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The Collector CS134 [by dAVROs] for AMK NS DMX

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  00:45:30  17 June 2011
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06/17/2011 0:50:09
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The Collector CS134 [by dAVROs] for AMK NS DMX DKZ02

Hello fellow STALKERS.

Here is the reworked Collector mod that was part of the last NS+DMX+DKZ release.
Unfortunately the Collector MOD in the original release had some major issues so Darius and I decided to disable it.
This new version was intended for the next DKZ-03 update but this has been delayed so this should keep you going for a while longer.

I have not test this on the Vanilla NS or with the DMX mod so I don't know if it will work or not. Only tested on NS+DMX+DKZ-02

I am working on an extension for this mod (~70% done) that includes the new maps (the Collector to date only uses the Vanilla SOHC maps).
The new extension version has some nice new stuff - new enhanced Grenades - Electric, Thermal, Gravic, Quantum, Delayed and even a mini Nuke!!

The Collector was an experienced Stalker that roamed the Zone finding rare Artefacts and Fauna.
He had a special ability to find them but this exposed him to the dangers of the Zone.
In his travels, he left Stashes with some of his Artifact finds and notes which had clues of other stashes in the Zone.
They are well hidden, look carefully and think about the cryptic clues.
Follow his clues in this Zone "treasure hunt" to find his main stash.

* 8 new Atrifacts
* 8 new mushrooms

Completely Redone English dialogue
Balanced artifact immunities and cost to fit NS + DKZ.

Credits to 'Valerich' & 'Charsi' who originally created this mod.


File name: Collector CS134 [by dAVROs].7z
File description: The Collector CS134 [by dAVROs] for AMK NS DMX DKZ02
File size: 23.77 MB

Use 7-Zip to unzip. Add the gamedata over your existing gamedata install.
The Collector starts after dialogue with Sid.

  21:37:29  2 September 2011
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Does this work with unmodded SoC?
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