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Lost World Troops of Doom(RUS)

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  23:31:50  30 December 2011
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On forum: 10/06/2009
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Lost World Troops of Doom(RUS)

Im pretty sure its the sequel to Lost World Requital

Lost World Trops of doom

Developers: Irbis, Real Wolf

Platform: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch 1.005-1006

Release Date: December 30, 2011

Description: Have you read a book on the game STALKER, want to experience firsthand the dangers of the afterlife? If you wish to pursue this, then this mod for vas.S first minute there will be no concessions. Every step may be the last.

Anomaly detector

Detectors allocated a separate slot, each instrument has its own parameters and thin, reacts to its appearance of anomalies and has a detection radius. Devices operate on batteries and require periodic replacement.

Modification of equipment

Each technician can only improve the armor of his group, and any weapon on a selected branch. Each suit their own distinctive versions.

Labels on the PDA

The player can put a label on the PDA on the global map, noting its location and designating the appropriate text. Removed label transitions on the global map.

Spoilage of food

Food spoils of time, so do not forget to check their suitability for use.

Ordering equipment

A player can request certain types of equipment with the help of traders, each trader provides a range of products. Each trader their execution time.


To measure self-infection is now a single dosimeter. Chit-scale in the inventory anymore.


All food and treatment effect gradually. During treatment, and eating can not use a gun.


Reanimated bloodsucking individual behavior during the attack. I saw him alone is lethal in most cases. Restored carved monsters.


A player may not know the properties of the artifact, while it will not give up on research scientist. Some artifacts have already been recorded in the database. Added new artifacts.


Exoskeleton consumes energy and requires a battery change. Energy consumption depends on the utilization of functions suit. Exoskeleton can not be seen on sale at dealers, but to get a prototype of a certain group, apart from the usual pattern will lay out the mechanics of a large sum of money.

Discharge Time

To charge the weapon or throw a grenade, grenade must be placed in the slots and ammo belt.

Motor transport

Returned and added a few of the working of transport on the major locations of the right bank.


Returned to the ejection force of which is distributed linearly from the center to the outskirts. The farther from the center, the less symptoms and damage to the hero.


Opportunity to put a banner, triggered by contact with a dynamic object.

Stalkerskaya network

Ability to obtain information from periodic reports of general news channel in the PDA.


Improved risk and the reasonableness of NPC, added patterns of behavior - throwing grenades, the reaction to molestation, self, and the ability to recruit stalkers in your party.

Graphics and Performance

Improved graphics component of the game, without sacrificing performance. Added new textures and weather effects.


Added 15 new locations: Red Forest, Marsh, Creek, Pripyat, Jupiter hospital, Generator, Black Lake, the Catacombs, Underground Tunnel, covert, bubble, Limansk, military laboratories, East Canyon Reservoir and.


Fully dynamic anomalies, many are fatal. All the anomalies are moving in a random order, regardless of the player, and events. Added new anomalies.


The modification allows the zone to trample on behalf of a new character (call it whatever you want). In comparison with LWR added about 15 quests. The plot is made in free-style, in order to provide the player a maximum of freedom and choice.

Trailer :

Dwload :

Patch 0.1 :

Ptach 0.2 :
  22:25:08  3 January 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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01/04/2012 20:07:50
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The last Patch 1.1 :

We need a new game

What this patch does:

A Government ruled that all the previous patches
Adds two singles in the Canyon and Drakonovtsev on Black Lake
3 Fixed a crash in the swamps
4 Fixed a crash with the quest of Sauron
Returned to the five star quests in the night
6 Reinforce leech
7 Psevdoginant enemy of all other monsters
8 Fixed crash in empty lands
9 Fixed news, news added on orders Kruger
Added 10 inspectors in the quest of the diaries of Dr.

Only this patch needed on the mod.
And thank's Fixou to tell us the first!!

Patch 1.2

A new game is not needed.


1. detectors
2. news
3. Something a description of the artifacts at
4. Here and there the text
5. pomegranates
6. The location of the black lake
7. The balance of the price
8. TTX Kalash
9. Added exposure if the bulb is hanging on his belt Geiger

The three patch on Megaupload
  19:15:15  4 January 2012
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On forum: 10/21/2007
Messages: 427
I cant seem to find the active link for the download on the patch pages?
  18:59:56  6 January 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Patch 1.3
  00:09:48  20 January 2012
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On forum: 02/03/2010
Messages: 747
Troops Of Doom Translation

  09:26:40  22 January 2012
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On forum: 10/21/2010
Messages: 85
Patch 1.6 is out

not review the performance characteristics of a distance shot only in accordance with Alayfom, which is 200m.
Patch 1.6. need new game.

Removed a crowd of bloodsuckers on Jupiter and the Creek.
Byurrerov 2 Removed the crowd in the cinema.
3 Removed grenade pouches charges.
4 Removed caliber 7.62h25
5 Removed unnecessary items and put the probability of absence -availability of items for sale
6 Replace the grid elevations
inhabited Janov 7
8 Changed passing of the left bank of one point
nine Changed model cheapskate
10 Changed model Drakonovtsev environmentalists and green
11 Fixed text
12 Removed many unnecessary dialogues
Fixed 13 trade
14 Reduced waiting time order
15 Fixed broken saves in Pripyat and dr.lokatsiyah.
16 Fixed land on Lake
Changed 17 trunks in the hands of NPCs
added 18 caches
19 Increased stamina he
added 20 evening rain
21 Changed the voice of weapons
returned 22 trim
23 Removed Famas G2 and SCAR from Crysis
24 Calibration Instruments moved to Jupiter
25 Fixed neutral NPC-candy for
26 Changed range weapons, in accordance with ALife - 200m.
27 Changed the model of the Flesh
28 Removed double door at the Canyon
29 NPCs in patch 1.6 is now able to circumvent the anomaly.
30 The anomalies change their place just after the release.

Dynamic lighting patch
  21:05:56  22 January 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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01/22/2012 21:11:22
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Patch 7 (all in,patch cumulatif) :

I reinstall the mod like that :it's ok,but many files in russian!
(I try to use the trad and see the differences)

1. Shadow of Chernobyl 1.0006

2. The mod:
or torrent

3. Bump fix for dynamic :

4. Patch 1.7

5. Patch de texture des GeeP_85

6. Others (facultatif)
  21:15:28  22 January 2012
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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01/22/2012 22:04:58
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Med kit sound fix for 1.6--no need to download patch 1.7 if already playing on 1.6--Just make this change

Open medkit_use in gamedata\scripts and replace:



1.6 Translation
  18:39:39  27 January 2012
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On forum: 10/21/2010
Messages: 85
In game PDA maps with transition locations
  01:44:37  28 January 2012
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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01/29/2012 1:17:18
Messages: 85
New dynamic lighting patch

Includes an adjusted xr_3da and xrgame.dll so back up your bin folder.

I couldn't get the xr_3da to work. Maybe it is for the no dvd crack or just the Russian version.

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