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Priboi Story Overhaul Version 3.2

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  20:55:20  30 January 2012
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Priboi Story Overhaul Version 3.2

Priboi Story Overhaul Download link:

Please read the important issue section in the FAQ, see below

Read Me from Priboi Story Overhaul:

Some time ago i asked Dez0vawe for permission to give Priboi Story an overhaul.

And if I thought it was something worth releasing, I was allowed to release it.

This overhaul is based on Priboi Story with the latest patch (version 1.1.3).

-->>-->> SHOC needs to be patched to version 1.0005.

I recommend playing on master difficulty (fire_wound_immunity has been reduced slightly on master level,
this was done to balance out that NPC's have good aiming skill, and that they can see through bushes/trees sometimes).
If you play on lower difficulty levels, be prepared to die quickly .



1: Download

2: NB: If you already have a gamedata folder in the SHOC installation folder, either delete it, or rename it
to gamedata_old (or similar), in case you wish to keep the other mod/priboi story contained in the Gamedata folder.

3: Unzip to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl installation folder. NB: Use 7zip:

4: Edit fsgame.ltx as usual with mods ($game_data$ = true|true|)

5: Start a new game. NB: Play on MASTER Level!


What has been done:

Well, not much really, considering the scale of Priboi Story in the first place

New gun models for some of the guns:

- LR-300
- L85
- AK74
- AK74u
- Abakan
- SIG550
- Vintorez
- Bizon SMG
- AK-103

- Healing Bandits, Mercenaries, and Freedom members now possible (They will change faction to stalker/loners, and become friendly).

- Changed repair dialog. (Petrenko has his own dialogue for reapiring weapons).

- Added some more dialogs when talking to NPC's.

- Corrected some grammatical/spelling errors in the text files.

- Changed the icon of Lt. Priboi in the dialog screen, and in 3rd person view (when not wearing armor).

- Updated the encyclopedia, with new info.

- Fixed the Hand Radio icon in the PDA/Encyclopedia

- Treasure manager edited, removed conditions related to SHOC. (All stashes should be available now).

- Reduced carry weight, max walk weight, and limited the number of items in the belt to 8 items.

- Reduced walk speed and running speed (no more out-running mutant dogs)

- Tweaked weapons damage. My aim is to make the weapons more real (bullet speed, damage inflicted, range of the bullet, bullet impact, etc.).
This will make the game harder, so keep your head down in combat, but also reduces the amount of ammo you need to carry.

- Tweaked impact, piercing, and impulse on the ammo, so hopefully it is closer to real-life

- Added more music to Duty radio, and Bar radio (this music also plays at the Army Outpost, and at the Agroprom Institute where the Mercs are).

- Revising trader inventory, and availability (traders having less ammo, and weapons in inventory) also prices have gone up.

- AP Ammo is more scarce, will be given as part of the reward for tasks, or found. Some traders might have it on occasion.

- Traders give much less money for stuff, and they do not buy all items.

- Fixed the "detector-buy-cheap-and-sell-for-loads-of-money" "bug" at Sakharovs place. (Sorry guys, no easy money anymore).

- Dividing some of Sidorovich & Freedom tasks to NPC's.
(changed the text so it will fit better to the NPC giving the task))

- Many NPC tasks are repeatable (varied the time for different tasks)

- Changed values in the weapons so that (hopefully) NPCs will favor Assault rifles over Sawn-off shotguns,
and double-barreled shotguns (BM16 Full and TOZ-34).

- BM16 sawn-off, and TOZ34 sawn-off shotguns, can be equipped in the pistol slot. Icons were resized to fit into the pistol slot.

- Economy is harder: NPC's have less money, NPC's will not buy everything.

- Hunter's find the family rifle task has been changed. You will nedd to find 1 additional item, apart from the rifle.

- 2 New weapon added, the weapons can't be bought at the traders, they are located in stashes

- 2 new scopes for the new weapons

- New sound for Unique Silenced AKS74U.

- Added new sound to the L85, FN2000, and AK-103, when using a silencer.

- Fixed Silencer position on the SIG-550

- FN2000 can now use a silencer.

- Fixed reload sound SR3 Vikhr.

- Tweaked Scope & Grenade Launcher position on some of the guns.

- Tweaked Dolg SEVA Suit & SEVA Suit values.

- Gave Colonel Skull a new name. (Col. Skull is most likely killed when Marked One did his thing in 2012)

- Unique SVD added to a stash.

- Changed the weight of artifacts, artifacs do not all weigh 0.5 kg anymore, a few artifacts have their attributes changed a little.

- Reduced Zone respawn/population, NPC's respawn slower (Respawn Population Management 1.0 By NatVac).

- Added some new names to NPC's (from Roadside Picnic).

- New trader in Cordon, a familiar face returns to Cordon .

- Sky4CE SkyGRAPHICS Mod v2.0 RC4.1 added (Motion Blur is disabled).

- Antirad has side effects (reduces health, and stamina when used).

- Priboi Electra artifact added to a stash.

- Workaround for reputation bug.

- Added EggChen's Particle Enhancement

- Added additional shelters from Blowouts (1 in Red Forest, and 3 at the CNPP.

- Changed the weapon in Hunter's task from bm16, to Scoped Mosin Nagant.

- Moved some of the level-changers. (Not all appear on the map, just follow the road and you will get there).

- Moved some Corpses around (Boar Lair, and the farm in Cordon), and removed the corpse that spawned the extra trader in the rookie village.

- A few minor tweaks, and changes.



- Less frequent

- Massive radiation (So get into cover).

- Removed Timer.

- Spawns phantoms during blowout.

- Tweaked the amount of mutants spawned after blowout.

- Reduced artifacts spawned after blowout.


- I have included the Read-me's from Priboi Story, SMP2.4, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete2009, etc., just in case i forget to credit some people
(sorry in advance ).

- Team Dez0vawe (for making Priboi Story) & Dez0dor for letting a modding newbie like me taking a crack at giving Priboi Story an overhaul.

- GSC for making an excellent game.

- Wolfehunter, boinkmakr, Darius6, and the team behind SMP 2.4, for letting me use the Gun models, and Gun-sounds from SMP2.4.

- The makers of Arsenal Mod (Gun models).


- ArtistPavel for:

John Murphy, “In The House - In a Heartbeat” (edited) - from the “28 Days Later” movie soundtrack
Blue States, “Season Song” (edited) - from the “28 Days Later” movie soundtrack
Idina Menzel, “A Hero Comes Home” (edited) - from the “Beowulf” movie soundtrack

Bar Music:
Би-2, “Мой Рок-Н-Ролл” (edited) - from the album “Нечётный Воин”
Би-2, “Зажигать” (edited) from the album “Мяу кисс ми”
Линда, “Северный ветер” (edited) - from the album “Ворона”
Линда, “Взгляд изнутри” (edited) - from the album “Плацента”
Линда, “Отпусти меня” (edited) - - from the album “Плацента”
Иван Купала, “Росы” (edited) from the album “Радио Награ”
Firelake, “Dirge For The Planet” (edited) - from the album “The Temptation Journey”
Света feat. MILLI, “Другая” (edited) - from single release
t.A.T.u., “All About Us” (edited) from the album “Люди инвалиды”
t.A.T.u., “Вся моя любовь” (edited) from the album “Люди инвалиды”
t.A.T.u., “Что не хватает тебе” (edited) from the album “Люди инвалиды”
t.A.T.u., “Люди инвалиды” (edited) from the album “Люди инвалиды”
Total, “Бьет по глазам” (edited) from the album “TOTAL: 1”

All sound editing done by ArtistPavel, taken from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete2009 Ver. 1.4.4


- : Thanks to all who wrote articles & tips on how to mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

- The people on the GSC Forum, who were kind to answer all my questions

- King Friday for 2 new weapons.

- NatVac for his help with some of the tricky stuff
- NatVac for his Respawn Population Management 1.0 (

- Romulus for his help with HEX editing the all.spawn, and other stuff

- insanelazarez for his help with the Cordon trader.

- Sky4CE: HLSL coding, textures, etc: xStream (Testing), HelviS (Testing), CAXAPOB (Testing), Argus (Testing), jjwalker
(Float32 devrloper -

- Kane4: Adding the unique SVD to a stash in X18

- the marked one, on GSC Forum for: Workaround for reputation bug.

- EggChen (Particle Enhancement)

- If I have missed someone, I am sorry, but please let me know, and I rectify that. Mail me at


**************Important ***************Issue******************************************************

Q: The Game freezes when I try to leave the Bar

A: The game is seemingly trying to spawn something when leaving the Bar.

It starts after killing the Freedom Leader. And it stops after collecting the last document.

I have not been able to find what triggers this. If someone finds a solution please post it on the GSC Forum, or email me, then I can make a patch to fix it.

WORKAROUND: I have included 2 screenshots of where the game is most likely to freeze

1: Make a quicksave, or normal save, just when reaching this point.
2: When the game freezes use CTRL+ALT+Del, open Task-Manager, and end the game.
3: Start the game, and reload from the last save. (The game often spawns NPC's or mutants when reloading the save).

Freedom is neutral to stalkers, if you want to restore the original gamerelations, go to:
- \gamedata\config\creatures\
- delete the game_relations.ltx
- rename the game_relations.original, to gamerelations.ltx

The Zone is to sparsely populated, I wan't more people to shoot at!

NatVac's Respawn Population Management 1.0 was used to minimize respawning, do the following to tweak, or restore Priboi normal respawn:
- Edit the se_respawn.script to respawn npc's quicker. (The readme can be found here: \gamedata\Read_Me\Read_Me\readme_Respawn_Population_Management.txt)

- Delete the se_respawn.script in: \gamedata\scripts\ and rename the se_respawn.original to se_respawn.script

This will restore the original respawn rate.


My PC can't run with Sky4CE 2.0 RC 4.1

- Delete the shaders folder in the gamedata folder.


Sky4CE 2.0 RC 4.1 messes up shadows and/or graphics.

- Set the game to full dynamic lightning, I have experienced that using static lightning messes up the graphics with Sky4CE 2.0 RC 4.1 installed.
If you can not run Full Dynamic Lightning on your PC, delete the shaders folder.


I get a CTD with the error "193 Invalid vertex for object", when starting a new game

- The game is trying to spawn something in a bad place/location, and crashing the game. Start the game again, and choose start New Game (Play on MASTER level!!!)


What is the save_games folder doing?

- The folder contains 3 all.sav files. These can be used if you have trouble starting a new game, and keep getting CTD's when starting a new game.
Copy the all.sav to (default): C:\Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC\savedgames.
Start the game, and load the all.sav to start a new game.
NB: These 3 all.sav where created on my gaming rig which runs Win7 Professional 64bit.
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