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Upgrade Suit 2.0 Download Thread

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  15:24:04  12 February 2013
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02/12/2013 21:45:00
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Upgrade Suit 2.0 Download Thread

This mod let's you upgrade and repair suits in game, at all traders. You can change it to your preference, and include it in your mods.

Original 1.0 author: strelok53 aka Deef.
Edited by (2.0): Exostalker

Video demonstration:


Changelist since 1.0:
1) Fixed crashes
2) Missing suits (military armored and ecolog green) added
3) Removed low rank suit upgrades (bandit-novice-dolg-freedom light-monolit-killer outfits), because it was rather unrealistical to upgrade such stuff,because it is cheaper to buy a better suit. Plus, mechanics don't want to waste their time for something like that, right? These suits can still be repaired.
4) Changed upgrade conditions (you don't need to repair suit which is in perfect condition before upgrading anymore)
5) Repair price is lower
6) Translated and added missing texts in English (PSY protection is telepathy in vanilla, you can change it into PSY protection by editing text files. It also seems to be misaligned in inventory, but that is vanilla bug, as no suits have telepahy protection in vanilla).

Don't forget to report any bugs/errors/crashes

  06:30:49  21 June 2013
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06/21/2013 6:33:06
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Posting here just in case it goes unnoticed at the download point:
There appears to be a bug in this revision of this mod.The game loads fine with the mod in place, but as soon as you repair and/or upgrade an armor and then subsequently save, upon loading the game crashes to desktop at "CLIENT: Synchronizing"

The meat of the error is as follows:

Exception reason:
XR_3DA.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "F:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\bin\xrCore.dll" at 0023:00877CB5, xrDebug::backend()+165 byte(s)

EAX=03BA7E80 EBX=00188E94 ECX=03BA7E88 EDX=03BA7F71
ESI=008A22A8 EDI=744E1782 FLG=00000216
EBP=00188E28 ESP=00187E20 EIP=00877CB5
CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

Stack Trace:
0023:005F7CB5 xrDebug::backend()+165 byte(s)
0023:005EACD0 VerifyPath()+208 byte(s)
0023:0060F8F8 IReaderBase<CStreamReader>::`vftable'()+4552 byte(s)

Everything in the stack trace points to the xrCore.dll file for the path, in my case F:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\bin
  02:16:50  13 August 2013
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Novice fashion designer since 2008


On forum: 08/10/2009

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08/13/2013 2:19:28
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Are you using 1.0005? If you are:

Change this line in system.ltx:
current_server_entity_version = 6
current_server_entity_version = 7

That will make it work with 5th patch. if you use mods that are not specifically designed for the patch that you use, you always need to change this!

Also, when you are done with it, you need to start a new game.

There should be no issues with saving/loading, as this mod doesn't save anything new that isn't in vanilla, it's only new suits. Once you choose the upgrade, game destroys the suit and immediately places a new one in the inventory, the one with those upgrades.
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