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FOTOGRAF (All-in-one) weapon add on.

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  15:07:35  20 January 2015
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On forum: 07/07/2011
Messages: 143
How to avoid crashes

You need to use the standard shaders in 2 instances also return to object dynamic lighting.
1. When you talk to the good zombie in dead city
2. Every time you enter the che.. farm level !!!!
  05:56:55  22 November 2014
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On forum: 07/14/2014
Messages: 5
BUG temp fix

Professor Kruglov mission "place detectors in anomalies" has a bug where you cannot not complete it. This is a side mission and main game can be completed with out it. As a reward for this mission you get a detector which now can be bought from the trader in the swamps (next to Kruglov).

Additionally there is a spawn menu included in the mod. Press S in the main menu.
  23:46:30  14 November 2014
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On forum: 12/14/2013
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Did you finish the work on this compilation or can we expect a fix or something?
  09:31:51  28 September 2014
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On forum: 07/14/2014
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FOTOGRAF (All-in-one) weapon add on.

This mod is all in one plus weapons I have merged from various other mods.
Included are Fotograf + final patch, English translation and weapon mod.
Gameplay is the same just replaced weapons, sounds and textures.


Information about F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F



Mod is made for Stalker shadow of chernobyl 1.0004.

1. Patch stalker shadow of chernobyl to version 1.0004.
Downgrade tutorial [STEAM] - [link][/link]

2. Copy the content of Foto_1 & Foto_2 to your Stalker game directory.

3. Choose whether you want the enb or orginal shaders (cant run both). Recommend using the ENB.

4. Place user.ltx file into
Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC directory in Windows Vista.
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\STALKER-SHOC directory in Windows XP.





F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F mod

Aleksandr44, Micah, a185, Murchik, Osetrina, MAV, Torvik, vdv5549, slow-witted, BFG (Petrovich), pahancop, Hector, Dan-Homer.

At textural content of the present developments:
photo zone (base), HD Foliage - Alternate Grasses (vegetation) and a bit of Apocalypse-lll.
Use of animations from «Real Artifacts Activation In Fps» by cOldSnake.
1. Sounds taken from the People halophytes and games:
Metro33, SWARM, PRAY.

2. Skaykuby: sporadically from NA, DEAD AUTUMN 2, SWTC PM.

3. Edit strips TTX weapons: PLO NA. Courtesy of comrade vdv5549.

Acknowledgments: GSC Production - for a great game «STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl."
Site AMK - for what drew modding and gathered us all together.
creators All models weapons, vehicles and characters from the site of the AMC, whose models were used in development.
And also to everyone who helped with the voice acting characters.


dimos - author of the idea. The creator of the basics: build locations for fashion.
Antreg - creator of the plot and the characters voice.
Cation - creator of the plot and the characters voice.
lsclon - developer scripts, created a unique system of transformations of crystals and minerals.
boryan67 - browser developer and creator of unique gameplay "chips" + voice characters and quests development.
_Val_ - voice of the protagonist in fashion. Besides, the story quests, weather, sound polokatsionny content etc.
mauvais - composer, Video, creator of dreams, Particle, voice characters and stories around the campfire, quests.
Tatiana Semenova - creative ideas quests and voice characters.
N6260 - gun cases master. Helped: Amik - new monsters, Particle effects. Aaz - character models and crystals. Valerich - crystal models. exDJMic - magical songs around the campfire. Murrrchik, slow-witted, akva - stories around the campfire (creation and voice). marafonec - adaptation sighting nets. erlik (Garry_Galler), and Kirag Stalk15 - script functions.

Weapon Add on

Big thanks go to Stalkerstein and Grunter-Hunter for their excellent English Translation.

Credit goes to authors of textures, Weapons, sounds from

Autumn Aurora 2 - [link][/link]
Developer - Vandrerer, CrommCruac , Autumnal Wanderers

STALKER JOINT PAK 2 / OP-2 - [link][/link]
Developer - Proper70, Buusty, Akill

Lost world origin - [link][/link]
Developer - Ирбис и команда L.W.C. Team

Lurk 1.2 - [link][/link]
Developer - L.U.R.K. team



KingFriday, Shoker, Lancew, r_populik, РикошеТ, ImbrokeRU, purke62, SanekEd, IIOPN, Shiz (ШиЗ), Sin!, Molphar Kotov, Thug, GiVcHiK, L@r1ng1t$, [PROTOTYPE], qwqwqw, Александрыча, ПСЕВДО, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Ivatushnik, ZaZaZy

Model and Texture:

Spork, Milenia, D.Kruger, Thanez, Flakk, SAM61, Ретекстур - N_CK-CZ, Starter, РикошеТ, MaxOFF, Арма, Storyteller, 2clip, Lafugix, Seph, Aaz, a.v.a, Geoset, Mr.Rifleman, M4tlock, Kimono, Racer445, Symons.
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