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Video Cards playing SoC

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  00:01:28  8 January 2013
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On forum: 07/02/2009
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Video Cards playing SoC

I have a ATI 5970 that is now a 5870, lost one of the GPUs.
System specs are I7 930@ 2.80 12 GB of ram. Monitor resolution is 1980X1080.
I'm gonna upgrade to a GTX 680 2GB or GTX 680 4GB or ATI 7970 3GB.
With the STALKER engine, does more than 2 GB vram do anything.
Right now with AA at 2x 37-43 FPS on the low end. Other settings are rather high if not maxed. Most of the game/mod is very playable.
Mod is Wasteland, very heavy in textures and NPC action. CPU and GPU intensive.
What are you guys running for GPUs and what are you getting for frames in a modded SoC with say king64 shaders and SWO 3.1 weather as example.
Thanks, I need the real world input.
  16:40:09  8 January 2013
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Three Mile Island
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On forum: 11/04/2008
Messages: 3845
I upgraded to a GTX 660 a couple of months ago. Recently my old and barely adequate power supply broken down.

I've just made some quick testing in Stalker so far, but it appears to work fine in all three games, except that Clear Sky had some serious problems with DX10 enabled.

An even better card seems like overkill for Stalker, at least in vanilla (I only rarely use mods, so no experience). Besides, what really slows the game down is the inventory boxes, NPC spawns etc that seem unrelated to the video card.
  10:17:11  8 July 2013
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On forum: 06/02/2013

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07/08/2013 10:19:51
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Im running Stalker on a 660GTX 2gb , with an Intel I5 3,4 Ghz, 8gb Ram on Win8 64bit, both Stalker and Win running on a SSD, on Vanilla Stalker i have between 130-170 fps and With the NS Join Pak PLO K MA + Atmosfear 3 i have between 60-80 fps depending on the action on Screen...on both mod and Vanilla i have all Settings at max @1920x1200 plus 16x FXAA injected and Grass Drawing distance raised to 400m.

Edit: i forgot, i use the 3gb Ram enabled custom .exe modded with the Tool from Stalker Complete
  12:27:21  27 July 2013
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On forum: 01/31/2011
Messages: 8424
You should look at a 700 series rather than a 600 series. As well as slight clock improvements you get the 2.0 version of there GPU boost system. All the changes appear to give the cards in the series a decent performance boost. Also your not paying more. The 780 is based on the Titan and does cost more but the 770 is a 680 with slight improvements and practically no price difference. Plus the 700 series cards have newer aftermarket cooler systems. Like I couldn't get anything over a 660 from EVGA with twin fans and more than 2gb's of ram. But now EVGA have the new ACX twin cooler solution that has a model for the 770 with 4gb, Gigabytes also improved there windforce solution for the 700's.

The 700 range is the 600 range with improvements, That's got to be the best way to go. Especially taking into account the price changes are not big. A 760 easily outperforms a 660 and in many cases it's on par with a 670.
  17:50:51  30 July 2013
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On forum: 06/23/2009
Messages: 1175
My old 5770 is enough for these games.
The new GTX 760 OC works wonders. Over 100fps all the time (well sunshafts is about 70, but whatevs )
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