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Templars Tweaked Shaders

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  04:15:38  23 May 2014
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On forum: 05/08/2014

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05/23/2014 6:50:31
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A new update with a crapload more textures!

This time, over 500 fixed textures, over double the last count!

On Mediafire

MODDB page is up!
Files are not yet authorised, so download at mediafire. All images/videos are uploaded and easier to view

Youtube Video (Running LURK) :

Works with Vanilla, AA2, SMP, ZRP and LURK (ston_br2_iov bricks are changed in AA2 and LURK from the original texture. Misalignment will occur)

Installation :

Things are a little trickier now, as textures.ltx is included. The above installation instructions apply with one additional step.

Merge your current textures.ltx into my mods textures.ltx (not the other way around). It is extremely important that the settings for the games default textures remain as they are in my file. While you can just use your textures.ltx file with my textures, scaling will be over the top, and not all parallax maps will be used.

Just add any lines that are in your file into my file. As my mod only updates original textures, you will not have issues with missing textures.

Example screens :
Train Track (bloom courtesy of LURK. NOT my shaders)

photo realistic bricks

Incredible window details

Concrete that looks and feels like concrete

Incredible train details (without mapping)
Incredible train details (with mapping)

Parallax Mapping as far as you can see!
  03:43:21  20 May 2014
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On forum: 05/08/2014
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Parallax Upgrade

Hello Everyone,

I decided to release this now, as it is taking me FOREVER to test the textures individually in-game myself!

This is a combo mod, that includes a complete set of recreated parallax maps for STALKER:SHOC, and a personal set of shaders that take advantage of them.

The shaders are not required, however you will need *A* shader mod, and it will need to be modified (see bottom of post)

Replace all the textures in your gamedata folder with those included in the zip (only the bump# files are included, not the original textures) and replace the shader folder and all its contents.

What does it do?

Textures :
Every BUMP# file has been manually filtered so that the parallax height information is normalized between 0..1 on all textures, with all textures having the surface at 1.0 and not 0.6 like almost all mods include.
Textures are further separated into 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% offset. This allows profound mapping on some textures without overly distorting others. The result is a much richer, more detailed and more realistic zone. Couple this will PRZ or AA2 for an amazing experience!

Shaders :
My own personal compilation of shader files from all the current shader mods around, further modified and tweaked to allow more options and control. shader_control.script is not required for my pack, but it is supported for those mods with special weapon setups. Most weapons should be supported by DDOF without this file.
Key points
- Improved Lighting Model (Skygraphics 2.0 RC4)
- Improved DDOF (Dynamic Shaders 1.2b)
- Improved Parallax Shader (Unique to my mod)
- More Shader Jitter Options

new shader_settings.txt configuration items :

//Shadow Jitter - By Meltac, Sky4ce
  	#define SJ_TORCHSCALE float(0.7)		// TEMP: Controls the scale of the blurring of torch/light source shadows (0.5 - 4 are good values)
  	#define SJ_SUNSCALE float(3.0)			// TEMP: Controls the scale of the blurring of sun shadows (0.5 - 4 are good values)
//Parallax Occlusion Mapping

	//Basic Options:
	#define MAX_SAMPLES int(100)		//Maximum amount of samples done to a texture. TMP:Increase if you see slices, decrease for performance
	#define MIN_SAMPLES int(20)		//Minimum amount of samples done to a texture.
	#define PARALLAX_OFFSET float(0.017)	//Height of surface per sample. TMP:Displacement scale. stay low without a texture pack
	#define FINAL_INTERSECTION_LOOPS int(15)	//Amount of additional samples to increase accuracy. TMP:costly. can help with artifacts

	//Performance Options:
	//#define PARALLAX_FADE			//Parllax textures fade back to regular normals with distance; increases FPS and fixes anisotropic filtering. #Disabling this strangely gave me a much higher FPS.
	#define START_FADE float(0.0009)	//Distance the fading starts
	#define STOP_FADE float(0.0014)		//Distance the fading stops, and the texture returns to just using normals.
	//Other Options:
  #define USE_STEEPPARALLAX //TMP:Testing
	//#define USE_TEXTURE_PACK		//Uses height maps built into texture files. Uses Diffuse Map Alpha Channel. Only Sky4ce's Texture Pack uses this.
  //#define CORRECT_PERSPECTIVE		//WARNING!!! artifacts will appear if defined TMP:actually incorrects perspective
	#define BRIGHTNESS_COEF float(0.0)	//Added to Texture Height Map before before below are used
  /* Autumn Aurora 2 - No Modified Textures
  #define POM_LEVEL_BOTTOM_IN float(0.36)
  #define POM_LEVEL_MIDDLE_IN float(0.57)
  #define POM_LEVEL_TOP_IN float(0.68)

  #define POM_LEVEL_BOTTOM_OUT float(0.10)
  #define POM_LEVEL_MIDDLE_OUT float(0.65)
  #define POM_LEVEL_TOP_OUT float(0.90)
  #define POM_LEVEL_BOTTOM_IN float(0.25)
  #define POM_LEVEL_MIDDLE_IN float(0.50)
  #define POM_LEVEL_TOP_IN float(0.75)

  #define POM_LEVEL_BOTTOM_OUT float(0.25)
  #define POM_LEVEL_MIDDLE_OUT float(0.50)
  #define POM_LEVEL_TOP_OUT float(0.75)

Additional Shadow Jitter options allow control of the blurring factor of the jitter effect
Fully functioning level filter added to parallax mapping to control how the parallax maps are processed by the shader. An extreme amount of control is exposed with this filter, allowing greater control over detail height and spacing.

Combine with another shader mod :
This should be really easy to do. the files that you require are common.h, sload.h, shadow.h and shadersettings.txt Replacing should be fine for any mod that already contains a shadersettings.txt file. For Skygraphics, you will need to merge the files together due to the include lines for shadersettings.txt at the top of each of mine.

Combine with another texture mod :
Really simple. install the texture mod, then install my mod. As my mod only includes the parallax maps, you should be safe to replace all the files without issue. Obviously if your chosen mod replaces textures with new ones (not modified original) then things could look funky!

Some Images :
Dirt/Rock Floor
Agrapom Underground
Agrapom Underground
Brick Bunker
The brick wall
Iron Roofing
Cracked Wall
Agrapom Tiles
Strelok's hideout
Damaged Wall
Dirt Floor in darkness

A request to you all :
If you try this out, please not just let me know what you think, but take screenshots of any textures that have bad parallax mapping (I know I got a few with too much offset) so that I can fix them. Simply telling me where you were will not help, as I don't have a level editor to check.
  02:23:08  9 May 2014
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On forum: 05/08/2014

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05/09/2014 12:34:10
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Templars Tweaked Shaders

*discussion thread*
*discussion thread*

Hello Everyone!

I thought I might as well share this here too!

I have combined and then tweaked a bunch of shader mods together to give me my own personal setup.

This is designed around running STALKER on a laptop or other integrated type system, that is not super powerful.

Here we go, for anyone interested :


Uncompress the contents of this file into your games installation directory.

If you are already using some form of shader mod, I suggest you backup your gamedata\scripts and gamedata\shaders folders so that you can revert back if you so choose.

When copying the files into your game installation, you will be asked to replace files. Replace them all, with the exception of bind_stalker.script. This file needs to be merged with your current one (see below) if it already exists.

Features :

Dynamic Depth Of Field - Fully working DDOF with near and far blur. Smoother blurring algorithm by Meltac
Better Lighting Model - From Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta
Better Shadow Jitters - From Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta
Better Parallax Mapping - Reconfigured the mapping values to properly "zero" out alpha maps and smooth out height mapping
Better SSAO - Tweaked to give almost 0 performance impact while still giving a good effect without banding
Sun Luminance Nuetrality - Forcibly zero'd r2_sun_lumscale, r2_sun_lumscale_amb and r2_sun_lumscale_hemi to allow shaders to control these without interference
High Performance - Designed to run on Integrated Graphics and laptops, without loosing any of the quality or features

Notes :
Motion Blur is disabled - I have tweaked the settings and this can be enabled if you wish in gamedata\shaders\r2\shadersettings.txt. The effect does not work well with DDOF, causing extreme blurring while moving due to out of focus surroundings
Sun Shafts are disabled - The initial implementation by Sky4ce is not very good (no offense Sky4ce, its still an awesome attempt) and Meltac's Dynamic Shaders sun shafts are still in development and so are not included.
Jitter settings exposed - I have exposed 2 settings for shadow jitters in gamedata\shaders\r2\shadersettings.txt. This allows you to control the scale or amount of blurring of shadow edges
DDOF values changed - DDOF_MINBARRIER value reconfigured to control the amount of near DOF blurring. This controls the distance that things around you are blurred when looking far away.
Low Sample Counts - Shaders use the minimum amount of samples possible while still keeping good looking effects. Greatly increases performance

Merging bind_stalker.script :

This is pretty easy. all you need to do is copy the following line from my bind_stalker.script into yours :

Copy line 268 from my bind_stalker.script :

and paste into your bind_stalker.script under the line :
object_binder.update(self, delta)

Just search your bind_stalker.script for the above object_binder line, and then paste the shader_control line below it. Save and your done.

If you copy this into your game, and it says you already have a shader_control.script file, you can just not copy my bind_stalker.script at all, as yours is already setup!

Dyanamic DOF

Close Focus
Far Focus (notice the close blurring. that took a long time to get working )

Smoother Parralax Mapping

This is the "problem" texture for this effect, and my settings seem to reduce the "prickly" look

Shadow Jitters

So Atmospheric!

All the above screenshots are still accurate, with the exception of smoother blurring of the DOF effect as seen in the below :

Screenshots are using Autumn Aurora 2 mod, however this *should* work with any mod providing you can merge bind_stalker correctly.

FINALLY - ALL credits go to Meltac, skyGraphics and Kingo64 for the original shaders!
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