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Left4Dead Mod For Stalker [Kinda]

Question Should i waste my time, and update this mod?
Yes, Please.
No, Thanks.
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  18:09:28  20 September 2012
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Yeah, Good Luck With That...


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Left4Dead Mod For Stalker [Kinda]

Left4Dead Mod For Stalker [Kinda]

Stalker Left4Dead Mod [Alpha]


- Patch 1.0004 - Worldwide - English Version.

- A new Game is required.


Created by Insanelazarez in September, 22, 2012.

Modding time: Aprox. 60 Minutes.

The Survivors:

1 - Nick

2 - Ellis

3 - Coach

4 - Rochelle

The Story:

The L4D2 Survivors made a stupid mistake. Instead of reaching a safehouse... they endup in the Zone. In this case, in the Pripyat City.
Turns out, the city has been affected by an Infection. All Humans are dead. The exception? You, and the 4 survivors.

The Objective:

The Mission is simple, reach the stadium for Evac (The final gate at the stadium). You must wait for living survivors. Unless they are all dead. If that is the case, just reach the 'gate' all alone.

Mod Specifications and Credits:


- All Smart terrains, and level changers removed (or disabled).

- Wolf reached Pripyat, but he just... died.

- Four campfires removed by script... to prevent stupid deaths after intro sequence.

- The intro is engine controlled, it's not a movie at all.

- All humans are dead. That includes future respawns of Duty, Freedom, Military and Neutrals. If a stalker respawns... he DIES.

- Added A script-Zone in the Stadium, like the one used in the Bar-Arena... This allow us to Purge all items inside of the stadium, without removing the items one by one.

- Some tuskanos and artifacts were kept in the Purged stadium.

- The Stadium purge is triggered, by the first element to reach the stadium... a survivor OR You.

- Added a double Helicopter crash. You will see a bunch of Dead Ecologists falling from the two helicopters. You're Welcome.

- Do NOT kill nor hit a survivor. Or the game is over, at this point. BAD Ending here... Movie added for testing Purpuses.

- Before the game killing Each one of the humans, The game replaces them by some zombies. And then the human actually dies.

- The '5 Followers' From the neutral assault are killed too. But this group generates medkits... instead of zombies... lol.

- Added ammo spawn on the ground in actor position in specific locations.

- The zombies are very similar, but they have two different immunities. Some of them spawn in 'Fake Death' State.

- Two custom skins added: A female model, and a fantastic model of 'Sean Devlin - The Saboteur' Game from EA (Eletronic Arts).

- Both models were found on a russian site. Impossible to know the name of the creators, sorry about that...

- Added original sounds from the l4d2 database. The sounds were Converted by me and tweaked with 'SAVandT tool v1.1' (by Natvac). Thank you natvac.

- When any of the survivors dies, the rest of the group says things like: 'Gentleman, we just lost the best thing of our little group'. Several variations for each death.

- The Smart terrain tool (by Dez0wave) was used, and it is still used... but the '.exe' file is not included. Thank you Dez0wave.

- There was no time to add the correct sounds for 'combat/reactions/etc'... instead i used 'mil_crazy' sound config.

- the 'Coach' npc has L4D2 hit sounds already. No time for the rest sorry...

- Added Shaders mod: Sky4CE -=SkyGRAPHICS=- MOD v2.0 RC4.1 By 'Sky4CE'. But you need to rename the 'xxx_shaders' to use it. Just remove the prefix 'xxx_' from the folder name.

- For compile/decompile, i used 'acdc - Bardak Tool' by Bardak. Thank you Bardak.

- I changed an animation state, for patrol mode. Now the npcs are using 'hide' instead of behaving like retards (assuming they are in Patrol, of course). You're welcome.

- One of the Old Helicopter schemes was restored by me for the fake evac scene. This is just an 'Alpha', if you want more... you need to wait for 'Beta' [OMG, ahahaha!!! Good Luck With That.]


- In same cases you might see one of the survivors behaving like a The fix? in most cases, Quicksave and reload. If the trick doesn't work... sorry, you might need to start a new game again. Or wait for the bastard to die... aha... duh.

- When i removed the level changers, i created a problem. You might fall of the map... lol. It's not hard to understand, duh?

- I don't think radiation is going to be a problem. If you need extra antirad... it means two things: 1 - You suck. 2 - Deal with it.

Thats it have fun.

- Use the mod, as you want... and go for it.

Created by Insanelazarez in September, 22, 2012.

Modding time: Aprox. 60 Minutes.



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