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Adrenalin mod 1.1

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  03:23:45  29 February 2012
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Adrenalin mod 1.1

Author: Ctpelok

Changes in version 1.1:

Improved graphics.
Returned to the beat of light bulbs.
Added effect of blurring the turn of the head (it works on a dynamic lighting).
Fixed an issue with sleeping in the Arena Arnie )
Removed the gradual recovery of health of the RFP, since very often causes a bug nelechaschey first aid kit. But if anyone knows how to fix it - write, I will be grateful
The archive is added boards user.ltx. It does not improve the graphics, and removes a number of unpleasant pieces. For example, a quick swing around the screen after a blow to the face or under strong intoxication, etc.
For a better picture should be put fully dynamic lighting, but if the hardware does not allow - can be so.

Full description:

Everything was balanced.
Stalkers are looking for and collect artifacts, interact with each other.
Also, stalkers collect things if caught something of value, then leave me or offer to buy up a news channel.
Added a release and you will randomly anomalies. After the release of all the anomalies change their position.
Fixed bug with display of accuracy and rate of knockdown in the description of weapons, the indicator "conveniently" changed to "Safety."
Introduced sleep YY (sleeping bag).
The new inventory.
New posteffects of getting into the HS.
Improved water.
Added flamethrower and the quest for it.
New quests.
Increased growth of GG to the growth of all stalkers.
New soul tunes on guitars around the campfire, each group its melody.
New music in the game.
Removed the annoying phrases like "Yes", "Come on, do not hold" and others.
Plugged informant. Now, YY He says nothing, and quietly says something about myself.
Added the transmutation of artefacts. Recipes are looking for throughout the zone.
Also added the trader artami.
Changed the relationship between the mutants. Now, can often be seen fighting mutants.
New NPC.
Added new energy.
Added a lot of new foods. Also, it is now impossible to eat all at once. For example, to the sausage was over, you need to use it 3 times, same with the other food.
New dialogues and stories at the NPC.
Added dynamic news.
New icons artifacts and weapons.
The new settlement of stalkers - the Garbage in the hangar.
Patrolling the railway embankment on the military cordon.
Under the artifacts are now 12 slot.
Now the trunks and costumes can be repaired at the dealers.
A new model of Bullseye. At the sight of three persons will see the model of the RFP.
Icon Spot the other (from video).
New weather. The most realistic picture on the dynamic effects of the weather forecast. Introduced a very dark night, even the light is not much saving.
Quests are no longer automatically granted.
New loading screens.
The new menu.
The blood looks more realistic, and beautiful.
Added mod "Photorealistic Zone. Animals."
Added mod "Photorealistic Zone. Animals."
Added mines: the usual hand-ming, an improved hand-ming, an electric mine. Sold by dealers.
Integrated AI pack of the following schemes:
- "Grenadiers throwing grenades":
- "Medical": NPCs treat comrades.
- "Anti-gay ponihida": NPC drag the corpses from the fires.
- "Tamagotchi": NPC dress up if they find better armor, or if you raise your rank.
- "Dream NPC": NPCs want to sleep at night and may doze off. Then go to secure sites and go there, too spat.Utrom after wake up a little nap, and then, and stand up.
- "Suicide": Release (from AMC) can reduce NPS crazy and he shot himself. The higher the rank of the NPC, the harder it is maddening.
- "Drunk": a bottle of spirits after the NPC can doze off or fall down and fall asleep. When the NPC will wake up it will be torment terrible hangover.
- "The use of first aid kits and bandages": NPCs are able to eat the medicine cabinet, if he has low health, or bandage, if the bleeding.
- "Manager of the Weapons": A script that controls the selection of weapons NPC.
- "Charge weapon": NPC weapon reload after the fight, if need be.
- "Shooting with a rifle grenade": NPC fired from grenade launcher.
- "Hit in the face": NPC hitting the butt of all the enemies who are not lucky enough to be nearby.
- "Dressing": If the NPC will get injured in battle, then, being in the shelter, he would get a bandage and use it for other purposes.
- "In terms of do not shoot": If the line of fire was one, NPS fire stops and reverses the position.
- "The effect of optics: If the weapon mounted optical sight, visibility NPC (he aims) increases with the multiplicity of sight.
- "Gathering": NPS collect discarded things, searched the bodies.
Added pretty thin masks.
New beautiful kombez a stalker-neutral.
Hog now ekzike bandits.
More battles in the arena, after the original start fighting. Opens randomly - once a day or two. You can either fight and place bets.
A new feature film (from RFP) to the clock.
Added Minigun. You can buy after returning from the X-16 for a round sum.
Now you can join any group, talking to Sidorychev. Of course, not free.
Now almost every NPC can Nakhamu and he will attack. Made for quests kind of "Kill stalker" in order not to spoil relations with the group.

Added a lot of trunks, as well as almost all the trunks pravozatvornye. Here's a list:

AK-47 Mini-Dragunov
AKS-74 Cobra Camouflage
AKS-74U Assault
AN-94 Abakan
Bofors AK5
Steyr AUG A1 (AUG-77)
Steyr AUG A2
FA MAS Prototype3
HK G36
HK G36C (Compact \ Commando)
HK G36E (Export)
HK G36K (Kurz)
IMI Galil AR
HK 416
Z-M LR300 ML
Colt M4A1
Colt M16A1
Colt M16A2
Colt M16A3
Colt M16A4
CZ SA Vz.58
Valmet Rk.95
SIG SG552 Commando
Colt XM177E2
HK XM8 Para
Beretta 92
Destert Eagle .50 AE
Glock 18C
Glock 18C Expert
Colt Government M1911A1
FN Browning M1935 High-Power Mk.III
MP-444 Bagheera
Walther P.38
Walther P.99
HK USP-45 Compact
Saiga 12K
Knights SR25 Mk.11 Mod.0
HK 417 Sniper

Added a lot of new costumes:

Exoskeleton Brotherhood
Good luck to the exoskeleton
Exoskeleton of Insight
A prototype of the exoskeleton
Damaged Exoskeleton
Exoskeleton Clear Sky
Exoskeleton of Liberty
Exoskeleton Bandits
Exoskeleton Debt
Exoskeleton Monolith
Exoskeleton Mercenaries
Exoskeleton Special Forces
Bronekostyum Monolith
Kobenizon Storm
Sin Suit
Light Suit Clear Sky
Severe Clear Sky Suit
Military CCL-9
Army body armor
Brown Cloak of the Bandit
Black Cloak Bandit
Spetsnaz Suit
Scientific Monolith Suit
Scientific Suit Clear Sky
Scientific Freedom Suit
Scientific Suit Mercenary
Scientific Suit VSD (New SEWA)
Increased damage. Not so, of course, that the two bullets on ekziku and the corpse (as in-bag), but no longer need to produce 10 bullets into his head to kill (as in the original) )
Added 2 BTRki on the cordon at the checkpoint and they will be hostile. Also at the gate is an empty armored personnel carriers, which can climb.


Spot can drink without consequences from 1 to 3 bottles of vodka.
If Spot drank 4 bottles of vodka, then after 15 minutes he falls asleep for 12 hours.
Once he wakes up he sickened - posteffects with "hangover" and applied to 10% damage to health.
If Spot drink 5 or more bottles of vodka, then 10 minutes later he died. No antidote, so be careful - do not get completely drunk
When drinking vodka count increases the total number of bottles drunk. It is used for alcohol dependence.
He also reduced by 5 bottles every 5 days if you do not drink.
Spot sobers 8 hours after drinking the last bottle of vodka, it muddies - posteffects with "hangover" and applied to 10% damage to health.
However, posteffects "drunk" (double vision, etc.) are used. This feature of the game and it will not be corrected,
as affected gameplay - who wants to stagger drunk with posteffects 8 game hours?
Features of alcohol dependence:
Alcohol dependence occurs when the total number of bottles drunk is more than 35.
Disappears as soon as the total number of bottles drunk is less than 35.
Bullseye-alcoholic to drink a bottle of vodka every 24 hours. If you do not, then every 4 hours Bullseye applied 10% damage to health.
If you do not drink vodka, then every 5 days, the total number of drunk bottles of vodka is reduced by 5.
Thus, it becomes less than 35 Spot gets rid of alcohol addiction.


If there is to beat the game with the right ending - the refusal of the O-consciousness. The hero wakes up, and the game continues.
Added to the transition from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat Freeplay and Cordon to Dark Valley (appears when moving from the dark valley of the cordon after x 18
Removed the shift in the sarcophagus.
The game added beacons to create marks on the map. Simply discard when beacon from inventory write in the dialog box that you need. The label appears on the card. Beacons are purchased from merchants.
In the game there are different detectors. Hang on a belt.
The game added to backpacks (caches). Come to the right place and tyknut on it in inventory.

Bugs defiant:

Sometimes, if you give first aid kit wounded stalker, he can not get up and continue to lie. But he would get just a little later. Bug is rare, but with the quest NPC does not happen.
If you are approaching the radar flight, then you just need to restart the game. It's full of memories.
Sometimes, on the Pripyat bezlogovye crashes occur, but they do not do anything harmful, ie you can continue to play safely.

Tested not only the storyline, but all the side quests, bugs nebylo. Throughout the game caught two off.

The mod is ONLY for version 1.0004, so questions like "Mod installed, version 1.0005. Flight of the dialogue" do not ask.


Unzip, copy the gamedata folder in the root replacement (if there already is). A file user.ltx put in C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Shared Documents \ STALKER-SHOC \

Main Mod:

Iloveshoc's ENG Translation:

Not my mod I just did the translation
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