow;

- Cartridge 7.62x51 (M118);

- Patron .338 Lapua Magnum;

- Patron .357 Magnum - Two varieties;

- Paper cartridges for a matchlock.


N O V N E C O S T U F N:

- Nanozaschitny suit with the ability to upgrade (see description of armor);

- Suit VDV;

- Military exoskeleton.


M O I N O V O V E D E H & H:

- Sawed-off shotgun and BM-16, Unic SPAS-12 shotgun and a hunter (UNICA TOZ-34) - transferred to the new 16th-caliber cartridge;

- Gun Desert Eagle Mark VII (normal) - transferred to a new cartridge 44 Magnum;

- Gun Desert Eagle Mark XIX (UNICA) - transferred to a new cartridge 50 AE;

- Sniper Rifle AWP - uses a cartridge 7.62x51 (NATO);

- Modified the sniper rifle AWM - uses a cartridge .338 LM;

- Revolver Colt Python - uses a cartridge .357 Magnum;

- Crossbow shoots arrows. There is no commercial, but in case of successful completion of a quest for crossbows, kvestodatel betray arrows. They can also be found in the caches;

- Matchlock uses a paper cartridge. And the weapons and ammunition - are sold at the crow;

- Nanosuit, costume Airborne and military exoskeleton - distributed nepisyam. Exoskeleton and Nanosuit will appear mostly in the late passage of the plot - from the radar;

- Posted by bartering Vitka Crow (merchant landfill) and Max (Svobodovtsu);

- From Sherstyukov no longer agree on the documents - is extracted - stripping base warriors. Made specifically to quests, new storyline were more successful;

- Duplicated some quests. In the case of death of a major kvestodatelya, will receive a message on the screen from kvestodatelya understudy. And also, you write on the PDA. Be attentive to the news;

- Made a quest for Biodetektora! It is desirable to successfully repel Kruglov of mercenaries;

- Do quests for the introduction of new types of weapons (for Crossbow for AWP). Quest Crossbow give a few characters, if not liked one kvestodatelya - can refuse, in this case, this quest is transmitted to other characters, with other conditions. During the dialogue out - find out who was given the quest;

- Now it is impossible to pass nepisyu quest oruzhiebronyu if rented oruzhiebronya will neispravnympotrepannym. We'll have to repair. Unfortunately, this cheat does not apply to the task, taken from the dialogue: "I need a job. Have something in mind?";

- Crossbow, AWM (UNICA) and the revolver - are present in the game in single copy. Conventional AWP distributed nepisyam. Holders to get hard (they are not for sale nor a trader), but can be found in the caches. The cartridges for the revolver sells Max. The rest of the added weapons and ammunition distributed nepisyam and added some dialogue barter traders. And also, it will be given as a reward for quests;
___________________________________________________________ ________________________

G R A F and H E C K J & W in Y K O V O Q P A T H v. 2. 2

_______________________________________________________ ______________________________



- If you plan INSTALLATION ONLY SOUND Patches, remove check mark from the GRAPHICS Patches and vice versa!

Y S T A N K O V A:

- STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl v.1.0004 (v.1.0005);

- AMK MOD v.1.4.1, the first patch, the second patch;

- NLC v.5.0.3;

- Patches for NLC v.5.0.4 - v.5.0.8 (inclusive) - already included in the assembly - is optional;

- Graphic Pack from the cap threads, and (or) SSR 3.0 and (or) Music Pack;

- Compilation of addons v.2.2;

- Graphic and sound patch for v.2.2!

As for the new 3-story missions

New syuzhet3.
New syuzhet3 is 3 independent mission.
1) are searching for the killers Fang.
2) are searching for a ghost.
3) We are looking for a missing team members.

In part 3 an opportunity to get to the monolith bypassing Pripyat. How? For play and learn. Plus a few surprises to talk about who will not.
YES DO NOT FORGET YOUR View in HMA in the Journal section. [/ Spoiler]
All the parts separately, you can download here in rvzdele files, and if you want all in one file (so as not to suffer with the installation of Go and hence - (in progress)
  15:26:20  18 November 2010
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On forum: 10/31/2009
Messages: 137
Thought I'd keep myself busy while anxiously waiting for the release of SMP2.4...Here's a translation for this mod, quite complete, a few things missing or a little unclear, some confusion here and there but it's all quite playable. Will be polishing up in the next few weeks.

Quite difficult mod, very interesting game mechanics, cash doesn't count for anything, only artifacts so hunting them becomes a major priority. It's an AMK so AI quite impressive. Lovely effects, my favourite the fog that covers the land after each blowout. Amazing new plots...
  20:40:53  19 April 2011
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There is a strange beauty in The Zone.


On forum: 04/17/2010
Messages: 1196
Translation: dead link apr-19-2011 MD5:5a4ef7c2f596b9dac288f7a0828f6adc

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