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Hal's Traders Overhauled

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  03:56:25  6 August 2012
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Hal's Traders Overhauled

This is where you can download it and view screenshots:

Note: If you have an account on MODDB leave any feedback you have there, because I wont check back here for comments nearly as often as I will on MODDB
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL Hal's Traders Overhauled
For version 1.0005 of SoC

Made by - Halcyon777

Tested with ArtistPavel's Complete_2009 mod and the Unmodded (Vanilla) version of the game

Important: You may NOT use this mod with your own without contacting me via "" first then crediting me on your page/readme.txt file

What my mod does:

1- All traders have better stock:

Detailed Overview:
I grew tired of all the traders in the game having a low amount of supplies to sell, so I completely edited all of the trader .ltx files to carry better stock from a realistic perspective. Traders will also pay you more for stuff you sell them, some will even pay you more for certain items than others, but not by much, I'm not trying to make the game too easy, everything is balanced. The style that I chose for this was more of a scenario type of thing. For example: Sidorovich sells more tier 1 items and ammunition that you can find early in the game, he also sells the Groza "Tunder" assault rifle for cheap which you can visually see sitting on a shelf in the back of his shop. The Barkeep in Rostok sells a mix of everything, and is the best trader to buy advanced armor from, he sells vodka for a cheap price. The Scientist in Yantar sells rare artifacts, and because Yantar is a zombie/mutant infested area he sells shotguns at the cheapest price. Faction traders were left at default, modding them messes up a lot of things, including their quests, but I don't recommend you do any trading with them, trading with barkeep or any of the other two is much better. To put it into perspective, I made each trader in the game unique, some have better deals than others and they all have their own styles. This way it makes it so that going to other traders isn't completely useless like it was before. That covers most of it, if you want specifics on some of what exactly traders sell, check the readme.txt file in the download, it contains all of that information

2- Flashlight range has been increased

Just a small edit that I made, I significantly changed the range of the flashlight so that it's not useless like it was before. You will now easily be able to see everything within 30-40 feet of you in dark areas.

*There are a few small mods that will be in the download made by other people, they are included separate from my mod and are completely optional*

( All are from )
Axes Repair Mod by AxeMan808, MoDD, and Goffik
STALKER Real Gun Names mod v.3 by Kyodan
Chernobyl_tv_v1.1 by Zero_3
Hades_Real_Gore_Mod_v1.0 by Hades

A few notes and game play tips:
1 - Take ANY artefacts you find to The Scientist in Yantar, he will offer you up to 2000 more money for them than other traders, this is largely how you will make a big chunk of your money in the game.
2 - If you find yourself stuck in a bad position, like having little money left after buying an exoskeleton suit when your only 10 hours into the game, that's your own fault, shop smart, in other words, buy only what you really need to survive, and it is best not to try to be a sniper and assault rifle guy at once when you haven't even done your first mission to go to Yantar yet, as you will find yourself running out of money quick trying to pay for ammunition for both of them.
3 - The faction traders from Duty and Freedom will barely pay you for anything that you sell them, because unlike other traders they don't have an unlimited amount of money, thus they cant pay high prices for what you sell them.

Please leave feedback in the comments section if you think some items are too expensive/cheap

Email me if you have any questions at:
( )

And lastly, a special thanks to the GSC team for their outstanding work on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

R.I.P. GSC Gameworld 1995 - 2012

Well, Good hunting stalker...

- Halcyon777
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