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Lost World Troops of Doom(RUS)

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  01:01:31  5 May 2012
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On forum: 01/31/2011
Messages: 8358

Download link

Can you please add a working link for 2.0?

This one says that file was not found...
  18:37:44  5 May 2012
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On forum: 04/14/2011

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05/05/2012 18:38:14
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Thanks David!

I've found also the first working torrent with seeders:
  20:59:49  28 May 2012
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On forum: 03/09/2010
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STALKER.: Lost World of Doom Troops 3.0 fixed torrent & 3.3 Patch [RUS]

Lost World of Doom Troops 3.0 fixed torrent :

info : this torrent is recommended on the Lost World Trops of doom official site, (download section)

Lost World of Doom Troops 3.3 Patch :

Description (google translated):
1 Correction of the loss of a player object.
2 Is concluded to the log of objects that are moved to avoid losing them.
3 Improved layout and Fixed crash when NPC selling costumes.
4 Fixed crash when attempting to repair a unique weapon. quest November


description (google translate):

95% of suits from original and new locations are cleaned. More any khalyavnykh reservations.
NPC say "the Weapon has cleaned!" (And a butt otmahivayutya) only at prompting by the player on them of a sight.
The start is corrected at attempt to repair the unique weapon.
The bug with Power to for the exoskeleton is corrected.
The start is corrected at a capture in stock radioktivnoy canned food.
The start is corrected at emission.
Correction and optimization of the diagram of anomalies.
Damage canned food from time is corrected.
Correction of dump of buttons.
Work Sidorovich is returned.
Condition of AK the Arrow is corrected.
From sounds of arena it is cleaned "Bullseye".
The monolith is neutral only in East Pripyat.
Correction of reception of a hiding place in stock.
Installation of weather on locations where it should not be is corrected.
Correction of animosities of Sauron
Sight LR300 is corrected
Trial correction throwing a pomegranate
The icon of a suit the SLOPE and its description is corrected
The start with reception infy on Moebius's Ring is corrected
Hiding places in Hospital are added
Awards are reduced by things in two times all
It is added dynamic it is thin to all suits with gas masks
The start with ekzoy is corrected
Icons of the Thunder-storm, AKMS and upgrade FN2000 are corrected


Other -+"unofficial"+- options for the game can be found here :

Weapons addon fixed for TOD 3.3

Description(Google transtated) :

Description inside arhiva.Pered installation carefully read the FAQ FAQ:

Weapons addon for Lost World Trops Of Doom

Only with the version 3.0 fixed NEW fashion is the latest, the board, which goes without fixing, the other can not go.

Adapted for Patch 3.3

Fixed logic of the NPC, (Novikov and beside him is another scientist had forgotten how damn it) will not run away. (If the number of enemies, after their destruction NPC returned to their seats)
This applies to the Kardanov and Beard.


In Wrath USED FOV 90 degrees (modified xrGame.dll - in the folder BIN), to itself enclosing EDIT FROM DEPARTURE AT is not registered
Barrel mp_ranks. All weapons and set up only PARTIKLY UNDER THIS FOV 90.BEZ HIM OR OTHER DEPARTURES WILL.

In the weak companies may slow down.

In Wrath replaced almost all the models on the same-only pravozatvornye also replaced all of the unique trunks.
All the weapons from the addon is ordered at the hucksters (penny-pincher, and Krueger) through dialogue zakaza.Edinstvennye kal.12.7x108 cartridges (which are not for sale) are only available to order from Kruger.
Addons for weapons on sale at Cardano, and Krueger.
Total 75 units in the expansion of weapons (and maybe more, too lazy to count)

All new partikly - revised version (Our joint work with his friend Amik) were determined for each type of weapon (for each caliber of his pocket)

All models of weapons taken from a site WWW.AMK-TEAM.RU HUGE THANKS TO THEIR AUTHORS.

Also thank you to someone naiogromneyshee human Rastaman_vip74, without his help was not an addon to complete and would come out much later.

Slightly adjusted the thickness of the actor, now in tight spaces, you can safely disperse.

And please, if possible report bugs.

List of trunks
Abakan model of TOD v3.0
Abakan Tactical-new model Unic
Abakan sniper - a new model Unic
AEK 919
AEK 973
AK-74 - a new model
AK-74u - a new model
AK-101 Custom
AK-107 Tactik
AKMS - a new model
AKS-74M new model Unic
Beretta - a new model
PP-19 from the Colima cal 9x19 Unic
Colt 1911 - the new model
Desert eagle - a model of TOD v3.0
FN-2000 - replaced by A91M
Fautre 12 - a new model
G36 - the new model
G36C - a new model of Unic
Gauss - a new model
Gauss_m1 - a new model of Unic
Glock - a new model
Groza - a model of TOD v3.0 - replaced by the sight PSO-1
HPSA - a new model
L-22 a new model of Unic
L-85 - a new model
L-85_m1 - a new model of Unic
LR-300 - a new model
M-14 DMR
M-76 Zastava
MP-5 - a new model of Unic
MP-5_m1 - a new model of Unic
OC-33 - a new model
RMB - a model of TOD v3.0
TM - a new model Unic
RPK-47 - a new model
RPK-74 - a new model
Saiga - a new model
Saiga-12S Spanish 1.3
SIG-220 - a new model
SIG-550 - a model of TOD v3.0
SIG-550 sniper - a new model Unic
SCS - Model of the TOD v3.0
Spas-12 - a new model
SR-25 - Model of the TOD v3.0 (the Board)
IRS - a new model
HLS - a new model
TOZ-34 - Model of the TOD v3.0 (I correct texture)
TT-33 - a new model
USP - a new model
AU-VAL - a new model
AU-VAL Tactical - a new model Unic
BCC Vintarez - a new model

C respect Grishik
  16:16:11  17 August 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/09/2007
Messages: 226
So.. Has anybody bothered to translate 3.5?
  18:25:08  24 February 2013
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On forum: 02/24/2013
Messages: 5
How stable this mod is and how good are english translations are?

And how to install this mod right way(patches,translations..)
  11:31:35  9 March 2013
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On forum: 03/03/2013
Messages: 1
Could you tell me stability of this mod and how good the latest translations is and installing instructions (patches,translations and others?)
  14:36:52  12 July 2013
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On forum: 04/24/2013
Messages: 25
Has anyone played this mod? How is it? And about the translation: Is it compatible to version 3.5?
  12:03:52  31 July 2013
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On forum: 07/31/2013
Messages: 1
How to install this, what i need to download? english translation to latest version?
  12:42:17  31 July 2013
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On forum: 04/24/2010

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07/31/2013 12:43:14
Messages: 1975
All I get when trying to download is '404 not found' errors from 'getzilla'.
I cannot do torrents.
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