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MegaMod2 [Vintar]

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  16:22:09  18 August 2011
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a bit of this and a lot of that


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MegaMod2 [Vintar]

* 2010 *

Well, this is not completely finished, but I wanted to get something playable out there,
so here it is.
I may in the future release a patch adding in the little bit of left out stuff.

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl patched to 1.0005
Always better on widescreen


1) New Level Music - Imperialreign
2) Dynamic Weather - Notanumber
3) Stalker Re-animation Project - KingFriday
4) SkyGraphics - Sky4ce
5) Widescreen UI fix - Leandro
6) Mortal crows - AMK
7) Added Missions - Decane
8) Dynamics Mod - Notanumber
9) Silent Sid - Shadow State
10) CS Sid - JakeB
11) Blowouts - DezOwave
12) Cut mutants - Helios
13) Micro bugfix - Notanumber
14) Antirad hotkey - Natvac
15) Sleep feature - Vintar - reworked in version 2
16) Salvage Mod 2.0 - Vintar
17) New Hud Items - Vintar
18) Radiation progress bar on hud - Vintar
19) Flare grenades - Vintar
20) Flare gun - Vintar
21) Squad Mod 1.0 - Vintar
22) GPS Map Markers - Vintar
23) Dropable stash boxes - Vintar
24) Laptop - Vintar
25) Achievements - Vintar
26) Body and Box looting - Vintar
27) Knife degradation - Vintar
28) New military bridge task - Vintar
29) Mine sweeper - Vintar
30) Npc`s use medkits - Vintar
31) New death items and box contents - Vintar
32) New burer death sequence - Vintar
33) Dynamic campfires - Xiani - removed in version 2

new features in version 2
34) medkit overhaul - vintar
35) Firestarting - vintar
36) Freeplay from start - Vintar / natvac / OGSM
37) Faction Wars - Jamie1992
38) Final battle - Robberbaron / vintar

Lijestina for the laptop texture.
Barin, Bardak, Xstream for packet_utils.
Imperialreign for new level music
Notanumber for dynamic weather, dynamic mod and microbfx
KingFriday for stalker re-animation project
Sky4ce for skyGraphics
Leandro for his widescreen UI fix
AMK for the mortal crows
Decane for added missions
Shadow State for silent sid
JakeB for clear sky Sid
DezOwave for the blowouts
Helios for the cut mutants
Natvac for antirad hotkey
Artempad for the sleepingbag texture
Jamie1992 for faction wars
natvac for freeplay info portions and implementation
OGSM creators for dynamic level changers and removal of deadzone in Stancia

Thanks to GSC for an EPIC game.
Thanks to Atlas Mod creator Helios where I learned a lot of things about menu creation.
Thanks to jamie1992 for the "faction creation" tutorial on the WIKI and for the idea of squadmod and the flare grenade.
Thanks to Notanumber for testing and feedback and advice on certain features.
Thanks to bobbq for sending me the atlas files.
Thanks to Maxfu for help with the flare gun feature.
Thanks to artistpavel for uploading amk crow files.
Thanks to all the mod creators whose mods Ive merged with this.
Finally thanks to Barin who has taught me alot over the last months of modding.

If I`ve left you off the credits list please let me know.


If you find any bugs, please contact me (vintar) on the GSC site or

email me : vintar[at]

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